Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 78 – Log Date 7 15 2

Peridot and Garnett seem to be getting along, but how did this happen? Doug and Rob look over the last episode before their hiatus.

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  1. Garnet and Peridot, sittin’ in a tree. F-U-S-I-N-G-…uh…letter?

  2. Fun Fact: If you slow down the “sped up” dialog during Peridot’s rant, you’ll catch her actually listing reasons Percy and Pierre are the best combination. That’s dedication on part of the writers.

  3. Peridot’s colors fluctuating was intentional; real peridot gemstones shift color through different shades of green and yellow as they are exposed to different kinds of light.

    Natural light makes them more yellow, and artificial light makes them deeper green. You can actually see this effect clearly at the end of Friend Ship, as Peridot is trying to fly away.

  4. If I recall correctly, one of the showrunners has said that there’s no set rule for how a fusion looks, they just go with whatever looks cool. But don’t quote me on that.

    • I get the impression that, the more in sync the gems are, the more human they look. Or the more like a single gem they look, would probably be a better way of putting it. Ruby and Sapphire are so in sync that they share all their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, to the point where it’s two different consciousnesses having the exact same experience. So they function as a single entity. That also means that they’re in complete agreement on what their physical form should look like. Compare that to a fusion like Malachite, where the gems involved have different emotions and goals; Lapis and Jasper are in conflict instead of working together. That means that each of them decided elements of the fusion’s shape; it’s elements of two different designs squashed together, rather than a single design created and decided upon by two different people… if that makes any sense.

      I know the creators said that there aren’t really any rules, but… I would imagine those kinds of things would at least influence their decisions. They’d almost have to, because you definitely see gems’ personalities reflected in their physical forms. I mean, animators usually try to draw characters to their personalities (unless they’re using irony), but that’s especially true with gems, since gems create their own physical forms.

      • garnets first fusion while looking a bit different still resembles garnet. So maybe the fusions are random,but they can always work the kinks out till they mold it till what they want.

  5. Even if you don’t vlog them you might want to check out the Steven universe shorts there is like 5 or 6 of them I think (3 classroom gems, unboxing, lion and the extended intro if you count it as a short) the pilot is pretty easy to find online as well and is an interesting contrast to what actually wound up being the show.

  6. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Well now you have to wait like the rest of us, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!! >XD

    Seriously though, can’t wait for the new episodes to come out and to hear your guys’ thoughts on them. But again, gotta correct you on this, this is NOT going to be a “Steven Bomb”, that’s when they release 5 episodes in one week and then go on another hiatus for who knows how many months. What they announced is that we are going to get a single new episode every week starting in June all the way to September. So really it’s going to be more of a “Summer of Steven” or a “Steven JUNE-iverse” if you’re looking for names to call it. Point is, it’s starting up again in the summer, so look forward to that then.

    And I know there’s no point in making requests since you’ve already got names in your head for what you’re going to vlog next, but I really hope that it’s a show that I either grew up with or watch currently. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

  7. Oddworld Inhabitant

    “Let’s fuse.”
    “Oh my stars!”
    Maybe my favorite exchange of the episode. And it certainly does reinforce the sexual nature of fusion.

    I think it was important to have this slightly more relaxed episode after the climactic events of the last one. Plus, it gave us time to explore the small events that encouraged Peridot’s change, and also gave us the needed Peridot/Garnet episode (since she already had one with all the others). Plus it gave us a chance to look back on what the Gems are up to when they aren’t on big missions (and also let Greg meet Peridot… albeit not quite amicably). As Peridot transitions into becoming a Crystal Gem (and faces the question of where she’s gonna have to put her star), it’s important to remember that this was as much the result of countless cumulative actions and interactions as it was the result of her falling out with Homeworld. And, I won’t lie, seeing Peridot acting like a cat person is adorable. Still, I suppose a slice of life episode is a bit of an anticlimax to end the vlog on, even if I think its a suburb epilogue.

    I’m a bit surprised that the Walkers didn’t discuss Peridot’s fondness of shipping. Then again, that’s topic’s been done to death in other vlogs.

    • To be honest. I dont really see fusion as sexual at least thats not always the case. When it comes to ruby and sapphier I see it more that way since thats a romantic sense of fuseing. The other so far are just a friendship sense. Just combing with each other to help one another or in some cases get their fix of the fuseing drug.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        So… friends with benefits? Not all sex is romantic or possessive; some people just do it because they like how it feels, or because they want sex without the hassle of a full relationship, and so on. But, it obviously isn’t a one-to-one comparison, just one that this episode seems to encourage with the slow music and Garnet assuring Peridot that she doesn’t have to do anything she’s not ready for, and so on.

  8. Yeah, this was actually a humorous episode to stop things on. LOL. Also, yeah, by doing this video you are episode shaming. ;D

  9. What the hell Garnet?! Have her fuse with one of the other gems first! You know what happend with Pearl and Amethyst. You don’t just fuse with someone with ZERO experience in fusing with the best fusion! She will instantly get addicted and go nuts.

  10. May I suggest “Wander Over Yonder” for your next series of V-Logs. I think you might really enjoy that series.

  11. This episode I enjoyed and should of been played before the previous episode. It actually shows bonding with everyone and makes the turn make sense. I was less annoyed once I saw this episode.

  12. Is Daredevil season two an option for VLOGs?

  13. I think the reason Garnet has no additional limbs is because Ruby and Sapphire are in love, so their fusion is very stable.

    The more compatible two gems are, the less monstrous their fusion is. Ruby and Sapphire balance each other out, making Garnet very stable and relatively normal looking.

    Malachite, the fusion of Jasper and Lapis, is very monstrous, not really humanoid, because the two gems are at odds.

    The fusions between two crystal gems isn’t that bad, but not quite as stable as the two gems in love. Once you get Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl all in one body, the result is very, very inhuman, with lots of limbs.

    Same for the Ruby/Ruby/Ruby fusion seen in Garnet’s backstory. They’re all the same type of gem, so they just create a larger version of themselves.

  14. A Rainbow Brite Vlog would be awesome. You guys should do a Nostalgia Critic review of the Rainbow Brite movie. I did it for my podcast and its rife with joke potential.

  15. I’d like them to continue the Adventure Time Vlogs, they were the ones getting me started on the series, I’d be a shame for them to pull out now.

  16. I think Camp Pining Hearts is a crossover of Dawson’s Creek and Salute your Shorts. I’ve watched this episode like a dozen times, it’s just 12 minutes of Peridot being adorable.

    Gems who fuse don’t always have multiple limbs, Rainbow Quartz also had 2 arms, and I’m not sure if it counts but Stevani was also pretty much human, though I guess that has more to do with human physiology rather than the nature of fusion. From what I’ve seen the closer the gems are the more humanoid the fusion is, with romantic interest creating the most humanoid forms of all. For example, Malechite is some human centipede looking thing with arms for legs because the 2 gems that made her pretty much hate each other. The unstable fusion Alexandrite not only had 6 arms but also 2 mouths, Opal, Sugalite, and Sardonyx all have 4 arms; but funnily enough Opal is the only fusion who has 2 eyes, instead of the sum total of eyes like everyone else has (I’m not sure if that means anything or the artists just didn’t think of it since she was the first fusion featured on the show.) Garnet and Rainbow so far are the only fusions we’ve seen with 2 arms, and the only notable difference with the 2 of them is that there are romantic feelings (Pearl loved Rose and we all know Ruby and Sapphire are a couple.)

  17. They need to do a quickie review of the shorts and the extended theme song!

  18. “Uh, Peridot? Are you gonna be okay?”

    This felt like an underwhelming end to the bomb the first time I watched it, but it was much more enjoyable the second time through. Honestly, it might be the funniest episode of Steven Universe to date. It works really well as an epilogue to Peridot’s character arc, but I’m still going to just consider the end of Season 2A, since they haven’t even resolved the Cluster yet. This latest hiatus has been the hardest one to wait through, especially after watching the leaked clips from CN UK. I’m interested to see what you plan to Vlog in the meantime.

  19. Percy x Pierre,
    Steven’s faith is rewarded.
    Farewell sweet vlogs.

    The biggest reason I can think of for the ordering of the episodes is that knowing how Peridot became acclimated to the Earth would have completely killed the suspense of “Message Received”. Before this episode we were under the assumption that she was working with the Gems strictly as a matter of convenience. Had we known how much she had interacted with and grown to like the other Gems and Earth culture in general, the reveal wouldn’t have carried as much weight. Ever since the season 1 finale, SU seems to like ending their Bombs on a quieter denoument episode, rather than a big, flashy finale episode. “The Return”/”Jailbreak” aired on a Thursday during the inital Steven Bomb, while the season 2 opener “Full Disclosure” closed out the week. It’s an atypical scheduling process, but I rather like it. It gives Steven (and the audience) time to come down from the high of an action heavy episode and fully process the events that just occurred.

    This might not have been as thrilling as “Message Received”, but I still loved it. SU has never really been a laugh out loud show, but I was pausing to laugh about every 30 seconds during this episode. I’ve been slow to warm to Peridot, but this episode really did it for me.

  20. This episode teaches a crucially important lesson about consent.

  21. This was a funny episode
    So much happened with them
    Fusion is not sex. I actually find it seems more like Garnet is the daughter of Ruby and Sapphire
    Lapis is going to return
    I don’t get the Tumbler joke

  22. Star vs the Forces of Evil


  24. Now that you’re through this Stevenbomb, I want to touch on one thing I think got missed.

    What really sets Peridot apart from the other Homeworld Gems, and is really her big virtue, is not necessarily that her view of Earth, the Crystal Gems, and Homeworld’s relation to Earth is that radically different (although by now it has improved quite a bit) from Yellow Diamond and Jasper. I think what the writers were trying to drive home was not that she doesn’t necessarily think “my way of thinking is better than yours”, but rather than she’s willing to learn why others have their own viewpoints/philosophies even if she doesn’t understand them or even thinks they’re wrong…at least initially.

    I think there’s a hidden message there.

  25. My favorite part of this episode is actually the very beginning: Peridot’s wild mood swings over what she told Yellow Diamond. Well, and Garnet explaining her identity to Peridot using shipping.

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