Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 84 & 85 – Steven Floats & Drop Beat Dad

Doug and Rob look at two of the latest episodes back to back. Do they work or are they just too strange?

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  1. Hope you like music, Doug. Next episode, whoo boy.

  2. Acetylsalicilique

    The next episode had me crying. And has me crying everytime I hear the song. Damn that song…

    Also, Adventure Time Vlogs ? No ? Mmmm…

  3. Remember what happened with all the hype re: Garnet’s reveal back in season one, everyone. Be careful what you post.

    Also, still hoping you do a vlog for the full theme song and the other shorts.You are well past the point when any of those would be spoilers.

    • Part of what happened with with Garnet’s reveal was that he already knew about it (as well as being a bit over hyped). This one it is basically coming right out and saying what has already been fairly heavily implied. So while it is a good episode and the content is good the overall ‘theme’ is not much of a surprise.

      Oh, almost forgot, they did try a jacket and a bowling ball before piling the heavier stuff on Steven.

  4. Finally you guys are getting back to these

  5. Just wait till you get to episode 20. That one’s a doozy.

  6. YES!!! Finally I’m ahead of their V-logs. I’ve been trying to keep up FOREVER. Anyways, I liked how in Steven Floats, it showed how Steven is so nonchalant about saving the world. Heck, even Sadie was.

    Drop Beat Dad: Yeah, I didn’t expect Mr. Universe’s manager to be Sour Cream’s real dad. I don’t remember the Germans joke but I saw this episode about two weeks ago or something like that.

  7. Steven’s on the wing!
    Maternal thoughts are complex,
    Dead beat dad beat dead.

    I liked “Steven Floats” just fine, it served as a great way of reintroducing Steven and company to the Boardies. Until that episode aired, the last time we’d seen a non-Gem in any substantial role was in January, and we hadn’t seen a non-Connie or Greg human since last October. I was starting to miss them.

    “Drop Beat Dad” felt notably under par for Steven Universe, unfortunately. The show’s always been about finding unexpected complexity in characters, even their villains. Marty was even more one-note than he was in Greg’s flashback. I can understand not wanting to empathize with someone like Marty, but Sour Cream’s reaction to his real dad being a complete scumbag was glossed over as well. After all that Adventure Time has done with the same plotline in season 6, this cursory treatment of the subject felt lacking.

  8. “Oh jeez, those emotions are complicated!”

    Steven Floats is more or less a transition back to the lower key slice of life episodes after the largely unbroken string of plot-based episodes in the latter half of season two. The interactions between him and the Gems were, and his floating power makes sense since had done it in one of the flashback episodes. I was slightly disappointed that Lapis and Peridot were left at the barn, though.

    Drop Beat Dad was okay, but nothing too special. It did set up the next episode rather nicely, which is one of the best that the show has done thus far.

    “It’s not even good on chips!”

  9. what no donuts by the coffee 😛

  10. AmericanButterfly

    Sour Cream and Onion are half brothers same mom but different dads

  11. Rob, I love your Louise Belcher shirt 😀

  12. The floats is a sweet episode but is fantasy was silly
    The dad was an ass

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