Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 79 & 80 – Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill

Two for one today, a look at Steven and the gang finally taking out the “evil” cluster. Rob & Doug take a look at Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill.

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  1. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Oi! The watermelons are cute tho! >3<"""

  2. OOOOOH! I just had an idea! What if Jasper falls through the Crust of the Earth and finds the Cluster and fuses with it. Since she is a full consciousness rather than just a shard, she takes full control of the Cluster and although she has “control” she’s still wild and out of control.

    • I don’t think she would be able to just take control of the Cluster and force it to form, but she might realize what’s going on, pop the bubble, and use the light that comes from the thing forming to get back to the surface. Although it’s kind-of unlikely that she fell ALL the way down there at all since it was buried in a completely different area and they needed the drill to go through all the magma and all the hardened layers of rock and stuff so they could find it.

      It’s more likely that one the gems will go to explore some form of cave or something for whatever reason and they’ll just stumble across Jasper or some trace of Jasper down there by chance. Or that Jasper will get back to the surface on her own somehow and attempt to contact Yellow Diamond about what’s going on because her mission has been a complete failure.

  3. …why does the lady look like shes blowing the guys head?

  4. So to clarify, here’s what the deal was with the Cluster: It naturally wants to form so it can find the missing pieces of its gems and become whole, but Steven somehow communicated with it and convinced it that it already had enough pieces to be whole…. Which might actually sort-of be the case since the thing is made of billions of gems and we know there’s a limited number of gem types like how there’s multiple Rubies that all act the same and are kind-of the same person. So the gem shards bubbled eachother to keep from forming and that’s pretty much the end of things. BUUUTTTT since we know Yellow Diamond wants the thing as a weapon and we know she’s either coming to earth or sending more serious troops to earth sometime in the future, it will probably be forced to form one way or another later on.

  5. FreakDeStrange

    I’m pretty sure the Cluster didn’t want to form because Steven told them it would destroy the Earth. The reason they don’t want to destroy the Earth is that the cluster is made up of Rose’s soldiers who were broken during the rebellion. Garnet mentions them in the episode where they first see a forced fusion. “This is where they’ve been all the ones we couldn’t find.” Because the cluster is made up of broken gems who were destroyed protecting the Earth it makes sense that their collective personality would be horrified by the thought of destroying it.

  6. It was a cool two parter,but it felt like everything wrapped up way to fast and easy. They promoted this as a 4 week event it really wasint.

  7. 7:26 Well, there WAS a Melon Dog
    9:10 if that had been where they ended season 2 watch as they pulled a Sonic SatAm and cancelled the show right then and there.

  8. They weren’t sacrificing the watermelon guy, the leader recognized it was steven that’s why they painted a star on him

  9. NO! This came too quickly. I bought the episode from ITunes but I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet. Follow up comment to come (hopefully tomorrow). Also, LOL. Lupis. ^.^

  10. littlewillie610

    “You two should spend some time apart.”

    Both of the episodes were handled really well, but I was hoping that it would take at least two or three episodes to bring down Malachite. Despite how condensed it was, though, the Malachite and Alexandrite fight is still one of the best that the show has had. It’s a shame that most of it was leaked months ago. The main purpose of the main purpose of the Watermelon Stevens was to provide Steven with a way to be present for the fight, since the majority of the show is supposed to be from his perspective. It also allowed him to display some leadership skills.

    Gem Drill felt less rushed since it didn’t have to both reintroduce and resolve the Cluster in the same episode. The Cluster is mostly made up of former Crystal Gems, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t want to form after Steven convinced it that doing so would destroy the Earth. It will probably come back into play when Yellow Diamond enters the picture. It would be great to see Lapis and Peridot interacting with Connie and the Beach City residents, so hopefully they aren’t pushed off to the side for too long after In Too Deep concludes.

    “Form! Form! Form! Form! Want form! Want form! Form!!”

  11. Epic fights and lots of melons. Yeah, that sounds very anime.

  12. Very good
    I liked the episodes. I am glad that the series is continuing
    Yes the fight was interesting you can check the next episode there
    If they were not watermelons it would be so gory
    They don’t want to fuse and ruin everything but they do want to not be alone and broken

  13. Yeah, I could have gone without the watermelon subplot as well. I guess they were cute though. They were kind of like the Ewoks. I can’t believe they actually helped anything. Also, Peridot is my new favorite as of Gem Drill. Sorry, Garnet. Oh, and I’m so immature but I laughed my butt off when Peridot was using “triple penetration mode”. O.O One last thing: I’m starting to like Steven more now. He used to annoy me. Ironic, I know.

  14. The main problem that killed a lot of the tension for the Cluster arc for me is that the Gems never had a plan beyond drilling down into the Earth. They had an entire month to put at least some plan together, but they spent it chasing cows and watching Camp Pining Hearts. Without any baseline for the narrative to confirm or subvert, the audience has no idea what to expect, and nothing to anticipate. For that reason, the resolution to the Cluster arc felt like a bit of a letdown compared to “Mirror Gem”/”Ocean Gem” and “The Return”/”Jailbreak”.

    Resolving the Malachite arc felt arbitrary to me at first, but the more I think about it the more on board I am with it. First of all, the fight was amazing. Jeff Liu and Joe Johnson are the best storyboarding team for action sequences, as evidenced by “On the Run” and “Jailbreak”. Malachite’s ability to flow between the gems individual weapons and their fusion weapons was spectacular, and adding fire breath to the mix never hurts. Second, it gave the Crystal Gems something to do for this two-parter. The Gem Drill was only big enough to fit two people, so without Malachite to fight they would have had no part to play in the conclusion to this arc. One of the reasons I liked “Mirror Gem”/”Ocean Gem” over “The Return”/”Jailbreak” is that every character (including Connie and Greg) had a part to play, and all of them got their chance to shine. The season 1 finale was very much the Garnet Show: starring Garnet. Necessary for the story they wanted to tell, but seeing Amethyst and Pearl pushed to the side was disappointing. Adding Malachite to the mix not only gave the Crystal Gems something to contribute, but helps to kickstart the next story arc. TL;DR, I liked “Super Watermelon Island” over “Gem Drill”, even though they don’t feel much like a cohesive story so much as two separate arcs resolved at the same time.

  15. The community of melons is so strange
    Peridot and Steven learning more

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