Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 69 – Catch and Release

Paridot is captured by the Gems, but Steven finds out they need her more than they think. Doug takes a look at why.

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  1. littlewillie610

    “Goodnight, Happy Bear. Goodnight, Sad Bunny. Goodnight, Playful Kitty. Goodnight, Ominous Triangle at the foot of my bed.”

    Definitely wasn’t expecting to see this today, but that’s fine. I’ve been waiting for you to reach the Peridot episodes. As I said before, I really wanted them to catch her soon after Friend Ship, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. This is another example of the writers knowing just where place a significant plot point. It was great to see how efficient the Gems were after they got over their issues and memorized Peridot’s capabilities. I’m think I saw gifs of Peridot spinning in the toilet mere minutes after the episode aired.

  2. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    I love the peridot arc! I swear The second she was revealed to be an “angry little slice of pie” she became one of my favorite characters

    Also I think you skipped Sadies Song. But as of now I don’t think it’s that big a deal

  3. Crossover Princess

    Oh I think if Rob was there he would have made a reference to Bill Cipher when Steven said “Goodnight, Ominous Triangle at the foot of my bed.”

    Oh well it’s not like I havn’t seen comics of that already.

  4. Follow-up comment to come when I’ve seen the episode. I promise to catch up by this weekend! I’m just about 9 episodes away, I think. LOL.

  5. I love Peridot’s arc in the show but unless I’m mistaken you skipped and episode Saddie’s Song should have been between Nightmare hospital and this. It’s a standalone so it’s not the end of the world but it makes more sense to watch it first and not break up any of the peridot episodes. It’s a pretty good eps too, a Saddie eps with no Lars in it.

  6. A .gif of Peridot spinning?

    Oh, goodness.

  7. You guys missed Sadie’s song, but it’s a complete filler episode so its no big deal. And I mean like SUPER filler. Like it might be the most filler-y filler episode this series has had outside of the episode about Steven’s story.

  8. Oddworld Inhabitant

    My personal favorite part of this episode was when Peridot just breaks down after she discovers that her last plan for escape won’t work either. Normally you don’t think of the possibility that the villains could ever run out of ideas, and to see her spiral into hopelessness is surprisingly affecting. I definitely don’t think her sort-of heel-face turn would’ve worked nearly as well without that scene to make us feel the Feelz.

  9. I have a steven universe theories why Peridot is so small.It because Yellow Diamond want her gems to be weak so the can not overthrow her.Yellow Diamond just turn off all limb enhancers on her gems and the all become weak gems.


    jk bruh, but seriously you missed one.

  11. This episode and “When It Rains” is pretty much a two-parter, forming one complete little story between the two of them.

    How Rob feels better…

    And it’s a very good thing you love Peridot and want to see more of her. 🙂 Just putting that out there and eagerly awaiting your reaction to “Message Received”…

  12. Angry slice of pie.
    In the ocean! Like a fish!
    Is that a weapon?

    This is definitely another one of those episodes that feels like it needs a second part to tell a complete story. Leaving Peridot in the bathroom is the most precarious of unstable equilibriums unless they have someone guarding the door 24/7. It kickstarts a great arc of episodes, but it still rankles me just a bit.

    With that nitpick aside, I really liked the animation the fight to subdue Peridot. It’s annoyed me a little that Peridot has been able to slip through the Crystal Gems’ grasp so easily in times before, so it’s gratifying to see them apply what they’ve learned about her abilities to subdue her with teamwork and intelligence. Michaela Dietz was definitely in rare form in this episode, probably the funniest she’s been since “Sworn to the Sword” or “We Should Talk”. On an extreme side note, I saw it pointed out that she does the voiceover work in the recent crop of Starburst commercials. It’s always surreal to see recognizable voice actors outside of animation.

  13. I think you missed an episode Doug. Their’s an ep called Sadie’s song, which came out before catch and release, and then all the peridot episodes, including “When it Rains” (which is the continuation/ episode RIGHT after this) comes out pretty much in a row and has been a big theme for this season.
    so there’s a website I go to called animeflavor that has all the current episodes of Steven universe and in the order of when they put out. so it’s like…the best website ever.

  14. I love this episode and it shows more of what has become a gem favorite peridot. I will say later on they dont handle a certain aspect of peridot correctly which kinda urked me.

  15. This is definitely one of my favorite Peridot episodes. I lost it when Steven compared her to a slice of pie. I had no idea how adorable a slice of pie could be until then. Anyway, I enjoyed this review. It managed to cheer me up a little since my mother passed late last night.

  16. As some other folks mentioned, I believe you missed “Sadie’s Song”. While it IS a so-called filler episode, it’s got a surprisingly refreshing lesson, especially when juxtaposed with “Nightmare Hospital”, which kind of has the opposite moral. I’m sure a lot of viewers would love to see you go back and discuss it!

  17. This was a hilarious episode
    She is very cute
    Yes there is a version of that gif there is even one made of Papyrus

  18. Is it just me, or does Rob always seem to miss out on the major plot developments?

  19. Peridot is Indeed absolutely adorable in this episode. I was already rather fond of her but this episode turned her into one of my favourites. Cutest angry slice of pie ever.

    This episode was also another one of those ‘CALLED IT!’ moments the show is so good at creating. Since Peridot having limb enhancers was a very popular theory before this episode finally confirmed it.

    I know for a fact that gif exists. Alongside a few hundred other gifs and youtube videos.

  20. “Ominous triangle at the foot of my bed” had me rolling! This whole episode was really hilarious. Peridot really is adorable now.

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