Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 83 – Hit the Diamond

The ultimate about is about to begin…with BASEBALL!

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  1. #NotAllRubies 😉

  2. littlewillie610

    “This plan sucks.”

    I like how this show can really mess with a person’s expectations. Episodes like On the Run can start off looking like run of the mill cartoon plots and become really dramatic and heartfelt by the end, and with a title like Hit the Diamond, it would be easy to assume that this episode would feature a major confrontation. It’s been cool seeing what Lapis and Peridot can bring to the group dynamic now that they’ve become regular characters.

    As someone who has never been interested in sports, I found myself relating to Lapis’ general disinterest in the situation, though she did seem to start enjoying it towards the end. It was mostly played for laughs, but I can see how Ruby and Sapphire being completely fixated on each other while one of their friends is in danger could be off putting to some. Perhaps it’s a side effect of being fused 24/7. One could make the argument that Rubies are intentionally made stupid so they consider rebelling against the Authority. Overall, it was an enjoyable episode, and probably one of the funniest in a long time.

  3. I do think they were pranking the audience with the “Hitting the Diamond” title, making us think it’s one of the Homeworld gems.

    I missed the obvious “getting to first base” gag, but I wonder if that was the original line as a censor decoy and they “settled” with the censors with “flirting”. Also notice that Doc (see below) got away with just a pair of suspenders for a top, not that she has anything to cover up.

    No, the Rubies aren’t played by kids. They’re all played by 30-year-old Charlyne Yi. They’re nicknamed in the credits as Army (gem on arm), Navy (gem in navel), Eyeball (gem for eye), Leggy (gem on leg) and Doc (gem on chest).

  4. Finally, I’m caught up. I just saw this yesterday. Uh… I realize they’re a couple or whatever but was it really smart for Ruby and Sapphire to be so overtly flirty? Although, that odd plot point was worth it for Garnet’s oops scene. That gave me a good laugh. Yeah, in my opinion, I don’t even think the word lesbian applies to them since they’re aliens. They’re all girls so who else are you going to get with?

    • Well, they’re explicitly female coded characters who are attracted to other female/feminine characters, and are referred to as women repeatedly throughout the show, so yeah, they’re lesbians. Even if there no male gems, the definition of “lesbian” is pretty broad, and they’re just women attracted to women – there doesn’t need to be male gems that they’re not attracted to for them to be lesbians. I can understand your confusion though! Rock romance is a bold new frontier. I think the flirting was to have tension, because it was funny and cute, and as previously mentioned – those rocks are hella gay. Not necessarily smart, and it doesn’t have to be (For the show, that is). I thought it was a fun way to explore a little more of their relationship!

  5. Swing away, Steven.
    All humans live in their barns.
    Man, Rubies are dumb.

    I remember thinking when I heard the episode announced how funny it would be if an episode as ominously titled as “Hit The Diamond” was just Steven challenging Homeworld forces to a baseball game. Imagine how thrilled I was to see that this episode was basically the Crewniverse’s riff on Space Jam. Like Peridot’s “Log Date” episode, this one was light on plot development but big on laughs, which is something the show rarely indulges in. Each of the Gem’s uniforms was a reference to some other baseball media. Pearl’s hearkened back to the early 1900s baseball uniforms, Sapphire’s looked very much like the women’s uniforms in “A League of Their Own”, and Lapis’ was based on Haruko’s baseball outfit from FLCL, with an added bonus reference in Sapphire’s game-winning hit, just in case you forgot this show is run by unapologetic weebs. Not sure on Amethyst’s outfit, though.

  6. So Doug… When can you tell us about the new Babylon 5 series you’re preparing for?

  7. I’m Ruby!
    I’m Ruby!
    I’m Ruby!
    I’m Ruby!
    I’m Ruby!
    And together we are… THE RUBY FORCE!!

    First Peridot and Jasper as Vegeta and Nappa and now the Ginyu force. Yellow diamond will be Frieza after all.

    The title of the episode might refer to the diamond shaped lining on baseball fields.

    And I think this has to be the episode with the most blatant pseudo gay subtext… or rather text. That episode won’t air at all in Great Britain that’s for sure.

  8. Well I can’t speak for any of the others moaning about Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, but I can say AS an asexual that it would be nice if there were more outright acknowledgement that asexuals exist and that it’s perfectly okay to be one. ALSO that asexual does not necessarily mean aromantic. That said, of course I realize that wasn’t this show’s intention, and that lesbian acceptance is the envelope they’re currently pushing. I’m just fine with that! I think the characters and their relationship are adorable and welcome. (Although one could argue that their desperation to be re-fused into Garnet, as if they can’t stand being apart, seems a little unhealthy. But fine for romantic shorthand, I guess.)

    So maybe the people whining about “Why you gotta bring sex into it?!” are actually uncomfortable with lesbianism and are trying to dismiss it, or maybe they’re other asexuals frustrated that EVERYTHING’s gotta be about sex. (Even you guys seem to believe that love automatically equals a sexual relationship.) I don’t know. This is just one girl’s perspective. I’m totally cool with them being lesbians, if that’s R. Sugar’s intention, even if technically there is clearly no sexual relationship involved. It’s still promoting a good thing, delivering a positive representation of a minority. Asexuals aren’t (nearly as often) belittled, harassed, oppressed, bashed, etc, because mostly they’re just excluded, overlooked, and not believed. More exposure would certainly be appreciated (and I speak as one who didn’t clue in to the fact that I was asexual until I was in my late 20s simply because I didn’t know it was a thing you could be) but no one’s out for our blood in the meantime.

    (Seriously, you still get the red underline for misspelling every time you type the word “asexuals” in a comment box.)

  9. Given how the caste system on homeworld works, I’m guessing they couldn’t even conceive of Peridot turning against them, so they defaulted to the mission commander Jasper. Of course the gems have a vested interest in them NOT finding Jasper because if they do she’ll tell them about the still active rebels, Lapis’ betrayal, and she’ll call for a backup fleet of homeworld ships possibly crewed by HUNDREDS of Jasper soldiers.

  10. “The ultimate about is about to begin”

    And it is very about and kind of about.

  11. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    That whole one eye Ruby saying “thank you” wasn’t for any direct reason, it was just to show off how scary and intense she is.

  12. I am the only one who hates this episode? To me this undermines the threat of Home World the series has been building up since there fighters are apparently retarded, since they can’t count or know the difference between humans and gems and just about every thing they did. Also didn’t they establish in an earlier episode that for Ruby when she fought for Home World that she could fuse with other rubies and when they do there is no difference between fused or not. I always took that as they had no personality or at least they were all the same like robots almost. Also Steven and the others had absolutely no reason to lie for Jasper, in fact it would seem in their best interest if they helped or at least let the Rubies find her and took her back to be punished or what ever.

  13. Thsi was a silly episode
    The funniest part was when Steven was train to keep Sapphire and Ruby from flirting

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