Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 70 – When it Rains

Paridot discovers the rain, friendship, and the destruction of all mankind. Doug looks over the adorable episode.

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  1. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Am I seriously the first one here…?

    …eh, don’t see the big deal everyone makes over it.

    Anywho, I’m glad you’re into the whole Peridot thing so far, because they keep it going for a good while, and it’s in a very welcome fashion too. Just wait until you get to see her interacting with the others one on one, it gets pretty interesting and allows us to learn more about them at the same time. In any case I hope Rob gets better soon so we can see his thoughts on these too, cause these videos always feel better when the two of you get to bounce off of each other like that, and of course I want to see his reactions to smol Peridot as well.

    Well, here’s looking forward to the next one!

  2. littlewillie610


    Ever since the final episodes of season 1, Steven Universe has become progressively more serialized, especially with the current arc involving Peridot and the Cluster. Now that Peridot seems to be a regular character, the answers provided by the show will be a lot more direct. Anyway, this was a solid episode; something about the animation as Peridot stepped out into the rain really stood out to me.

  3. Phew, finally you’ve seen this episode. Now I can start talking about Lavos, I mean, the Cluster in comments.

    The Cluster Gems we’ve seen so far are two, three…maybe as many as six together. The Cluster itself is MILLIONS. As we’ve seen, a couple gem shards together produce an energy projection that’s larger than man-sized. So…as the Cluster’s “gem core” is half the size of the Continental United States, the energy projection will be larger than Earth itself. The Cluster simply waking up will destroy Earth instantly. (This will become clearer in the next episode.)

    And with Peridot integrating into the main story, look forward to finally seeing most of the nuances of Homeworld culture.

  4. “It has to be done well”
    you seem to say that about everything. Is it ever better if it’s done horribly?

  5. Facet Five reporting,
    Peridot sees Earth’s beauty.
    Oh no! We’re cornered!

    I don’t know if it was the special attention given to the rain dripping off Peridot’s hand or what, but the scene of her discovering what thunderstorms are had an almost Miyazakian quality to it. The boarders for this episode aren’t my favorite when it comes to action (the fight scene near the end was pretty stiff), but they deserve all the credit for that. All the more reason to like boarder-driven shows like SU and Adventure Time.

    Peridot’s lack of knowledge about something as basic as storms kickstarted the idea that she’s significantly younger than even Amethyst. It also reinforces the idea of how the Gems’ biological (geological?) makeup affects their perspective. Humans looking to colonize other planets would require stable sources of water, and thus would highly favor Earth-like worlds. Gems have no need for food, water, or even air, so it’s highly probable that Peridot could have lived her entire existence on colonies without any kind of precipitation or weather patterns.

  6. Follow-up comment to come when I’ve actually seen this episode. I’m still back on Say Uncle…

  7. You misspelled “Peridot” as “Paridot” in the description btw.

  8. Holy crap, Doug’s getting caught up. This hiatus is going to be the end of us.

  9. She is so lovely
    When you get to the episode 76 It Could Have Been Great make sure that Rob is here two you two need to show your opinions

  10. I think the most important factor for making these kind of plots work isn’t just the character, but the relationship between the character. Which I why I feel this episode works so well. Since I too feel Steven and Peridot just go great together.

    Steven is basically the classic all forgiving and all loving hero. And he seems to have a seriously knack for turning villainous characters good. Although, it has yet to be seen if that’s going to work on Jasper.

  11. Yeah, sorry Garnet. I think Peridot is soon to be my new favorite character.

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