Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 61 – We Need to Talk

Steven finds out what made his mom and dad fuse in a totally different way, much to Pearl’s regret.

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  1. Oddworld Inhabitant

    What I really like about this episode (besides all the stuff they mention) is that highlights that the romance between Greg and Rose wasn’t a “Love at First Sight, and then No Problems” story; they were two people (well… sentient anthropoids, anyway) who fell in love easily, but had a lot of problems to work out. This episode was in many ways about how what began as (let’s be honest) a fling evolved into something more (not that there’s anything wrong with flings, mind you, but most would agree it’s problematic at best when a child results from one). Also, it highlights that neither Rose nor Greg were virgins going into this (yeah, I know, those weren’t they’re exact words, but I don’t think I’m stretching that far on this reading), which is a nice kick to the privates of ol’ Madonna/Whore Complex.

    • Yea I like the fact it wasint love at first site at least for Rose. Rose seemed more I dont wanna say air headish about the whole thing,but something like that. Also is it me or did rose line of “oh yea” when greg ask if rose was enjoying this mean they were already “messing” around for a bit. I also like the fact when garnet said they are fusing,but in their own way. Meaning fusion doesint have be meant in the literal sense all the time.

  2. It’s interesting that you keep calling it a kids’ show at this point. I never thought of Steven Universe as a kids’ show, probably because as I was growing up animation was getting geared toward older audiences with Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Duckman, The Critic, etc. Sure it stars a child and has a goofy tone most of the time, but I really don’t feel like the show is geared toward a young audience. It’s perfectly acceptable for kids to watch of course, but they might end up with a lot of questions afterward. The vast majority of the episodes feature plots and ideas that are definitely for older audiences to think about and discuss, so I really don’t think that such concepts are meant as a side treat for the adults watching with their kids.

  3. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    I’ve always considered Steven himself to be the fusion of Rose and Greg.

  4. I like to think the reason the gems “grew” so much in that 30 or whatever years is because they were dependent on Rose. In the present the three of them have roughly equal authority in the team with Garnet being kinda sorta the leader, whereas before Rose was without question the leader. Without her they all had to become more mature and independent. Also, it should be noted that, other than their clothing and hair, they have not changed physically. Amethyst especially just LOOKS smaller because of the short hair and being shown next to Rose.

    • That’s a distinct possibility. We’re so used to seeing them next to Steven that I think our brains subconsciously think of Greg in the past as being “Steven-sized”, making the rest of them shorter by comparison…

  5. As for the length of the song, Susan Egan (originator of Belle from the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast as well as the voice of Meg from Hercules) is the voice of Rose. It would have been a shame not to hear a song from her.

  6. Man, I really want me some scotch right now.
    And I don’t even drink that much.

  7. “I think this one’s my favorite.”
    “…I think he’s her favorite too.”

    One thing I really like about this episode is how well it humanizes Rose. Prior to the flashback episodes, we only really saw her through the idealized perceptions from Greg and the Gems. It was nice to see the show to highlight some of her flaws. It was also interesting to see how confident and collected Pearl was compared her neurotic tendencies after Steven’s birth.

    The song might have gone on a little long, but it did a great job at conveying the dynamic between Rose, Greg, and Pearl visually, without any real dialogue.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      Collected, sure, but WAY more salty, which to me suggests a deep-seated sense of herself as an extension of Rose’s will rather than necessarily as an individual, and, ipso facto, a looming identity crises when Greg threatens to replace her as Rose’s main romantic interest. I think it shows that, while Pearl was seemingly more confident back then, it was mainly because she could more easily displace her neuroticism behind her idol worship of Rose back when Rose was still around.

    • I think “humanizes” is the wrong word. Rose seems more alien than ever after this episode.

  8. Weird… I’m doing an essay over the destructive nature of Black Authenticity right now. How apropos.

  9. Based on the rating system, SU isn’t really a “kid’s” show. 🙂

    I think this episode is the ultimate litmus test for whether or not one will eventually hate Pearl. If one still likes Pearl at the end of this, then they’re solid.

    Interesting indeed that the Gems were so young in Greg’s flashback. Perhaps that was merely how he REMEMBERED them…

    • It’s rated PG, so parental guidance under 13, definitely still a kid’s show in that it’s greenflagged for the youngins! That doesn’t mean that us of us falling on the other side of the age spectrum can’t and don’t love it though! I don’t think of calling it a “kid’s show” as a negative thing though! I have a 10 year old niece, and I absolutely LOVE that I can watch a show I enjoy so much with her. Not only is it age appropriate, but it also opens her mind up to things she might not otherwise experience in a positive manner.

      She was already familiar with homosexuality beforehand, because I’m gay and right out of the gate my sister and I decided not to skirt around the issue or hide it from her (best decision we ever made btw!), but things like gender identity,various interpersonal relationships, equality between gender/sex, age, ethnicity, body positivity, seeing POC in leading roles (I feel like I could go on all day with this list, there are just so many positive things I love about this series!) are all things that she might either not experience, or experience in a negative light at home/school/friend’s etc.

  10. Follow-up comment to come since I’m still on Open Book. However, yeah, I agree with people who think that mixing cultures are offensive. I’m just thrilled that nerd culture is mainstream. I can finally be myself and other people agree with me for once… to look on the bright side.

    • Oops, I meant to say that I agree with you,Rob, about people who think that mixing cultures are offensive.

    • I had an ex who gave me hell because my family is mostly African American but I was born in and spent my formative years living in Japan. Even after my family moved to the USA I still brought some of the cultural habits I grew up with over with me, of course. He gave me the blues over this for some reason, and insisted that I should ‘act Black’, whatever that means. I prefer to be myself thank you very much. Fortunately the man I’m with now embraces all of me and accepts me for who I am.

    • So far ‘Story for Steven’ and ‘We Need To Talk’ are my favorite episodes featuring Rose Quartz. They gave more insight into the real Rose, her flaws and her strengths, and that goofy, snorty laugh she bequeathed to Steven. All of those traits made her a very well rounded character in my opinion. I really enjoyed Rose and Greg’s conversation about their past relationships. It had a rare sense of maturity that’s lacking in a lot of animated shows, or most shows period.

  11. None of the Gems actually grew. Greg is just bigger then Steven and from his perspective they all look smaller then they do when next to the short Steven.

  12. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: “OOOHHHhh NOOEEHHHH!!!” “OHhhhh MEEhhhhh GAWWWDDD!!!” “OHHhhh SHHEEIIEETTT!!!”

    Say what you will, random engrish in anime is amazing and I love it. So I feel like of course if someone in Japan was watching like Markaplier playing Yandere Simulator and shouting “SENPAAIII” they’d probably get some enjoyment out of his bad pronunciation as well, lol! Just throwing that out there while it’s slightly on topic.

  13. Okay, I THINK I know how long Greg and Rose’s relationship lasted based on certain events and numbers given to us over the course of the series. First, there are the older kids in the city, the ones that are Lars’ age more or less. They can drive, are as tall as the adult characters, but don’t ever seem to have homework or need to go to school, and have either part time jobs or seem to generally have more free time, plus they complain about their parents. This would suggest to me they are between 18 and their very early 20’s, out of high school but not ready to join the work force (either because they work at the family business or are taking a break before college.) One of these kids (Sour Cream) is pretty heavily implied to be the illegitimate son of Greg’s former manager Marty (who likely hooked up with Vidalia the day Greg met Rose.) Steven was just recently stated to be 14, so he’s somewhere between 4 and…let’s say 6 or 7 years younger than Sour Cream. The difference in their ages is of course roughly how long Greg and Rose’s relationship lasted, anywhere between 4and 7 years (unless I’m underestimating the older kids ages.) As an aside, Greg said he was 22 when he met the gems, meaning his current age is anywhere between 40 and 43 or so (unless again I’m underestimating the ages of the young adults in town.)

    Also it is pretty amazing how isolated the gems were before they met Greg. It is implied that they had some actions in world history, but until Greg climbed that fence they likely never interacted with any humans on a personal level. That’s probably why Amethyst seemed so child like for almost 6000 years of her life only to seem like a grown up what, 20 or so years later? She probably didn’t think to age herself in all that time because she never knew anyone long enough to realize that’s a thing they did.

    Also, illegitimate children, bisexual love triangles, and in this episode they even teased at freaking cuckolding (implying the Pearl/Rose fusion was like the two of them getting intimate in front of Greg.) Isn’t this the best show for kids EVER?

  14. This was a nice episode to watch
    Pearl is not pleasing here
    Greg did had a fusion its called SEX

  15. My favourite episode so far. One of my favourite things about Steven Universe is it’s atmosphere and it’s so strong in this episode to the point of almost being overwhelming.

    I have to say I frown when I see comments claiming Steven Universe isn’t a kids show, but I also have to admit I did forget it was one when I first watched this episode. The way they discuss and portray relationships, especially that of Rose and Greg, in this episode is very mature. They don’t gloss over the fact that their different cultural backgrounds as well as the power dynamics are really tough for them to work with. It makes knowing how it turned out all the sweeter (or bittersweet).

    The directing, music,and voice acting also get’s quite intense. I defiantly got some vibe of sexuality going round Rose, Greg, and Pearl but not enough to feel inappropriate. Just enough, combined with the nature of their relationship difficulties, to confirm that they are adults.
    It was strange but nice I suppose to see in a kids show. “Adult themes” aren’t at all uncommon in kids series but often they seem to be for either gags, parental bonus, or occasionally the crew having fun. I don’t think I’ve seen it handled like this before so kudos to the crew.

  16. When the series first came out, I thought Pearl was the leader, and Garnet was the silent muscle. Then I watched a video where Rebecca Sugar said that Garnet was the leader. I didn’t think much of it, but by season two, I think it’s definitely more believable that Garnet is the leader. 🙂

  17. Rainbow Quartz Flashdance,
    Fusion dance! What a feeling!
    Amethyst, go fetch!

    This is possibly my second favorite episode, right after “Sworn to the Sword”. I admit that “Story For Steven” lost a few points in my book for the very love-at-first-sight way that Greg abandoned his ambitions to be with Rose, and this episode did a lot to give their romance greater depth and authenticity. Susan Egan finally getting to sing was great, and the song was a wonderful slow jam, sexy in an understated way. Rainbow Quartz’s design was superb as well, especially the decision to give her four eyes. You can pick out the dueling emotions of Rose and Pearl as they dance: Rose’s eyes looking to see Greg’s impressed reaction to the fusion, while Pearl’s glaring at him mockingly. Brilliant stuff. Speaking of brilliant, the scene with Rose and Greg dancing was incredibly romantic, dovetailing into an equally incisive conversation that turned their entire relationship on its head and did a lot to flesh out Rose’s flaws and insecurities.

  18. I think that Rainbow Quartz may be my favorite fusion so far but of course, that’s going to be rarely seen if ever, I’m guessing.

  19. Jacob Bayles Zirkel

    what I loved was greg’s badass quasi pink floyd solo!

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