Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 62 – Chille Tid

Lapis might be returning, but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Doug and Rob look over the latest developments on Steven Universe.

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  1. Don’t we call the attraction of another species bestiality? Just saying the Gems are aliens so how does that work?

    • bestiality is for animals . games are humanoids alien of an all female species(as far as we know). so think the blue aliens from mass effect .

    • Beastiality is only applicable for non-sentient creatures, ie, beasts. The word you’re looking for is Xenophilia, or the attraction to other species, specifically used in modern times in regards to sentient extra-terrestrials. So yeah, think Mass Effect.

    • I’m pretty sure attraction is just called being a furry. The actual sex is bestiality! But, because of the way gems work, they really can’t actually have sex with the exception of whatever the heck Rose could have possibly ever done to give birth to Steven.

      • She grew a womb in order to conceive Steven with Greg. Since their bodies are holographic anyway, they can simply change the nature and inner workings of their bodies to suit whatever functions they wish to emulate, such as allowing them to eat foods and stuff like that.

      • You, sir, do not know what you’re talking about. -_-

        ‘Not a Bumblebee’ knows what’s what.

  2. “No! I’m not Lapis anymore… We’re Malachite now.”

    There are definitely some parallels between Lapis and Pearl regarding their unhealthy martyr complexes, especially with the “Just let me do this for you!” line. When you think about it, Lapis’ sacrifice was pretty much unnecessary, since it probably wouldn’t have taken much to subdue Jasper at that point. To some extent, she probably did it because she didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere anymore.

    • You see, that’s the part that keeps getting me. Why does everyone assume when Lapis shouted “Just let me do this for you” she was referring to restraining Jasper? Jasper was already beaten. If she wanted her stopped, all she had to do was refuse to fuse with her. If she wants to restrain her now, all she needs to do is break the fusion and use her hydrokinesis to pin her under the ocean. But no…she’s remaining fused as Malachite and purposely trying to maintain control and keep her restrained. Why?

      I believe the real reason is she’s “saving her” for something…not willing to break the fusion because Jasper will never re-fuse with her if she does. As for what that something is, well…those of you who have watched the latest episodes will know what I’m referring to, but let’s just say what else besides Malachite has a chance of destroying something half the size of the continental United States?

  3. Follow up comment to come. I’m still on Joy Ride. I am desperately trying to catch up but I’m not as far behind as I was at the beginning of this month. Yeah, I think that Gems are usually with Gems, based on what I’ve seen so far. Also, I envy you guys with the way that you sleep. To sleep, I need to have relaxation body wash, drink tea, listen to soft music and then MAYBE it will work. LOL.

  4. Ah yes. There are only three options for human sexuality, and only aliens would be baffled or unconcerned by the concept of physical intimacy.

    I know you don’t read the comments, but as an asexual, could I request that you guys please try to think outside the box? It’s just kinda, well, alienating every time there’s this huge debate over which label to slap on these characters, and the option the just leave the sexual side out of it is never even considered. Guess what! It’s an option!

    • lacking_psilosynine

      i’m also asexual and…yeah i completely agree with everything said by megalodon

    • Absolutely. Gems are actually really good asexual representation (Rose included; some aces choose to have sex!), and I’m consistently impressed with the way the SU creators use fusion as a metaphor for the full spectrum of nonsexual intimacy.

      (And no, Rob, transgender is not a sexual orientation.)

    • Except Gems, or at least the Crystal Gems, are most definitely not asexual. They do express romantic and even sexual tendencies. Not necessarily understanding the concept of or being able to have sex doesn’t equal asexual. Pearl loved Rose, Rose loved Greg and potentially loved Pearl (though clearly not to the same extent), and Ruby and Sapphire love each other. Sex is clearly possible for Gems (otherwise Steven would never have come about), it’s just that romantic relationships don’t seem to exist or are otherwise frowned upon in the strict regime on Homeworld and sex is not necessary to reproduce and not necessarily possible considering Gems probably aren’t anatomically similar to humans by default so the thought never occurred to them.

      Besides, asexuality is not a sexuality; it’s the absence of one, like how atheism is the absence of a religion and not its own religion. That’s why you add the “a-“.

      • Sigh. VeryAngryCupcake, even if you DON’T consider “asexual” to be a sexuality (which you might as well, since it’s an option, like I said, that should be considered along with all the others) there are still others beyond “straight, gay, or bi”. Believe me, the LGTBGIA (look, see, there’s the A!) would love to explain it to you. Also, asexual and aromantic are two different things! You can be one without the other, and you can be be both. There is NOTHING shown in SU that suggests that gems actually engage in any kind of physical intimacy that would equate to something sexual. I understand why there wouldn’t be, because it’s a kids’ show, but still, someone who’s asexual can absolutely feel and desire love, intimacy, and romance, as these gems are shown to do.

        AND we don’t have any real idea how Rose made Steven. The fact that she had to completely give her life and disappear to create him is already a clue that gem reproduction is something they haven’t explained yet, and that gem+human reproduction is completely new territory (that they *definitely* haven’t explained).

        • I’m pretty sure that the creators confirmed that rose shape shifted a womb. My best guess is that Steven was never born. When it was time for Rose to give birth, she simply started to retract into Steven. It probably looked something like Rose was there one minute and then started to glow like she was transforming, and then suddenly there was only Steven, crying as a newborn baby.

          The fact that she had to shape shift a womb pretty much confirms that she had sex.

          I do believe that the Gems are asexual and can have romantic feelings for others.

          I identify as asexual, just because it is an alternative option doesn’t mean it is a sexuality.

          Also, they are going to need to shorten that title soon soon before it becomes LGBTGIASAHQRVZTOMLLPFDJYHJYTZSSEHNVCDFGM

  5. Gems have no sexuality thus far. They may fall in love. They may fuse for emotional reasons the way sex is emotional for humans. But, thus far, part of their alienness is not having a binary sexual system. Word of God is that there are no “male” Gems. The Gems all choose to present as female for whatever reason.

    Ruby and Sapphire make a great metaphor for a lesbian couple, for example. And they are absolutely in love. But their transgression in the eyes of Gem society is a different one, having to do with the use and composition of fusions, which is entirely antithetical to the use of marriage as described by religion.

    In other words, the aliens are alien. Though they have problems that are comparable to human problems.

    • I feel like it’s pretty possible that the gems appear female purely because their leaders, the 4 Diamonds, appear female. Like it might be a sign of them trying to appear high-class by their social standards or, in cases like with Amethyst, fit in with the other gems because there’s honestly no other known reason why they would waste energy on the specific traits that define them as being female in appearance such as longer hair and a more femanine shape instead of just being like beings that just have a torso, 4 limbs, a head with a face, and no other defining features.

  6. Chille Tid is the catchphrase Garnet says during Steven’s first dream sequence.

  7. This was a creepy and fun episode

  8. Don’t feel bad, Doug. Caffeine makes me drowsy as well. Anyway, this episode was a little creepy…not ‘Keeping It Together’ creepy, but close. I also Pearl’s dream quite hilarious.

  9. “Chille Tid” was a phrase the Fonz used on “Happy Days” for “chilling out”. As AquaShldEXE pointed out above, that’s also what Garnet does in what I presume was a knockoff of the Fonz (or at least a similar character).

  10. Gems don’t dream because they don’t usually sleep. It’s that simple. Pearl never slept before so she of course never dreamed.

    Caffeine is in fact really helpful for sleeping. Basicly it widens and relaxes blood vessels wich can help easing muscle tensions that would otherwise prevent you from falling asleep.

  11. Tid is Norwegian for time. Lars is also a Norwegian name.
    …just wanted to tell that.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I don’t usually comment on these from now on and I’ll try to but how does coffee not do anything for doug I understand energy drinks and even soda but how come not coffee. Oh well this was a good episode anyways!

  13. After all that my only question is this….



    Are you guys actually twins? O3O”
    Seriously it’s always bugged me that I could never tell who was the older sibling, but if you guys actually are twins then that would make SO MUCH SENSE. Sorry, just wondering. /3\””

  14. Dreamwalker Steven,
    Before a live studio,
    We are Malachite.

    This is another exposition-heavy episode that struggles to keep sight of its main plot. The reveal that Lapis is planning to trap Jasper as Malachite feels like it would be the end of the second act of a normal episode. Still a minor point but I can’t help but notice it due to the stellar pacing and writing of other episodes.

    I always took Pearl’s dream about Greg at face value, that her first experience dreaming involves it turning into a nightmare featuring someone she doesn’t particularly care for. I’ve seen it brought up in other places that her dreaming about traveling with Greg has some Freudian significance to it, which is an interesting thought. I wouldn’t necessarily pull for a romantic relationship, but I do think some fans play up Pearl’s hatred of Greg in the present day more than it actually exists. We’ve seen previous episodes where they’ve interacted without being forced to and they seem cordial enough. Their banter is usually very funny as well, so I hope it does at least lead to some kind of greater understanding of one another.

  15. Was Garnet really sleeping or was she faking it at the end?

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