Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 66 – Historical Friction

Steven does a play with his Mailman, but it’s not the most accurate. Can Pearl help to make it more faithful? Doug and Rob take a look.

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  1. Interesting point about the mayor’s family being mayor for 200 years… Hmm…

    What the… I’m the first poster! First time ever…

  2. Oh man, the Garnet box, Amethyst mop, and the party hat Pearl…classic Jamie. I also love how Pearl was acting like such a stage mom over Steven. That was adorable.

  3. The statue is a fusion of Rose, Pearl, Garnet, and Amythest. It’s never been stated, but… Ha, well, to quote Garnet, it’s kind of obvious. It kind of looks like Amazonite, but with Rose’s features thrown in there, too, and it has gems in all the right places. I think it’s safe to assume that that fusion is also the one that rescued Mayor Dewey’s ancestor. Oh, well, whatever, like the vlog; I agree about Jaime, he’s kinda adorable. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Follow-up comment to come when I’ve actually seen the episode. Also, why do you not dislike Lars as much as Ronaldo?

    • Because Lars is terrible and has no redeemign qualities, but he’s paired with Sadie so it seems like they’re trying to have an emotional character arc of some sort, and some hope that he can eventually be an okay character..

      Ronaldo is just awful every time with no sympathetic character to balance him out.

  5. “Are you nervous?”
    “Of course. This could either make or break my career…”
    “You could lose your job at the post office?”
    “This could either make or break my hobby.”

    I really like how all the episodes between Cry for Help and Friend Ship show at least a little bit bit of how the Gems have been affected by the Sardonyx incident. Based on how much the episode stresses the importance of flawed characterization, they must have figured that there would be a certain level of fan backlash against Pearl. Rob and Doug’s opinion of Mayor Dewey more or less matches my own; I don’t strongly like or dislike him. Historical Friction is probably my least favorite of the arc, but it’s still good.

  6. Personally I see the statue around their home as a lifesize statue of when all 4 of them fused, we’ve seen that fusion always makes then larger so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  7. Cynical Bibliophile

    The setting of the series is in a state called Delmarva, which is kind of a cross between Maryland and Delaware. Rob’s guess that it’s set in an alternate timeline is correct as the presence of the Gems has kind of changed a lot of things. World War II apparently never happened in this world and holidays, aside from New Year’s Eve/Day, apparently don’t exist.

  8. What on Earth are you guys talking about with Ronaldo? He never once did anything to indicate he’s faking being a conspiracy nut or that he’s out to make people mad. Where are you guys getting those ideas? Because it’s definitely not anything from the actual show.

  9. Learning about the past was the only interesting thing in this episode. Besides that it wasint all that good. It also made me think if the gems were around for this freaking long why did noone report on them?

  10. Okay enough I HAVE to mention it.
    Why do you pretend to know all monarchies work or have worked? It’s not as simple as in the fairy tales. You keep complaining about how movies portrait fantasy monarchies – I don’t want to defend Phantom Menace but it is a monarchy in a galaxy far far away, it is not strange that it would be unlike the monarchies on earth now but even IF you want to hold it to monarchy rules of Earth you should learn a thing or two about monarchies on Earth.

    I just HAVE to bring it up now because you say “Democratic Monarchy” while rolling your eyes, sooo sure that such a thing has never existed. Well it has. Democratic monarchies have existed and not only on a planet in a galaxy far far away but this planet, in this galaxy. My own country of Sweden had a democratic monarchy until somewhere in the 1600s. There would be a vote to decide who the new king was going to be.

    Now you know…

    Or you would if you actually read the comments…


  11. Fortunately they aired every episode in this forgiveness arc in one week, so it didn’t drag on for a month.

  12. Steven… IS… ACTing!
    RIP First Mate Buddy.
    Rewritten by Pearl.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Steven Universe can be hit or miss when it comes to its pure comedy episodes, but the humor here really hit for me. Between Mayor Dewey’s ridiculous self-insert fanfiction of a screenplay, Jamie’s costumes, and some of the Boardies getting in on the action, it was a nice way to lighten the mood of this arc. Even with that, we still got to see how Pearl is reacting to the fallout, as well as some more fantastic acting from Deedee Magno Hall. Just the way she says “When did you get so smart?” is infused with such emotion, it makes the entire episode worth it for me.

    An interesting point I’ve seen put forward in other places: each Gem has an entire pocket dimension to themselves. There is no reason they would have to hang out in Steven’s house if they wanted to be alone to brood, especially in Pearl’s case. They are venturing out specifically in hopes of talking to Steven and getting some resolution to their emotional turmoil. It’s a subtle but most welcome way for him to start growing into his role as the group’s heart.

    I haven’t seen Mayor Dewey as a one-note scheming politician since “Political Favors”. He’s wormy and opportunistic for sure, but he’s never been shown to not have the town’s interests at heart, and he’s been nothing but encouraging to Buck Dewey. That alone makes him more nuanced than a lot of politician characters.

    • Addendum: Steven’s explanation that characters are interesting because they struggle and overcome their obstacles, not because they were made perfect, is exactly why I love Pearl so much. It’s a really great summation of her character arc and is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement she needed to hear.

  13. It was mentioned a while back that during the gem war many humans died, implying that the gem rebellion was aided by human armies (during the bronze age…) I always figured they carved that enormous statue temple into the mountain as an homage to the massive fusion created by all 4 gems together.

  14. This is not mine kind of a cup of an episode
    They had no World War 2 and no Holidays

  15. I actually don’t like flawed characters usually. I like Mary (or Mister) Sues. To me, that’s the point of entertainment. To have someone better than you and to entertain you. Although, this episode shows that Jamie is actually a really good actor.

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