Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 75 – Steven’s Birthday

We all grow older, but can some of us grow younger? Doug and Rob look at Steven’s strange new power on his birthday.

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  1. Don’t forget to do the bonus shorts guys! = )

  2. HA!
    Now you guys will have to suffer through the hiatus with the rest of us!

  3. Just three more episodes and you’ll be all caught up.

    • I was shocked when I learned he wasn’t a child as well. I believe the “pitched down” voice from this episode is his normal speaking voice, and he affects the higher pitched Steven voice. Since Steven’s voice has started to add in puberty squeaks since the middle of season 1, it’s a testament to his talent as a voice actor that he’s able to so completely mask his true age.

  4. Not to sound too critical, but you guys have a strange habit of ascribing important symbolic and narrative details to the most arbitrary things…

    “Connie puts her lens-less glasses back on because they didn’t want to change the toy designs!” (as if there are any official figurines of her even now, let alone back in September of 2014.)

    “Steven’s selective maturation was manufactured as a way to explain his voice actor’s changing voice!” (Zach Callison is 18, so that’s hardly a concern at this point.)

  5. You guys seriously can’t take 30 seconds to Google something before you spend a bunch of time talking about it? Steven’s teenage actor’s voice has already changed. The older voice you hear when Steven is stretched and pretending is the guy’s more natural voice. He’s just a really good voice actor. You should look up his appearance at a convention panel when he agreed to sing the entire Cookie Cat song. Hearing Steven’s high boyish voice singing that song bracketed by his voice actor’s naturally low voice was pretty great.

  6. I’m so close to catching up. I’m only about 10 episodes away. It’s going to happen soon! LOL.

  7. Really enjoyed this episode. It also cements that when it comes to ageing steven biology lies more with the gems. Basically hes as old as he feels. I just wonder how this is going to effect him and connie in the future when shes starts growing older. Will he finally grow up himself? The whole gem shapshifting strain is a bit confusing. Since amythiest turned into puma for a long time and hell rose was able to make a freaking womb out of nothing and im guessing it had to hold up for 9 months. Maybe the strain only counts for steven.

    • I chalk the shapeshifter strain up to him being half human. Even for Gems, maintaining an alternate form would requires a notable increase in power output from their gem. Steven’s gem isn’t fully integrated with his human biology, which is why he still has to eat, sleep, and breathe. I’ve seen Steven’s condition aptly compared to Luffy’s Third Gear from One Piece, wherein he has to revert to a childlike form after stretching his body to superpower his attacks. Rebecca Sugar is a known fan of One Piece, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the similarity was not coincidental.

  8. “Whoa, looks like you stagnated there a little bit, buddy.”

    This was a decent episode, though the concept was better executed in So Many Birthdays. I guess this means that Steven was 12 at the beginning of the series. Between Gumball, Finn, Aang, Dipper and Mable, and now Steven, that seems to be the default age for cartoon child protagonists. For some reason, I always thought Connie was a year older.

  9. President Connie,
    Amethyst hits pinata,
    Steven needs changing.

    Can’t argue that this was a low-key episode, but as an avowed sucker for Connie episodes, I’m still alright with it. Their faux-sophisticated banter and clinking juice boxes together was great, and the dance they shared courtesy of Garnet was the most explicitly romantic their relationship has been thus far. I know the showrunners were keeping Steven’s true age a secret for the reveal in this episode, but a lot of the places I’ve seen had speculated at Steven and Connie’s ages being lower than they actually are. I assumed both of them were twelve just because that seems to be the default age for cartoon protagonists these days (Finn, Gumball, Dipper, Mabel), but I’ve seen their ages pitched as low as 8. Him starting to show facial hair near the end may be a sign that they’re going to have him start showing signs of aging sometime down the line. Over in Adventure Time, Finn is usually depicted as much taller than his season 1 model, though it can still vary widely by storyboarder.

  10. Steven Universe, and many modern cartoons, have begun to air new episodes more are more rarely. Doing so appearently gives the premiers better ratings (Because every new episode gets as much hype as a season premier)

    Steven Universe, in particular, now airs new episodes in Stevenbombs, wherein there’s a week of new episodes every night. The shows writers even take this into account when writing the episodes

  11. Watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil!

    • I actually binged watched season 1 a few months ago. Its indeed a good show. You think at first there will be no character advancment or lore by the first few episodes,but the longer you watch the more you see theres more to the show and with season 2 upcoming and a season 3 approved I cant wait to see where it goes. Only real negative I have to the show is that unicorn head. She feels like the LSP of SVTFOE.

      • I liked LSP. 😉 But yes, it starts off fun, but drops hints of the broader story arcs even all the way back in episode 1. I’d love to see Doug’s impressions.

  12. If you see one of the creators tumbler page you would know that Garned really wanted to blow out the candle
    Steven proven that he is in love with Connie and will want to marries her
    There are short adults

  13. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    God, you guys are almost caught up. It’s just going to make the wait for the next Steven Bomb that much more agnonizing for us, these v-logs really help tide us over. But at least one new ones do come out you’ll be fresh and caught up with the fandom, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers or over-hype as much as before. You’re almost there guys! X3

  14. I was surprised to find out Steven was as old as 14, I always kinda figured he was like 9 or something. Of course we also got a real time frame here, in the first episode Steven was apparently 12 since he just turned 14 and this was the 2nd birthday episode. Given how little he knew about magic and his own gem heritage in the early days also implies that when the show started he was only living with them for a few weeks. Its also cool how for the first time we get a definite age for an adult on the show, Greg was 22 when he met Rose. Now if we can only find out how old Sour Cream is we can know exactly how long Greg and Rose’s relationship lasted.

  15. Acetylsalicilique

    Only 3 more episodes of Steven Universe ? Well, it’s too bad there’s some other show that has been airing, which you used to do Vlogs for…


  16. Dammit guys, the hiatus on the show is bad enough, do you really need hiatuses on your Vlogs too?

  17. Dont stop now doug and rob you have 3 episodes left and then you’ll be caught up. Just push them out already! Then you can vlog them as new ones come out which is the best way to do them!

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