Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 7 – Bubble Buddies

Everybody feels like they’re trapped in a bubble sometimes.

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  1. Is it crazey that I want to see live reactions to the season finale once they get there? Or maybe these guys are like me and have the most vacant expression while watching tv and that wouldn’t be enjoyable.

  2. So I take it next episode is Cheesburger Backpack?

  3. Glad they picked up on the monsters turning into gemstones. I can’t wait until Steven the Sword Fighter to see if he figures it out before the reveal or not.

  4. ooooh…..Just you two wait…. until you get to drama episodes…. It’s gonna be one hard cold bear…..

  5. littlewillie610

    “Alright, we just roll down this ramp as the carts are coming at us, and the crash will break us free!”
    “What happens after the bubble pops?”
    “We’ll be free!”

    The relationship between Steven and Connie is probably the best execution of a child friendship/romance that I can think of. It’s good to see that they have noticed what they are doing with the gems monsters after defeating them. Doug is going to get so much shit for the way he says Garnet’s name.

  6. ThatsAllFolks86

    Rebecca Sugar’s inspiration for Steven was actually her brother, Steven, who does the backgrounds for the show. No joke, her brother looks like Steven to.

  7. This is the begging in the best friendship/romance in the show. Connie and Steven are great characters on their own,but once they come together and appear more its even better.


  9. The introduction to a character who by her next appearance became and remained my favorite character.

  10. Connie. She’s one of my favorites and she later shows that she can help and is not the typical samsel in distress 🙂

  11. Yeah….. about Adventure Time’s “grand story” and the creator’s involvment in it. Pen stepped down as the show runner in the middle of Season 5 and according to this interview: is barely involved with the show anymore.

    That being said, I do find Steven Universe’s bulld up to it’s grand story way better than Adventure Time’s.

    • PrincessPaladin

      He’s remaining on as a writer. He’s just not in charge anymore. Fact-check fail. Either way, who cares whether he’s in charge anymore? What do that have to do with anything? Why did you put “grand story” in quotes like it’s supposed to mean something else? Adventure Time’s grand story is still pretty fucking grand. We’re going TONS of incredible stuff now.

      If you don’t like it, whatever. Who is involved with what isn’t diminishing the amazing episodes we’ve been getting. : /

      • “Pretty F**king Grand”
        “Incredible Stuff”
        “Amazing Episodes”
        Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

  12. Rebecca Sugar wrote many of the songs for the first several seasons of Advnture time, wrote or co-wrote several episodes, and to my understanding is responsible for a lot of Marceline’s characterization and character moments.

  13. Man, I was hoping that this would be a review on Frybo. Oh, well. Followup comment to come when I see this episode later today.

  14. No one can withstand the adorableness of the childhood romance that is Connie and Steven.
    It’s one of those (puppy)love stories that has a foundation built purely out of friendship and I think that does wonders in making it believable.
    The note on Connie’s voice actor is also interesting. Steven Universe has a fondness of picking up unknown or unknown to voice acting talent which is nice to see. I’m also looking forward to Doug’s reaction when he finds out Sugar was behind AT’s ‘I Remember You’.
    It looks like the monster gems have been noticed, yeah keep an eye on that, it goes places. As for the bursting bubble….safety magic? Yeah I got nothing.

    Back to the airing order so it’s Cheeseburger Backpack right? I think Doug’s really going to enjoy the setting of that one, it’s the first to feature one the Gem’s various old landmarks. There’s also a bit more Crystal Gem focus.
    I’m really enjoying these Vlogs, a lot of them are actually close to my own early reactions and thoughts. I hope it’s not too long a wait till the next one.

  15. Rebecca Sugar’s name is probably familiar since she used to work on Adventure Time (I think up until season 5 or something). A lot of people running shows now seem to have used Adventure Time as sort of a springboard since she comes to mind as well as Natasha Allegri (she made the show Bee and Puppycat).

    Also, Connie is awesome! I think you guys will like her character evolution as the series progresses.

  16. By the way, the next new SU episodes will be another Steven Bomb 7/13 through 7/17. 7/13 is also the next new “Gravity Falls”.

    I love the music in the show. It sounds like a 21st century version of the Vince Guaraldi “Peanuts” soundtracks. The composers have the music cues on Soundcloud:

    A bit of trivia: the closing credits theme slowly evolves as the season goes on, gaining more instrumentation.

  17. Glad the Walkers liked Connie’s first episode. She is my favorite character on the show (in a very competitive field), and every second she and Steven are on screen is solid gold. As for the glow bracelet, you can actually see it in the very first episode when Steven is fishing a Cookie Cat out of the freezer. SU likes to throw in a lot of such little details that only make sense after seeing future episodes. Developing an eye for that kind of thing is very rewarding once the bigger revelations start to roll out.

  18. PrincessPaladin

    Wow! Look at all these Adventure Time vlogs finally–Waaaaait a second. 🙁

  19. Eeh, never been too excited about child couples in shows. Though honestly romances bore me in general. Never really got into shipping and I’m hoping Connie starts getting development separate from Steven.

    Sugar’s romances have always been kinda angsty for me anyway. Though Connie and Steven ain’t so bad.

  20. Harrison Mills

    Wonder when Doug will realize it’s Garnet instead of Garret.

  21. You guys dd no tmention the reactions of the other gems reactions to Steven liking her? When I first saw that i thought it was so natural. It was just like what a real faimly or a mom might react when they find out their son has their first crush.

  22. I like this episode

  23. Connie is a weird character for me because I like her and yet I feel I really shouldn’t, she’s a love interest and I generally dislike romance subplots, she’s also a pretty blatant escapist character, I mean she’s a socially awkward friendless bookworm girl with overbearing parents, and yet somehow she gains the attention friendship and maybe even love of a nice friendly boy who also has magical powers and lives a life of adventure.

    And that’s not even getting into some of the stuff she does in more recent episodes, after sworn to the sword you could be forgiven for thinking she’s the main character of a Steven universe self insert fan fic, and yet somehow the show still manages to make her both believable and likeable, guess that’s the power of good writhing.

    The donut shop kid is indeed a ass, I would say he gets better over time but he doesn’t really.

    I also thought it was rather stupid how easily they managed to escapes their predicamen, even ignoring pressure they should have drowned before they reached the surface.

    Steven is killing god’s creatures eh? Heehehhehehe HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!

    No mention of funky flows in this vlog, 0/10

  24. I love Connie, in fact Connie and Steven has to be the most realistic cartoon depiction of a couple kids having their first crush I’ve ever seen.

  25. It is odd. Connie reminds me of me as a kid. I must admit that towards the end, this episode brought a tear to my eye and I rarely cry. That was beautiful, man.

  26. Disagree on the Lost-jab: the show had plenty of great character arcs – even if you cut out the mystery, you still have a great show.

  27. I just found out they started doing these. Awesome!

    Glad I haven’t missed any big Onion moments.

  28. I realize that mispronouncing names is totally your thing and I respect and cherish that. But “Garnet” is also a word outside of a name!

  29. TheFalseProdigy

    Steven Universe makes you feel like you’re relaxing with good friends just enjoying life, yknow?

  30. So does anyone have any idea when we’re getting more of this?

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