Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 67 – Friend Ship

Can Pearl and Garnett solve their differences, or will it cost them their heads? Doug and Rob take a look.

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  1. u forgot how peridot left like an old inspector gadget cartoon and escaped like dr.claw

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  3. I love the little detail that when Pearl’s talking to Peridot through the communicator you can faintly hear her voice on the other end because the ship’s technology is crap so there’s a slight delay and at one point Pearl even says something, you can hear it on the other end, and Peridot’s just like “What was that?” just to screw with her. It really shows just how immature the character is and how well this scene was thought out.

  4. “But it’s true! No matter how hard I try to be strong like you… I’m just a Pearl. I’m useless on my own. I need someone to tell me what to do.”

    Overall, this was a a fairly strong finish to the Sardonyx arc. It was great to see the Gems (including Steven) fighting together as a team, which we haven’t really seen as much of lately. Peridot pretty much goes full on Saturday morning cartoon villain in this. It retrospect, it’s funny how so many people thought she was going to be a major threat when she was first introduced.

    It also gives more hints of what Pearls are used for, which the show will expound upon soon. I like they were able to have Peridot escape multiple times without making the Gems look incompetent. It always seems to happen due to something they didn’t know about her (helicopter fingers and detachable feet) or a lack of coordination because of interpersonal conflict. That being said, I did start to grow a little tired of the cat and mouse routine at this point…

  5. Also GIGAAAA

  6. Well it is a good thing that you like Peridot.

  7. i can only wonder how you guys will feel about peridot later on! i personally loved her even more.

  8. You think you like Peridot NOW…you ain’t seen nothing yet. After this episode…well, no spoilers.

    For the record, Peridot is officially a Gem Technician. Pretty low on the pecking order.

    As I said about the end of the third Stevenbomb…I didn’t really care for this whole block. In fact, I may have downright disliked it more than any one Ronaldo episode. The reason being at this point we now have the plot threads of Peridot running around Earth, Malachite possibly emerging any day to start tearing up the planet, Homeworld able to send more enemy Gems any day, and, last but not least, whatever Peridot keeps alluding too… (Not spoiling what, but you guys will find out soon.) Add to that the fact that the show creators started to be stingy with the episodes, having huge breaks between each Stevenbomb, and essentially…this one annoyed me. All of these plot threads are in the air, so what happens? They manufacture a conflict between Garnet and Pearl that wasn’t nearly as believable as the other emotion-heavy episodes so we can spend the whole time having an inner-team conflict. Whereas before I was happy with most “drama” episodes, at this point it was starting to feel like padding when I wanted to know what was going on with all of these other conflicts.

    I’d probably not have minded so much if they could keep episodes coming regularly, but as there was literally no telling when there would be a new episode, not to mention it’s gotten so bad some people actually think the show has been CANCELLED at this point, it seemed like a useless distraction.

    But…glad you guys liked it.

    • The show creators have nothing do with the release schedule, beyond obviously not being able to release episodes before they are actually done. The decision to release them in 5 episode chunks and then have nothing for 2 or 3 months is entirely on the network, not the people that make the show.

      Given the episode order count, in theory the show should be running a new episode every week year around, but the network has decided that the big blocks are better for ratings, which is why they do it for everything now, including Adventure Time and Regular Show.

    • My only complaint with the show’s pacing right now is the Malachite thing. Based on their information at the time, finding Malachite should’ve been their triple A #1 priority. Instead they all decided to take a nap, and nothing at all has been done or said about her/them since. The whole subplot needed to be handled better and it’s very out of character for Steven to basically just give up on Lapis so easily.

  9. dam good episode and like the fact who get more hints of what pearls role are in the gem world. I also like copter peridot.

  10. Not sure if you guys were fans of Invader Zim, but the creator Rebecca Sugar was a huge fan of that show. Peridot is pretty much Zim.

  11. Follow-up comment to come when I see the episode. It sounds like it’s going to be a funny one.

  12. Aegis of Steven!
    See a Gem, you steal her foot!
    Have a nice weekend!

    I wasn’t as much a fan of the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon vibe that Peridot started giving off in this episode, if only because her escapes make the Gems look somewhat incompetent. “Keeping it Together” was a bit worse in that regard than here, but it was something that grated on me. Perhaps I’m just too used to the Adventure Time method, where villains appear much less frequently but are always a much bigger deal when they do so.

    With that out of the way, I agree that this was a good conclusion to the Sardonyx arc. We learn more about Pearl, Peridot’s voice actress, Shelby Rabara, gets to cut loose to hilarious effect, and Steven contributes meaningfully to both fights against her. Rob’s reaction to his shield in this episode was my reaction when he summoned it back in “The Return”. And yes, in real life sending a pre-teen into battle would be horrible child abuse, since it is the conceit of the show and he insists on going to fight anyway, it is great to see that he plays an integral part to the group dynamic.

  13. I think Steven has been more useful in the battles since the attack of the other gems. He summoned his shield to save the crystal gems from the Ship’s attack and his unique physiology helped him break out of the ship’s detention cells. It is awesome how he learned to basically summon the shield at will.

  14. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Good thing you guys like Peridot, cause you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her pretty soon. X)”

  15. This was a fun episode
    Good talk
    Peri has gotten so popular even attractive and its very good

  16. It was nice to see Steven finally physically contribute to the team in this episode. I was surprised that the fiasco with Pearl is still affecting the show’s storyline when that was episodes ago. The show keeps getting better.

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