Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 65 – Onion Friend

Steven meets Onion’s mom. While she seems pretty normal, why is Onion himself still so weird. Doug and Rob try to figure it out.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014


  2. Hmm. Must have been an allergic reaction to all the bullshit from Youtube.

  3. Oddworld Inhabitant

    I largely agree with the review, but what I also liked is how it tied in with “A Story for Steven.” Vidalia was was Marty girlfriend at the time, and Sour Cream (the teenage son; incidentally, V. has some very strange naming habits even for this show) is Marty’s son from what must have been a one-night-stand between the two. It’s nice how the episode makes clear that its an incident that V. isn’t exactly fond of but that isn’t eating away at her very being, which is a melodramatic trap that many shows fall into, but I also love that the show includes the scenario at all. How many other kids shows deal with a family that includes two half-brothers, as well as the ramifications of what should have been just a fling? There’s a lot of mixed families out there, and it’s nice to see them get some representation, particularly without demonizing or emotionally torturing the mother. And I do love that one line of hers: “You don’t know what I’ve done in these shoes.”

    As for Onion… some kids are just weird. I don’t really think you can blame V. or Yellowtail (her husband and Onion’s father) for that (although Yellowtail’s odd speech patterns might be part of why Onion doesn’t talk… maybe). At least he isn’t trying to destroy the town anymore. Incidentally, the video of his birth, other than emphasizing how odd he is, was sort of an in-joke from the writers to the fans; there’s been a lot of speculation that Onion is Gem or at least inhuman, but now that we know there’s a video of him being born, apparently he’s 100% human. Well, maybe not 100%… 70%, minimum.

  4. Doug i feel i should warn you that it has been proven that onion is Judas and that he serving gem on a silver platter.


  5. Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen the episode. My least favorite character in this show is Lars, actually. I knew that Sour Cream was related to Onion and I’m about five episodes behind. I was the odd kid. I think I only met one person odder than me but no one else.

  6. I know he usually doesn’t read these. But honestly, Union is just a troll. That friend that actively tries to freak you out. He’s that kid that does that whole “sea food” gag. I mean with the chest box full of “gals” it’s clear Union still likes Steven. He just also liked messing with him, possibly because Steven is easy to mess with? If Steven didn’t react he would probably stop trying to mess with him. On top of that he is a troublemaker, that kid that wants to see “what he can get away with”. That’s why I actually enjoy Onion, because kids like that exist.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I remember when I was a kid (somewhere between 8-12, as I recall) I would bring up cannibalism whenever I could (although I did usually try to have it make some sense in whatever the context was) because cannibalism was the basically the darkest thing I could think of at the time, and I was convinced that dark=mature. I think decorating a secret room and keeping a video of my own birth would have been a little extreme for me, but I can mostly get behind that reading.

  7. Word of warning, guys. You got another reason to avoid Youtube. SU UK fans have been putting out a number of spoiler-laden clips from upcoming unaired episodes. Even the screenshots and the titles themselves are spoilers…

  8. I would not be surprised if Onion had a gem trying to control his mind somehow or something since Amethyst just randomly mentions she might be able to do that out of nowhere in one of the more recent episodes. It would definitely explain why he hates food, at least…….

    Or maybe he’s just weird. That’s also a possibility.

  9. Hilariously, there used to be a fan theory—not exactly popular, but still widespread—that Onion was Yellow Diamond. The “birthday” video in this episode basically put that to rest.

  10. Impassable tarp.
    Paint me like your Homeworld Gems.
    Snake’s gotta eat too.

    Since this episode focuses on Amethyst’s side of the fallout to “Cry for Help”, it seems like the best time to bring it up: despite this arc focusing on a conflict between Garnet and Pearl, I believe that Amethyst is the one that ultimately ends up showing the most character growth. In “Cry for Help” we saw her actively defending Pearl from Garnet’s wrath, when she’d most likely delight in seeing her get chewed out before. In “Keystone Motel” we saw her actively attempting to comfort Pearl while the others were away, even if she tried to hide it. Here we see her rekindling past friendships with other humans and trying to sort things out inside her own head, a kind of introspection that we haven’t really seen from her before. It’s gone a long way towards improving her character in my eyes.

    This episode was probably my least favorite of this story arc, but it was by no means bad. I’m just not that big an Onion fan. If I had to guess, it’s probably because I can relate too much to Steven’s reaction to him. I’ve known (and still know) people who struggle to socialize with others and end up doing so in the worst or most off-putting way possible. It’s clear Onion really likes Steven, but can only think to get his attention by picking on him. Vidalia seems like a very hands-off parent, and we don’t know what Onion’s relationship with Sour Cream is like (at worst it could be another Wirt/Greg situation), so he might just not have any direction to follow. For all the jokes about Onion being secretly evil that have been made in the past, it’s impressive how something as simple as him clinging to Vidalia’s leg when being introduced to Amethyst goes a long way in humanizing the little guy.

  11. I hate onion
    You did seen Vidalia before in the series

  12. After that episode I felt that Onion is just a mentally disabled kid. It would fit to the show that the writers may want to challenge the viewers with an autistic sidecharacter.

  13. I have to admit that the ending with Onion genuinely made me creeped out but I actually love him more for it. This episode is pretty great and I loved that it confirmed some things in mostly that Sour Cream is Marty’s son and best that Vidalla is just amazing and I want more of her in the future.

  14. There’s a very popular fan-theory that Onion is autistic, and his strange behaviour is very similar to spectrum children trying to connect to other people and coming across as unnerving.
    I like this theory because it actually makes a lot of sense rewatching, such as his apparent disregard for Steven’s things and odd habits when all he’s doing is trying to connect to Steven and make friends with him.

  15. it was a surprise to find out that Onion was Sour Cream’s half brother.

  16. You may remember that Vidalia showed up in the episode where Greg talks about how he first met the gems. That family, to me at least, is one of the most interesting parts of the show. Basically, she and Marty had a one night stand (as described by Marty in the flashback episode with Greg), which resulted in Sour Cream’s existence, then she later married Yellowtail, and they had Onion together. add Vidalia’s friendship with Amethyst, and Steven is connected to Onion’s family on two fronts.

  17. “Oh, that must be where he lives, right? Let me help you put him in his home. This is a pretty large container for a little baby–SNAKE!?”

    Onion’s probable relationship with Vidalia and Sour Cream was already figured out by a lot of fans at this point, but it was nice to get the confirmation. Vidalia is voiced by Pacifica’s voice actress, but I thought she sounded more like Wendy. I always assumed that Onion is simply a weird kid who isn’t good at interacting with other people.

  18. I actually liked learning about onions family. To be honest I would like to learn how vidalia and yellowtail actually got together. I mean she was a party girl. Im guessing yellowtail looked out for her when she was pregnet and they formed some sort of bond.

  19. I know it’s been said already and I doubt if Rob and Doug really read the comments but Onion is DEFINITELY autistic. That’s why he takes things, why he doesn’t speak, why he often acts very strange and unpredictable. He made Steven into his mashed potatoes because he was showing Steven that he likes him in his own weird way. Also autistic kids can be VERY sensitive about food texture and temperature so that’s also why he’s never really seen eating. He wants social attention from Steven who he sees as this cooler, nice, older kid with friends and whatnot, but he doesn’t talk and he’s socially weird. As for the secret room, it’s likely his “safe space” where he can retreat to and feel comfortable. As for the mouse, he probably just wanted to show steven that it wasn’t dead since it seemed to displease him that the snake was going to eat it. He’s a weird kid, but he’s autistic so in that way of framing it, all of his behavior actually makes total sense.

  20. I love butter noodles and I’m glad that a show finally acknowledged this wonderful dish. So when Onion does talk he sounds like the Peanut adults? LOL. Oh, and this episode successfully made Onion creepy. I mean, he watches his mother give birth on a regular basis?! O.O

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