Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 8 – Serious Steven

Who knew teacups could be so deadly?

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  1. the funland guy is sinbad…no joke

  2. Rainbow Bright might be precious, but I’m guessing Teddy Ruxpin would be left to die.

  3. The murals pretty much give away the whole backstory of the gems.

  4. littlewillie610

    “*laughs* Steven! You are banned from all the rides, forever!”

    The most significant things to take away from this episode are definitely that there was some kind of war involving Gems, and the wall painting of Rose Quartz. As several people have already pointed out, strawberries grow exceptionally well in mineral rich soil. Even though he messes up sometimes, it’s great to see that Steven can be a big asset to the team in the right situation.

  5. The following isn’t a spoiler as you won’t know what I’m talking about until much later in the series.

    I’m re-watching the series as these come out and I just realized what kind of gem they got from that temple. Well, at least I think its a kind of diamond.

  6. littlewillie610

    If they stick to watching four episodes per seating session, Giant Woman and Steven the Sword fight should close out the next two batches.

  7. Ok so I would consider myself somewhat of an animation aficionado (aka I spend an inordinate amount of time watching cartoons without pausing to reflect on what my life has become) and I’m sorry to say that I just can’t get in to Steven Universe. I really have tried to like it, but it just doesn’t grab me. Yeah everything is competent, perhaps even good, but I dunno, watching this show for me is what I imagine being trapped in a loveless marriage is like. All the pieces are there but somehow I can’t muster up any interest.

    Plus I can’t stop staring at Garnet and Amethyst’s lips. They’re weird looking and distracting right?

  8. So far, this has been my favorite episode. This episode is also what makes Garnet my favorite character so far.

  9. I think they wanna watch it legally.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love how Rob hit Doug at the end and I think that they probably filmed the Steven universe vlogs when they got back from the con they went into Finland This weekend. I can’t remember this one but I know I saw it and amethyst got frozen. Anyways next is giant woman and I want you to see it because of Steven jr

  11. ClaudiaFangless

    Wow, you guys are observant—I definitely didn’t catch the significance of the hieroglyphics the first time I watched this episode. Noticing little details will reward you greatly as you keep watching.

  12. This is an episode where Steven shows to be competent and not just a useless character who constantly needs to be rescued 🙂

  13. The first time I watched this episode I didn’t realize the significance of the murals at all. Then I recognized Rose of course, but I needed to have it pointed out to me that the lower murals show people dying in the three rooms that Steven and Garnet pass through.

  14. I love how in hindsight this is pretty much the second(well okay technically third) most important episode of season 1.0, if only because of the massive amounts of foreshadowing, but even ignoring that it’s still a pretty great episode that again shows Steven is actually a useful addition to the team.

    It’s a minor thing but I really like how Steven getting banned from funland actually sticks, as far as I remember he never goes to that amusement park again.

    Next up is a wrestling episode, yay?

  15. Running With Scissors

    I hate to be the one to say this, but are we going to get an A Tale of Two Stans vlog? Pwease.

    Frybo is what I hide from in my bed at night.

  16. One of the shows higher-ups posted the watch order for the first season. Link below:

  17. the team and creators of the show have snacks inspired by the episode: they had a together breakfast, a frybo themed fries, etc.

  18. This is one of my fav episodes

  19. Honestly I can’t wait for you guys to get later into the show… It gets so plot and emotion heavy

  20. Got to love it when the solution to a problem is motion sickness.

    Aw, a missed Police Squad reference.

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