Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 68 – Nightmare Hospital

Steven meets the Walking Dead…well sort of. It’s a zombie type style horror story that Doug and Rob look over.

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  1. Yeah, Rob’s first thought was my first thought. Even a child would wonder how the heck a doctor, or anyone, would mistake those gem mutants for human patients, surely. Couldn’t quite get past that.

    • yea that bugged me as well. This is a doctor with years of experience and she couldint see this wasint human or human like. Just look at them. It made connies mom look kinda dumb.

    • I think that was too much of a stretch… It actually got me to start wondering if something is wrong with the perception of humans in this world. Something in this world doesn’t add up. Even assuming that Connie’s mom would be that oblivious, why was she, Connie, and Steven the only people who even noticed the Cluster Gems in a hospital?

      I think the show creators are too “smart” to just chalk this all up to obliviousness. It started making me ask questions such as why the residents of Beach City were the only people on Earth who reacted to Lapis concentrating the ocean…

      • I’m kind of there with you, on that hrrrmm…. train of thought. I’m pretty spaced out rn, my sleeping pill’s kicking in and making me a space case, so going to just get this out quick before things get weird lol What we know so far is that humans are aware of the gems and that there are supernatural things, but they just ignore them/filter them out of their minds for the most part. It kinda makes me think that they’re just really deep in denial and it takes a ridiculous amount of trouble to get them to acknowledge it’s there. What do you guys think?

        • I have a much more extensive, complex, and “darker” theory, but I don’t want to go into all of it as I’ll blab forever plus I’ll spoil episodes they haven’t covered yet. Let’s just say for now…take a look at the map of Earth in “It Could Have Been Great”, and the fact that in “Rose’s Scabbard” they blatantly say a lot of HUMANS died as well as Gems…without really elaborating…

        • Yeah, I’m wondering if maybe the gems have some sort of inherent ability to dispel attention from their activities from humans that aren’t concentrated on engaging with them. If their modus operendi is to colonize, mine, and destroy a planet, then it makes sense that they would want to divert the attention of any natives from their activities. Sort of like the charms in Harry Potter that caused muggles to overlook places of magical activity.

      • It could just be that the fusion experiments are able to maintain a human form when they’re passed out. So they just didn’t look crazy until they started waking up after Steven and Connie arrived.

    • “Now where did I put that MD”
      -Dr. M

  2. I was totally Rob when I first saw this. “Lady, it has seven arms, four legs and an @$$ for a face! This isn’t something you can fix with Tylonal!”

    But yeah, I love the setting of the hospital, reminds me of something out of a horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Heck, the gem shards look like Silent Hill monsters! It totally fits.

  3. Honestly, I’m not super keen on what’s going on with Dr. Maheswaran in this one.
    She handled it really poorly and it’s clear she doesn’t trust her daughter much, but I can’t really fault a mother for not wanting their 12 year old kid swinging a claymore around.
    And now that she realizes the dangers that Connie is putting herself up against, she’s suddenly fine with it? I mean sure, that was a fairly impressive display of her ability with it, but I can’t really wrap my head around the logic of “I don’t like you swinging a blade around, but if it’s because you are fighting big monsters with it than OK.” If anything, she would be more staunch about not allowing it.

    And I get that they’re going for her finally learning to put some trust in Connie, but that’s way too much way too quickly. That sort of a dynamic takes a while to build, and they did not have a trusting relationship beforehand (Dr. M’s heavy control, and Connie’s constant lying). I know the whole “parents finding out about their kid’s magical escapades” thing is something that they just kinda have to get out of the way, but it still feels hollow and contrived.

    I bought it with Junko Kaname because there was time devoted beforehand to show her giving advice to her daughter, and a nice little scene with her chatting with the teacher about how much Madoka was growing up and that all she can do now is be supportive. This had none of that.

    • sophronia_chaos

      Agreed, agreed, AGREED. I grew up with a mother like Dr. Maheswaran. Well, sort of like Dr. Maheswaran. Maybe worse. I have complex PTSD now. But in any case, I know perfectly well that any authoritarian parent would see Connie kicking ass with that sword, be completely furious that Connie had kept that from her, confiscate the sword, send Connie to boarding school (possibly military school, but also maybe not because weapons), and probably call DYFS on the Crystal Gems because they let Steven fight gem monsters.

      This is a show about sapient feminine-presenting agender space rocks and yet it was Dr. Maheswaran’s behavior in this episode that broke my suspension of disbelief.

      Also can we talk about how Connie’s mom is a hyper-controlling Asian (if South Asian, not East Asian) Tiger Mom stereotype? Ewwwww.

  4. i would do anything for rob but i won’t do brad

  5. So here’s what I think about the whole gem mutant thing…. Remember how the Centebeetle looked human for a bit as it was reforming and then turned into the monster form and how the Fusion Experiment Garnet fought tried to look like a somewhat normal gem at first even though it was like super distorted? Maybe the reason Connie’s mom didn’t notice it clearly wasn’t human was because maybe corrupted gems and Fusion Experiments look a lot more normal when they’re unconscious or asleep. Remember, they did say they just found them on the side of the road somewhere, so maybe they got hit by a car or something and were knocked out for a bit in a pretty humanoid form and THEN when Steven showed up with his magical nature (that we know at least the Corrupted Gems are drawn to) the things just started to wake up and took on the crazy multi-limned appearances.

    I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. They were wearing hospital gowns so someone would have had to have put them in them and I think the one with the big arm might even have a ripped sleeve, implying that its arm was smaller when they put the gown on and then it’s arm ripped it as it grew or something.

    Hope that makes sense!

    • the thing is centebeetle wasint a jammed together gem experiment. The gem monsters are basically like putting a foot and hand together and calling it a day. From what we are shown with them what you see is exactly how they start since they are just pieces sown together.

      • It’s possible that they might have been less screwed up than the ones we saw in the Kindergarten last time. I mean, they definitely seemed to be more ‘normal’ than the giant hand made of limbs that Garnet fought.

  6. I used to love White Castle as a kid, but then moved to a place where there are no White Castles. A little while ago I tried the microwave ones against my better judgement and they were just awful. I wonder how I’d like the real thing now…

  7. Next episode is kind of a stinker, but every episode following is pretty much pure gold.

    • Slight disagreement – I actually found next episode more important for Steven’s character than Sadie’s but I’ll discuss that when they get to it.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Can people please stop commenting on dougs video and go give some producer other than him theoat comments for the day of videos? That is all

  9. I hate abaci.
    They look like monsters to you?
    Drop the bubble, Steven!

    The plotline of Connie’s growing double life with Steven and her parents was one of my favorite aspects of her character, and I’d be lying if I said I would have liked to see more from its resolution. The Walkers made some good points about the message being pretty standard. Given this show’s track record, standard issue isn’t good enough. I’ve criticized a few episodes in the past for putting forth plots that would be perfectly serviceable in another show. Mostly I wanted a duet between Connie and her mom, but that’s just me being a greedy fan.

    On the subject of Connie’s mom, she’s voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, probably most notable for her association with the Silent Hill series. In terms of Silent Hill iconography she’s up there with Pyramid Head and sexy zombie nurses in terms of recognition level. Even the movies managed to do something right by getting her to perform songs for them. I’ve mostly seen her in stoic, subdued heroine roles, so seeing her cut loose with some of Dr. Maheshwaran’s hysterics was a treat. We also saw the return of the bug-eyed histrionics from “Keystone Motel”. And like that episode, it shares the problem of having a good message with a somewhat underwhelming execution, though by no means bad.

    With all that said, Steven and Connie are still adorable together, especially their faux Elizabethan dialogue and their stellar coordination in combat. In addition to the Silent Hill references, you can see references to Dr. (Herbert) West, Reanimator, Dragonball Z’s Dr. Gero, and a Gravity Falls pine tree hidden in a painting. With all that going on, an orderly not being able to differentiate between a Fusionstein and a car accident patient probably doesn’t even crack the top 5 list of things wrong with that hospital.

  10. Sorry, Dr. Maheshwaran, but Connie’s playing swords. Sorry—playing with swords. She’s bleeding. Oh no, she is dead.

    Sorry, I panicked.

  11. littlewillie610

    “What?! Your eyesight just, magically got better?!”

    This isn’t one of the show’s best, but just about any episode with Steven and Connie interacting is bound to at least be decent. The hospital setting really makes me think about Silent Hill, and Priyanka’s voice actress, that’s probably not a coincidence. Given how overprotective she has been in the past, she came around to Connie training with a sword to fight monsters a little too quickly, but I guess that’s a limitation of the 11 minute format. Although not being able to tell that these things were not car crash victims was a pretty big stretch, we should remember that Connie’s parents found Alexandrite to be slightly odd.

  12. Gracefuljanitor

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the creatures myself. How can any self respecting doctor mistake them for car-accident patients?

    Also I strongly believe that Connie is adopted. Not one of her parents have the same nose she has.

  13. Follow-up comment to come when I’ve actually seen this episode. Just when I was catching up! Also, LOL @ the Brad thing.

  14. This was a great episode

  15. I find Connies mom not realizing that the gem mutants aren’t human similar to the idiot in zombie movies who refuse to realize that patient 0 is dead as a door nail

  16. The doctor’s stupidity in this episode does legitimately bug me. Especially since its part of a bigger issue I have with this show, everybody’s apathy towards the gems.

    The rest of the episode is fine though. A bit predictable but good. It does however create the problem that Connie’s character arc is basically over now. Which I feel is going to make it rather difficult to really do anything meaningful with her character anymore.

    Also, and I know this is a very personal opinion, I feel it means she’s starting to get dangerously close to mary sue territory.

  17. I like how Connie is essentially Clark Kent. She wears glasses when she’s a civilian and fights when she’s not. Also, Connie’s mom was dealing with a case of stupid person in a horror movie syndrome. -_-

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