Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 73 – Too Far

Peridot is learning how humor works, but is sounding more like childish insults. Sounds like every shock jock on the radio!

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  1. Okay… today is the day I catch up with the Steven Universe episodes. Follow up comment to come later today! LOL.

  2. About the Amethyst Peridot thing…. Yeah, I’m guessing the writers are probably trying to ship them. The end of this episode was suggestive enough, but if you look at future episodes with that in mind Amethyst SEEMS to have the most extreme reactions to the stuff Peridot does and she ends up being the one person that SEEMS to try and connect with Peridot the most. But that could easily be because Amethyst knows what it’s like to be the outsider new member of the group and is just the most outgoing person among them. It’s hard to say for sure because the series is just 5 or 6 episodes away from this one, but there’s definitely enough stuff there that you could easily read their relationship that way.

    • To be honest I seen no romantic relationship. Amethyst mainly enjoys peridot since how peridot doesint really understand what is being said. So its funny to Amethyst. The relationship is basically on par with every other gems in the crystal gems group is at the point they are up to.

  3. “How do you feel?”

    Assuming that they watched at least three episodes on this seating session, they’ll probably catch up on the next one. Knowing what I know about future episodes makes this hiatus even worse.

    This is a fairly solid episode that continues to give Peridot some great character development. There was also some nice world building when she explained the function of quartz gems.

    It was a little difficult to feel sorry for Amethyst in this one, since was the one goading Peridot into making offensive jokes. Furthermore, what she said about Pearl and Garnet seemed worse to me. That being said, one could argue that Amethyst was just laughing because of the funny ways in which Peridot describes anything.

  4. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    Lol yeah a peridot is the birthstone for August.

    Fun fact, Garnet is the birthstone for January
    Amethyst for February and Pearl is June

    • Yeah, these poor guys. Didn’t grow up learning all the common stones used in jewelry like girls do. Rob says he studied geology, but a simply list of birthstones covers most of these. I’ve always known peridot, since that’s my mom’s stone, too. (And she always hated it.) Whereas I’ve got December, and I spent years endlessly frustrated that there seems to be no definitive stone for then, no consensus. Ah, well.

      • tastetherainbowmothafuka

        I’m a December as well (and my moms August too!) and I’ve always been told is blue topaz. At least that’s what they mostly sell for birthstone jewelry in my experience

  5. Peridots are Silicates, as is Garnet.

    Quartzes like Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper are bred as soldiers and are intended to be big, beefy meatwalls.

  6. You guys got to learn your gemstones.

  7. I learned the names of planets from Sailor Moon. Now the Walker brothers learn the names of gemstones from Steven Universe.

  8. Pearl is a Gem. She is just a servant Gem. It seems like the Gems have something of a class system where your gem determines what you are/do. All peridots are called Peridot and do science work, etc.
    I just noticed that Peridot’s ‘hair’ is shaped similar to a cut you can find peridot gem stones in.

  9. No comment on how butts are universal? ;_;

  10. Garnet hates those cows,
    Amethyst should be in charge.
    It was just a drill.

    This was another good entry into the Peridot arc. It seems like these arcs have a pattern of focusing on each Gem’s reaction to the major development in question before coming to its resolution. For the Sardonyx arc, “Keystone Motel” focused on Garnet, “Onion Friend” focused on Amethyst, and “Historical Friction” focued on Pearl. With the Peridot arc, “Back to the Barn” focuses on Pearl, “Too Far” on Amethyst, and an episode the Walkers haven’t seen yet will focus on Garnet. It’s a good way to ensure that every character gets involved in the proceedings and doesn’t drop out of focus.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers started to push an Amethyst/Peridot romance. It wouldn’t be the first time this show used the “dive to push love interest out of harm’s way then land on top of them” trope, and it won’t be the last. I’ve been in Amethyst’s shoes before, what with being the closest confidant of a hopelessly awkward person trying to ingratiate themselves into a group and failing hard. And if you pressed me, I’m sure I’ve been in Peridot’s shoes too.

    As a final note, it makes me laugh to see Doug’s “When Does a Joke Go Too Far?” video on the sidebar, with this episode being the answer.

  11. If you take the word of people who work with gemstones over the word of the dictionar the show mispronounces ‘peridot’, so if you learned your gemstones from someone aurally that could be your issue. You’d be used to hearing it pronounced Peridoe.

  12. All of the gem’s names are of some kind of mineral, even Lapis Lazuli. In fact Pearl is the odd one out since in nature pearls are organically derived, formed in living oysters, while all the others (amethyst, garnet, rose, peridot, jasper, lapis lazuli, opal, sugalite, malachite, ruby, sapphire, blue, red, and white diamond…and whatever else they think of) are formed through geological processes.

  13. This episode kinda made me a little mad at Amethyst. When peridot was making fun of everyone else Amethyst was laughing and encouraging peridot. once it was turned Amethyst got all pissed off and went cold to peridot. Basically Amethyst can dish it out,but cant take it. Also even though peridot made a mistake Amethyst should apologize as well for being a dick to peridot.

  14. This was a fine episode
    Peri is learning

  15. hahaha, “good size”

    they haven’t even seen Yellow Diamond

  16. Okay. Well, the next week I posted this follow up comment. LOL. Another great episode.

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