Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 69 – Sadie’s Song

A little out of order, but nobody’s perfect. Sadie tries to figure out if she’s performing for herself or for her mother. Doug takes a look at Sadie’s Song.

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  1. Not a Bumblebee

    This episode was actually before the Peridot arc, so it makes sense that it didn’t seem to connect to much.

  2. This episode was similiar to Beach Party where it was just about putting the spotlight on some of the side characters.

    Also, Lars seems to be a part of the cool kids groups now. And Steven seems to be able to walk and dance in heels. What does that kid doe offscreen? Hanging out with Jimmy Olsen?

  3. Sadie’s Song in a Nutshell: Sadie’s mom is overbearing and Steven did a cute dance while crossdressing. Honestly, if you skip this episode, you’re not missing much.

    ALTHOUGH it would be interesting if this episode connected super hard to a conspiricy or something later on, lol.

  4. This episode reminded me of Hey Arnold’s “Mr. Hyunh Goes Country”

    • You know, I actually like that one better, it had a lot of heart. I feel like Mr. Hyunh loved singing for lots of people, but he didn’t like the fame. Also, I love the song in that; I still know most of the lyrics.

  5. Wonder if he noticed it was Marceline singing the song. Probably not.

  6. yea this episode was kinda meh and I actually like sadie.

  7. The only thing I loved in this was that it was the only song in this particular batch of episodes.
    I can’t help it if I make a scene…

  8. littlewillie610

    “Oh! Look! Look! Remember when I used to drive you to your softball games?”
    “I remember when you punched the umpire.”

    This was an alright episode, but nothing too memorable aside from maybe cross dressing Steven. I can see Sadie’s situation being fairly relatable to a lot of people. Something like this is probably best watched before or after a major arc like the one that is going on right now.

  9. So I think this is an important episode for Steven because it actually shows Steven being wrong and hurtful for a change. We rarely see Steven acting as anything but a saint, and while I like the character and would hesitate to call him a Mary Sue – the few episodes where we see he has negative sides too (the other big one being Steven and the Stevens) add some much-needed depth to his character.

    In this case, his flaw of sharing traits of being a smothering mother figure plays really well into his and Rose’s shared maternal persona. The other flaw discussed in this episode is projecting his feelings onto others – which is another logical character trait for him to have because of his empathy. He’s so aware of other people’s feelings even if he doesn’t quite understand them that it makes sense when he gets them wrong he gets them very wrong because he sees himself in everybody.

    So yeah, while this episode focuses on Sadie and she gets a bit of character development expanding on already implied traits – it has really become one of my favorite secret character study episodes in regards to our titular Crystal Gem.

  10. I don’t want sound as anti-crossdressing, because I’m not, but I feel the episode didn’t justify Steven dressing up as Sadie at the end. It wasn’t necessary for the performance, and it wasn’t like he fooled anybody. And yes I know it was meant as a joke, but I’m the kind of person who likes logic in the story, even funny ones. I didn’t mind that sort of stuff in Bugs Bunny, because it was a wacky show, but Steven Universe definitely isn’t.

    • It wasn’t meant as a joke. Nobody in the audience was laughing or ridiculing him as in the old-fashioned “guy in a dress lol” presentation of such a situation. Steven helped Sadie pick out her outfit because he wanted to do the act himself.

      Steven is half of a race of all-female aliens and can literally become a hermaphrodite with the help of his girlfriend. I felt it was completely in character.

    • I saw him dressing up at least partially as a mea culpa towards Sadie. He was the one who wanted to dress her up and enact this complex idol-esque dance routine. Him donning the costume and performing was his way of apologizing to Sadie for turning her love of singing into something hurtful to her.

  11. it’s a shame that Doug watched this out of order because I thought it fit in really well after nightmare hospital because it was Steven seeing the different kinds of mothers.

  12. This was a good episode was getting to know the charters more and even more characters
    The ending hilarious

  13. Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen this episode.

  14. Radio Marcie!
    Beachapalooza Steven!
    At least he wore clothes.

    This one is a good companion to “Nightmare Hospital” in that it shows two mothers struggling to connect with their respective daughters. Priyanka’s career as an ER surgeon is highly demanding; combined with the odd hours necessitated by a security guard and Connie is in a situation where she spends good deals of time without her parents around. Strict parenting is perhaps the one way they know where their daughter will be at any point during the day.

    Sadie’s mom has the opposite temperment of her daughter. While Sadie is typically quiet and reserved, Barb is loud and enthusiastic. She tries to bridge the disconnect by showing limitless support for anything Sadie takes a passing interest in. It’s not just sports or music, she even remembers her thinking a stuffed animal was cute once and bringing her more and more of them unbidden. I hesitate to apply the term “stage mom”, since part of the implication there is that the parent is forcing the child into something for their own vicarious enjoyment. I believe Barb genuinely has Sadie’s interests at heart and just wants to encourage her daughter the best way she knows how.

  15. I didn’t really like this episode. You know from the very start how it’s going to end, so you’re just sitting there pulling your hair out waiting for it to happen, kinda like Nightmare Hospital. But Nightmare Hospital was actually cool, dark and interesting throughout the episode. This was just… bland and boring.
    It was seriously satisfying when Sadie finally cracked though.

    I was expecting Sadie to go through with it in the end, and actually sing for the crowd, so it was a nice surprise to see Steven do it instead. Something you don’t see too often.

    But regardless, this is one of my least favorite episodes. My absolute least being Say Uncle.

    Also, what’s the hold-up on the next episodes? There’s just 5 left, and it’s been ages since a Vlog now…

  16. If Sadie was a better singer, I think that the show would have had more of an impact. No offense. Was the song during the montage Sadie or was that the “real artist”? Also, it was funny to see Steven dressed as Malcolm. Haha, I kid.

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