Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 60 – Keeping It Together

Garnet comes across evil doings that will literally rip her apart. Doug and Rob discuss episode 60 of Steven Universe, Keeping It Together.

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  1. And so it occurred that Garnet was nearly split in half by a physical embodiment of rape made of dead bodies in a children’s cartoon. And the censors did detest but eventually they must agree because “look how cute Steven is folding clothes and stuff!” And so all was good.

    But seriously, this episode was pretty great and I’m glad they were able to get away with something like this. Also fun fact, this monster apparently has eyes inspired by Evangellion. Just let that sink in for a moment….

    • Agree. This is why I found it odd, that people didn’t agree with my theory that Greg and Amethyst had a very awkward “rebound guy/gem” relationship after the “death” of Rose.

      Compared to the stuff in later episodes (also: the “domestic abuse” metaphor in the relationship between Lapis and Jasper=, you can’t really take the excuse “It’s a kids’ show, so they wouldn’t really go *there*.”

  2. I too liked this one.
    In fact the next three are really good.

    • You mean four, with Keystone Motel? They each give fans one great treat or surprise after another. It was great!

      I cant wait for them to cover those, as well as Nightmare Hospital and Catch and Release, with the episodes that follow it. This Cluster Arc is amazing!

      • im sorry but keystone motel was utter crap. The most recent r&s episodes we got was a much better episode.

        • I disagree entirely. I thought Keystone Motel was amazing, since it showed us Ruby and Sapphire more as individuals and why it is that their bond and romance runs so deep, which made their relationship feel more organic. I was actually really disappointed with “The Answer”, since it just reminded me of Disney’s Little Mermaid’s romance (One save and BAM romance!), which is not what I consider a basis for a healthy relationship. To me, that episode’s song+montage was its only saving grace. Otherwise I felt it was jarring and contradicted everything Garnet had said about love in “Love Letters”. I actually might have liked The Answer a lot better if it hadn’t been for the highly mature expectations set by “Love Letters”, that “Keystone Motel” only seemed to confirm.

          • I felt keystone was just boring and basically told me what I already knew about both characters. Nothing was there to keep me interested or entertained. The recent answer gave me much more not only on r&s,but on the gem homeworld itself and how it felt about fusion. Which we found out they didint hate fusion just a certain type. Also according to the answer they didint auto fall in love. They knew something was there,but didint know what it was and it took some time to find out it was love.

        • I totally agree with the latter. I really like the latest R&S episode — it was just beautiful. But Keystone Motel was not that bad. I find that when both episodes are played back-to-back, they show a great duality with their relationship. One being what made them, and the other, what can brake them apart.

  3. “Don’t wanna break up a pair.”

    This is one of episodes I’ve been waiting for them to react to. It probably deals with the darkest subject matter so far. We also start to see Peridot’s gradual descent into madness. The way Steven folded laundry was a detail I couldn’t help but notice as well.

    Everything about the scene with the clusters was so well done and legitimately disturbing. I especially liked how the music grew increasingly distorted as it played out.

  4. I think you jump the shark on Peridot,She have nothing to do with the mix gem.

  5. I don’t recall, at all, any point in the episode where they say that it was Peridot that put the ‘shards’ together..?

  6. The thing with cartoons these days is that the creators almost always have the intention that kids and parents can enjoy them equally meaning that no cartoon is actually meant solely for kids. This actually lready started in the late 80s/early 90s.

    Also, Peridot didn’t put the shards together but it’s interesting to see that you jumped to the same unfounded conclusion as huge parts of the fandom.

    • “but it’s interesting to see that you jumped to the same unfounded conclusion as huge parts of the fandom.”
      I hate when that happen the fandom was try to make Peridot look super evil.I never believe that Peridot was beheld this.Ever Garnet was questions was this going on for 1000 year I don’t know why people keep think Peridot was beheld this.

  7. Follow-up comment to come. I’m still on Open Book. I’m trying. LOL. Any Garnet episode I’m for. Garnet has always been my favorite character and I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s her voice and aesthetic. I don’t know. In order of my least favorite characters, it’s (in order of dislike) are Lars, Steven, and then Ronaldo… I’m serious.

  8. pretty good episode. Its funny seeing this episode since im guessing since the gem home world is against a certain type of fusion that they went this route. Which is pretty stupid on their part.

  9. This quite great
    So much to come
    This episode shows that Pearl likes cleaning a lot

  10. the creature that Garnet confronted, to us it was just an interesting weird creature design, a giant hand made out of random limbs with eyes in its palm. But from Garnet’s perspective it must have looked outright Kronenbergian, like a pile of corpses stitched together into a Frankenstein monster writhing in the agony of its own existence.

  11. Garnet’s explanation sounded like it was targeted at a little kid because it kinda was. I took it not as an explanation of *identity* to the viewer, but instead as an explanation of *Garnet*’s identity. This is the first time Garnet’s actually explained what she is, and what it’s like being a permafusion. SPECTACULAR Ruby/Sapphire episode coming up, guys.

  12. Spider-Peridot,
    Steven cannot lie to her.
    Don’t break up a pair.

    I’m glad you mentioned the worldbuilding in this review. I’ve been invested in the show for so long that, like everyone else, it’s immediately apparent how horrific the Fusionstein experiments are. If someone were to watch this episode first, they would wonder why Garnet was freaking out about someone gluing two rocks together. But given the proper context, we see that not only are they gems forcibly fused to one another, but Homeworld specifically experimented on dead Crystal Gems, ie the rebels that sided with Rose. Not to Godwin up the place, but that takes it straight to Mengele levels of horrific. The design for the large fusion is gruesome, especially the unearthly howls it makes. Great stuff all around.

    This episode does introduce what I think is SU’s only consistent flaw, though. Episodes like this and a few future episodes mostly exist to set up future plot points and story arcs. At least to me, it feels like it comes at the expense of not delivering a complete story in the episode itself. It’s an admittedly minor complaint, but it’s one that seems to persist from this episode onward.

  13. it only gets worse from here! 🙂

  14. I like how Steven just has hundreds of his star shirt. This episode was dark but not quite as dark as you guys made it sound.

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