Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 81 – Same Old World

Lapis is back, but will she be able to accept this new world called Earth?

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  1. Empire City is actually an amalgam of New York, Las Vegas and Paris.

  2. I JUST bought this episode today from ITunes. Follow up comment to come (hopefully later today). I am a Washingtonian and I’ve never been to New York besides its airport so I can’t defend it like I want to.

  3. Crossover Princess

    Oh you missed one of my favorite jokes in the episode where Steven suggests Lapis living as in Empire City as a single gem working in a coffee shop and coming home to a wacky room mate!

    Because dang it! I want to see someone write that as a fanfic!

    Oh and also I’d remiss not to make a joke a I came up with:

    Steven: Everything the light touches is Empire City

    Lapis: What about that shadowy place over there?

    Steven: That is Jersey, you must never go there.

  4. littlewillie610

    “For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they’re not. No matter where I go, I’m trapped.”

    Despite not having as much character development as most of the others, Lapis is one of my favorite Gems. A lot of that probably comes from her design, instrumental theme, and my tendency to like characters with tragic backstories and emotional trauma. Like Steven said, she only appeared when something horrible was going on before this point, so it was cool to see a different side of her personality.

    The backstory seems fairly basic right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a more thorough explanation later on. Like Adventure Time, Steven Universe doesn’t normally review everything at once. I was a little disappointed that Lapis and Peridot will be staying at the barn for the time being, but it makes sense to the Crystal Gems and Beach City residents back in the forefront after spending so much time on the Cluster Arc.

  5. Another funny background gag is the play showing in Empire City’s version of Times Square: “Dogcopter: Turn Off the Bark”. I LOLed at that.

    Steven’s about to find that giving Lapis a wacky roomate (Peridot) isn’t like on TV.

    • So yes, Lapis was caught in the war and poofed. She was found by the homeworld gems, who thought she was a rebel and attached to a mirror. They tried to compel her to show them where the rebels were, but she didn’t know so couldn’t do it.

      During the evacuation of the homeworld gems, she was left (and cracked) at the galaxy warp. Hundreds or thousands of years later, Pearl found her and picked her up.

      At the end of the evacuation, there was some sort of flash with the colors of the homeworld diamonds. My guess is this is some sort of gem “nuke” that shattered all the remaining rebel gems except for Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Rose who were protected by her shield.

      In the tin-foil hat speculation, I’ve seen fanart that makes the dreadlocked gem that poofed Lapis into… Ronaldo!

    • tastetherainbowmothafuka

      Omg I never noticed that! What makes it funnier is that it’s more likely an ad for a Broadway show! Since a few years ago they infamously made a spider man musica called “Spider-Man: turn off the dark”

      So the idea of a dog copter musical sounds hilarious

    • That’s a really great catch, I’ve seen the episode 3 times and never noticed that. Even Sesame Street has taken potshots at Turn off the Dark, so I guess SU couldn’t resist.

  6. Hopefully this will cement her identity in your guy’s minds as “Lapis Lazuli”…not “the blue one”. 😛

  7. I like how we get a little of the Lapis we saw when she was in the mirror.

    I wounder why her eyes turned to mirrors for a bit when she used her power since she is not a mirror anymore?

    I was slightly disappointed in the back story. I don’t know, I just expected more. If nothing else though we still do not know why she was on Earth in the first place. Maybe she was a spook of some sort?

  8. Lapis Lazuli,
    Hates Earth more than Jersey does,
    Decided to stay.

    “Why did they call it Jersey?”
    “Because Oil and Petrochemical Refinery City wouldn’t fit on the billboard.”

    This is the episode Lapis fans like myself have been dying for: just her and Steven getting to pal around without the threat of looming devastation getting in the way. I liked the callback to Lapis getting confused by Steven’s name jokes, the return of hand farts, and just their genuine, natural chemistry together.

    This episode did feel like one big epilogue to the Cluster arc, and it’s something that Steven Universe does that few other shows do. After “Mirror Gem”/”Ocean Gem” we had “House Guest”, and after “The Return”/”Jailbreak” we had “Full Disclosure”. Both follow-up episodes took on plot points from the season-ending two-parters and allowed the characters to process them and decompress in general. Like with Lapis needing rest, it helps to sell the severity of the situation if the characters need time to recover after the big world-shaking events. This episode was a lot less stress inducing than “Full Disclosure” though.

  9. Lapis was a civilian, who got poofed by a random gem on a battlefield she was stuck on, her gem was picked up by the Homeworld gems who thought she was a Crystal Gem and stuck her in the mirror to interrogate her hoping to find the Crystal gem’s base (how they couldn’t find a giant statue of an 8 armed woman overlooking the sea is beyond me but oh well.)

  10. Heh…

    She got caught in crossfire, Homeworld Gems found her gem and thought she was a rebel, they interrogate her but she knows nothing of the Rebel Gems, she gets discarded, and later Rebel Gems find and keep her.

  11. Yeah, I see what you mean Rob. Lapis’ wings does make a gross sound. I like how Steven made references to classic sitcoms like Friends when they went to the city. LOL. I’m glad that we finally got more of Lapis’ backstory.

  12. this episode was pretty boring.

  13. Watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

  14. The thing about New Jersey, yeah it’s not perfect, but I never see what people make fun of, like the traffic bit, I only recently had issues with traffic and that is because I work at a theme park so I think that is understandable but it isn’t every day. then the more popular is that we are jerks, I knew mostly nice decent people. Also a lot of stereo type of the people from New Jersey are based on people that are actually from New York. At least they somewhat acknowledged that.

  15. IT was nice and a funny end

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