Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 77 – Message Received

Peridot shows where her loyalties lie, but will Yellow Diamond change her tune? Doug and Rob look over the big reveal.

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  1. lacking_psilosynine

    i hope to roddenberry that patti lupone voicing yellow diamond means we get an awesome villain song

  2. I recommend looking into the show Kaijudo, because despite it being aimed at kids, they actually had to balls to do that with a prominent character. The main protagonist saves his life, lets him go after discovering he’s related to one of the villains, saying ‘I trust him to make the right decision’… and he joins the bad guys.

  3. The “Steven bomb!” line is from “Garnet’s Universe”, where Steven jumps her. “Tiny hands. My only weakness.” Cartoon Network adopted this term for their 5-episode blitzes.

    However, they’re now promising “Summer of Steven” for June/July/August. Whether this is one per week or not remains to be seen. That probably means we won’t see anything new until June.

    For the seasons thing, season 1 was originally supposed to be 26 episodes, but it was extended to 52, the two halves being 1A and 1B. Seasons after that are 26 episodes, so we just finished season 2. The next episode will start season 3. A season 4 and 5 of 26 episodes each have already been ordered.

    No one really seems to know why the weird grouping, or why season 1 wasn’t just 1 and 2.

    It took me a minute to figure that Peridot getting past the truck’s “rotary shields” meant she rolled the window down.

  4. Oddworld Inhabitant

    I think it’s interesting that Yellow Diamond actually takes an interest in Earth, albeit an almost irrationally negative one. Apparently the Crystal Rebellion hit even the Diamonds hard. To them, the destruction of Earth seems to have more weight than merely weapon acquisition. And why the excessive disdain for organic life? Is it mere racism (well… you know what I mean), or were the Diamonds themselves created as slaves by some form of organic life that came to regret their creation? After all, it doesn’t seem like the Gems can be made by nature alone, or at least not as easily as would be required for them to start an empire.

    And, of course, it was nice seeing Peridot break giraffe-neck’s composure, even if it did break Yellow Diamond’s aura a little. I suppose calling a diamond a clod would actually have a pretty big impact. Try it the next time you visit a jeweler’s. You might even get a rectal-mounted mini magnifying glass for your trouble.

    • Depending on which lore theories you subscribe to, Earth could be the place where Yellow Diamond lost one (or more) of her sisters.

      On top of that, it’s a place where thousands of hardworking Homeworld Gems lost their lives and thousands more were denied the chance at life -all so some primitive, screaming, short-lived organics could continue committing violence against each other.

      If I were YD I’d want to wipe that horrible rock off my star maps, too.

  5. littlewillie610

    “Can one of you take this?”
    “Because it can be remotely detonated.”

    Peridot’s change of allegiance is probably the best example of a former antagonist joining the protagonists that I’ve seen recently (I’m looking at you, Gideon). With how many episodes they spent showing her acclimating to a new way of life, it just felt like a natural direction to take her character, especially after Log Date 7 15 2.

    In this episode and the previous one, she pretty much revered the Diamonds as goddess-like figures were completely logical and could do no wrong. Yellow Diamond shattered this image with her irrational hatred for the Earth, and her refusal to listen to any logical arguments for why it shouldn’t be destroyed by the Cluster. This seems to be what completely pushed Peridot onto the side of the Crystal Gems in the end. Despite that, I like how they made YD intimidating, but not a one dimensional villain. She was willing to forgive Peridot for her failures (or at least until she was called clod). I could have done without the over the top express. It was funny, but it did kind of take a little away from her menacing demeanor.

    I hope they don’t convert all of the Homeworld Gem characters to their side, or at least not until the end of the show when Steven inevitably brings about peace between Earth and Homeworld. I would like them to eventually develop Jasper into a more sympathetic character who ultimately decides not to betray Homeworld. Giving her a big redemption arc that ends the same way as Peridot’s would probably seem to me. With all the crap that Lapis has already gone through, even if she did bring some of it on herself, I would prefer it if she does not come to a bad end. It would be nice if she manages to forgive and join the Crystal Gems after a period of depression/soul searching.

  6. I had to watch this episode 3 times before I realized that Peridot got out of the truck by rolling down the window because when you see the detached door the window is all the way down. It’s a fun mental image about how she might have figured that out.

  7. GET TO THE (PURPLE) CHOPPA! That’s what I thought when Amethyst turned into a helicopter. Wow, Yellow Diamond is gorgeous and her eyeliner is great even though she’s evil. O.O Also, Yellow Diamond’s pearl is really sassy. I was so relieved that Peridot didn’t turn out to be evil. *phew* Oh, and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time is a perfect example of someone who is constantly switching sides. That’s the only example I can think of though.

  8. Robot beats pickup,
    Great, lovable Peridot,
    Yellow Diamond clod.

    I’m glad I watched this episode alone, because I was cheering out lout when Peridot dropped the Clod Bomb on Yellow Diamond. Even if it cost them strategically, it was immensely cathartic after the cliffhanger ending of the last episode. I’d have to review the dialog from that scene to be sure, but I recall Peridot specifically wording her responses to avoid indicating the presence of other Crystal Gems.

    I found the setup for the pivotal scene fascinating to think about. Peridot looks like she’s trying to betray the Crystal Gems by contacting Yellow Diamond, but in reality she’s playing the long game. She knows that stopping the Cluster is only a short term fix; eventually Homeworld will wonder where their geoweapon is and send more forces to investigate. In her mind, the only way to secure Earth’s permanent safety is to prove its usefulness to Yellow Diamond intact. As noted above, she views her Diamond as the most logical, impassive arbiter in the universe, completely unswayed by emotion. Patti Lupone’s excellent performance as YD shows that’s anything but the case. For whatever reason, Yellow Diamond hates Earth. It could be that she took the Gem Rebellion especially hard, perhaps losing one of her fellow Diamonds to it (*cough*Pink Diamond Theory*cough*). It could simply be that she doesn’t like losing at anything. For whatever reason, logic goes out the window where Earth is concerned. Peridot’s response is equally interesting. She’s not put in a position where her life is threatened for her failures. All she has to do is hitch a ride home, probably spend a few decades monitoring relay stations in the BFN quadrant, and all will be forgiven. But she doesn’t go through with it. That’s what makes a truly compelling face turn for me: the character is given a clear, unpressured choice between doing right or wrong, and they choose right.

  9. 6:18 My sentiments exactly.

  10. im sorry but this episode bugged me. The turn felt wayyyy to quick. You never felt that peridot fully cared about earth and the gems to go against yellow diamond. Thats untill the next episode this is why I felt what they did in the next episode should of been done before this one which would of made the turn make sense and feel more natural. Instead it just feels rushed and clunky here.

  11. Mind you, for many of the SU fans who seen the extended-open theme on YouTube sometime after Jail Brake there was a build-up to Yellow Diamond as she made a brief but spectacular appearance in that video. They never gave her a name in the video — she just slowly and ominously turned her head as the Homeworld Gems where cast in shadow as its alluding to a major encounter. There was a lot of speculation to how she looked as she was face backwards and was obstructed by the others. So yeah, this episode became like a huge revealing of Dr. Claw or something!

    So, if you guys are reading this, watch the extended-open theme. It is great! Oh yeah, there are some other videos were they better explain the nature of Crystal Gems with some random home movies.

    And if you two were wondering, yes, Yellow Diamond’s reaction to Peridot’s “You CLOD!” did become an insta’ meme. How it could it not?

  12. Gesundheit, Doug.

  13. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    No Rob, it’s not a Steven Bomb that’s coming, in June the episodes will be aired one a week. So it’s actually going to be a regular premier schedule rather than airing a bunch of episodes within one week. So far all we have been getting is nothing but Steven Bombs with months and months between each one, but now we’re finally getting a longer period of just one episode a week. I know you’re new to all of this, but I just find it so ironic that you only learn the term now when they already announced a steady one episode per week schedule weeks ago.

  14. Peridot has always believed that Yellow Diamond was a brilliant being of pure reason and logic, and she would listen to and consider anything so she could have all the data to arrive at the best possible solution. After all, you’d THINK a person who runs a pan-galactic empire (or at least one of 3, since we also have blue and white diamond) would need to able to do that. This is where she finds out she’s been serving just another petty dictator who wants to destroy a world for the sake of a petty personal grudge. That must be absolutely world shattering, kind of like if a Christian found out that God was like Kim Jong Un or something to that effect.

  15. This was very nice
    Yellow diamond is nothing special she is just big
    Blue pearl is the best looking from the three pearls we saw
    She is not fighting its Yellow Diamond at fault if she let her do her plan this would not happened
    Peridot is loved to much and people wanted her to be part of the Cristal Gems so no chance to make her evil

  16. The main show I can think of where it makes you guess and then they turn bad and stay bad was Batman Beyond, where they had terry’s old friend who went by “Big Time” because he was obsessed with the idea of being a big time criminal who people respected. The first episode he was in was him getting out of Ju-V and Tarry helping him get a job…and you wonder if it’ll work becuase he is a kid, after all, just a teen, they might have him make the right choice in the end…but no, he used the job for criminal reasons, Terry tried to take him down as Batman, and he ended up mutated. Then in his second episode he, now a mutant, was hired as muscled and had Terry kidnapped because he didn’t know or trust anyone else in the gang. This time though, Terry knows not to trust him. I’m pretty sure they made some allusions to Harvey Dent and how Bruce felt about that along the way.

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