Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 76 – It Could’ve Been Great

The plans of Yellow Diamond are revealed, but where does Peridot lie on the issue? Doug and Rob take a look. Doug and Rob take a look at Episode 76 of Steven Universe.

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  1. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    DO CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DO- Oh, you aren’t taking requests. Never mind… 🙁

    • Dude, you´re talking about my favorite show of all time with my favorite critics of all time!
      also with they trying to get greenlight to their spinoff…
      You killed me with that comment!

  2. Oddworld Inhabitant

    Lot’s of neat background worldbuilding in this episode, from the fact that the partial terraforming of Earth and Crystal Rebellion left the planet a vastly different place, to the fact that most gems are designed to operate in all atmospheres (or lack of atmosphere) to maximize their universal combat efficiency, to the four-diamond sigil that has spawned much speculation. And, of course, we finally learn the (initial, anyway) end-goal of the Homeworld Invasion, and why the Crystal Gems felt they had to stand against it.

    And, of course, Peridot can only see lost glory in the failed plan. This does just come down to cultural perceptions, in my opinion; Peridot tends to view things highly tactically, and the loss of Earth as a Homeworld base/colony seems like a great waste to her, especially since the idea that anyone can offer permanent resistance to Homeworld is laughable in her mind (apparently Homeworld is largely unopposed in its expansion). Of course, telling people that the goal they’ve sacrificed nearly everything to is laughable isn’t exactly a way to win friends. And not even Steven’s attempt at a song cue can mend that rift easily.

    That said, it was nice that Peridot finally got her own song. It seems Steven Universe is following the path of Dragonball Z/One Piece/Avatar de-vilianization: have the be overtaken by the madness!

  3. Yay, your SU Vlog hiatus is over! Now for the show’s hiatus…

  4. DO SAMURAI JACK- Oh, they’re not taking…….. Oh, OK then……….. Well, there goes my idea. Would have been cool because the new series is coming, though.

  5. Im gonna throw my hat into the ring. Continue the adventure time vlogs, not just because adventure times great but because i miss jason in these vlogs, i guess hes too busy to do them though so that why they havnt made any,
    star vs the forces of evil would be nice

  6. Yes! Finally caught up! It’s a miracle! I haven’t been caught up since the middle of season 1. But… oh, please don’t tell me… Peridot… don’t do it.

  7. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    Maybe before you start a new one u should catch up on Adventure time? I just looked it up and in about a week it’ll have been a I’ll year since the last vlog.

    Also I remember u mentioning you’d do the gravity falls shorts, be seeing how the series is over and their not too important I think it’d be fine if u held that off

  8. Ericthebearjew1

    I hope they do Star Vs. next

  9. I add my voice in saying “what about adventure time?”

  10. YES! I was hoping you guys would notice the map! you should seriously go back and just pause when it shows the full world map. that’s what I did when i first saw this episode. it’s not just Russia; there’s tones of HUGE alteration to the map. Brazil is twice as big as it’s supposed to be, all of West Africa is GONE, Australia is completely split in half, as you mentioned Russia has a giant sea in the middle of it, not to mention of a bunch of little differences like Florida and India being islands, Japan not being an island, and just whole ton of little changes from the world we know that makes for some seriously interesting world building for the show!

  11. How about catching up on Adventure Time first before doing something new. Also, Star vs the Forces of Evil

  12. As far as the crater in Russia goes…the Crystal Gems DID say that “a lot of humans died” along with Gems in the attempt to colonize Earth… How many, exactly? Most?

    At long last, your next review is “Message Received”. You can start watching all the many, many reaction videos online after you watch that one. 😀

  13. Amusingly enough, going back to one of the offhand examples you made, it’s actually not that uncommon for there to be Jews who take an interest in Buddhism. We call them JewBu’s.

    As for Russia, fans are under the assumption that Rebecca Sugar wasn’t too happy with how Russia edited Steven Universe to remove any and all indications of gayness (going so far as to give Ruby a mustache), and gave them a metaphorical finger by literally wiping them off the SU map.

    Anyways, all that aside, I always enjoy these vlogs, so I look forward to the last few (until Steven Universe resumes, of course) and whatever you do next!

  14. Thundercats 2011, been putting that out there for a while now. Also Sonic SatAm. I know you’re not taking requests but lets be honest, you need to do some really REALLY good shows. Also hopefully SU comes back next week because they have been teasing the next fire episodes and that they came back just to do five is absolute BS.

  15. will you ever get back to adventure time

  16. continue adventure time please. 🙂

  17. Do Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

  18. “That’s not the way they see it. They’ve spent thousand of years trying to protect the Earth. I thought maybe, you finally understood why.”

    This was another good episode, both from a character and reveal standpoint. I did not expect Peridot to get this much development this early. It was also nice to get more confirmation about the Diamonds’ status in Gem society. If it hadn’t been for a certain five-second promo leak, I would have been legitimately unsure about whether or not Peridot would end up betraying the Crystal Gems.

    I’m going to miss these while we wait for more episodes. I’d like it if he continued Adventure Time, but if it’s a new series, I wouldn’t mind Samurai Jack or Rick & Morty.

  19. Peace and war on Earth,
    Walk in the steps of Diamonds,
    Peridot betrayal?

    This was another big world building episode, and it’s cool to see exactly what the end result of a Gem terraforming process is. The end result looks like a planet from Mario Galaxy, completely devoid of atmosphere, uninhabitable by almost any species except a Gem. Seeing a full map of this alternate Earth was really cool too. The massive sea where eastern Russia should be drew my eye immediately too. It’s probably worth noting that there’s a Gem base right in the middle of it, so I’m guessing it’s a result of either an attack on that base or an experiment that went wrong.

    If there’s one thing this show still struggles with, it’s in coming up with endings to these exposition heavy episodes. I’ve noticed it in “Keeping it Together” and “Chille Tid”, but episodes like them tend to have very abrupt endings that do not feel like they’ve told a self-contained story. I would be fine with it if this episode and “Message Received” were billed as a two-parter, but viewed separately the ending is abrupt and jarring. The whole episode kind of feels rushed, especially in the Diamond mural chamber. Steven is very excited to see the Diamonds, and Peridot equally excited to talk about them, but they only talk about two of them. It’s a minor complaint for a good episode, but there is a consistent pacing issue with episodes of this kind.

  20. episode was meh. Its the next two episodes I really have a problem with mainly cause they feel like they are not in the right order.

  21. Do the next VLog Star vs The Forces of Evil
    There world is not he same as ours
    She is scared to betray the home world

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