Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 86 – Mr Greg

Pearl and Greg try to make amends, but is it too late to heal?

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  1. Dont worry, Lapis and Peridot will be coming back soon and there will be many funny moments with them.

  2. “Aw, come on! We’re all a big family. It’ll be great. Just you, me, Pearl, and don’t forget mom.”

    This was an all-around beautiful episode. Visually, the most striking moment for me was when the camera circled around Pearl during her song. It did a very good job wrapping up the tension between Pearl and Greg that has been present since the beginning of the show.

  3. “And let’s bring Pearl!”

  4. There are still people who insist there are no gay relationships or characters in this show, to this day. Even after this episode.

    But to hell with dumb people: amazing episode. SU is the best thing on TV right now, no joke.

  5. agreed, the music and use of colours in this episode was absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Acetylsalicilique

    I love Pearl so much. This episode broke me…

    Deedee Magno is amazing.

  7. “It´s Over, isn´t it?” is probably my favorite Steven Universe song.
    I was really looking forward your reaction,
    guys, and you totally loved it as much as I did 😀
    I´m a Pearl girl too! 😛
    The next episodes will get really great as well, so I can´t wait to see you 😉

  8. Aw, just when I was caught up earlier this week. O.O NO! I need to see this episode this weekend. Follow-up comment to come! -_-

  9. (Looks one way…then another…then coughs)

    I…thought the lyrics to “It’s Over” were kind of lazy and clunky. But then again, I didn’t think “Stronger than You” was that great either. (Gets pelted)

    For the episode itself, I liked that it managed to get some resolution between Pearl and Greg, which I thought was good and needed to happen. But, well…uh…sometimes I wonder if everyone else saw a different episode than I did or if this is the old Internet tendency that nothing is bad, it’s “the worst of all time”; and nothing is good, it’s “the best thing of all time”. I mean, about the only thing new I learned from this episode was Pearl didn’t outright “hate” Greg, but she was projecting Rose’s rejection of her onto him.

    It’s not like we all didn’t know Pearl had been in love with Rose before this episode, after all.

    • I hate to say it but I agree, I like the emotion and ..cuteness? of the songs but most of them in the show I don’t think are very “good”, as in something nice to listen to, and their singing voices aren’t great. They convey emotion and thoughts well which is the more important thing I guess. I thought adventure time had better songs, even the dumb little catchy ones. I really like Marceline’s singing voice, probably because her actress is actually a singer. I wish they would’ve cast an actual singer to play Greg, because that’s a huge part of his character but his voice doesn’t stand out.

      • I disagree, I think “It’s Over” is a great song. The others were good, but they didn’t stand out that much… But I loved the melodic complexity of “It’s Over.” Its base melody is pretty simple, but it has a lot of dips and turns that keep it interesting. And lyrically… It is repetitious, but that works as a motif (an intentional one, I think). Pearl keeps repeating that it’s over, which really just emphasises her uncertainty. She knows it should be over… but she still doesn’t feel like it is. There’s at least one Adventure Time song which I consider equal, and that’s “Everything Stays.” But that’s a different kind of song.

        And Deedee Magno is a different kind of singer from Olivia Olson. Olson is more pop, or folk, and Deedee Magno is a Broadway singer (actually, I kind of wonder if that has anything to do with the last hiatus, because I think she was on tour in If/Then in 2015). I like both a lot… But honestly, I think what Magno does is more difficult (generally, I mean; it kinda depends on the song). She uses more force and vibrato in her voice.

  10. I actually liked all of the songs which is surprising since the Steven Universe songs are hit or miss for me.

  11. Re: where have they been that they were away? They spent the last several episodes before that at the Barn building the drill to stop the cluster. They had been staying there, and hadn’t been back to the temple/steven’s house during that time.

  12. Pearl in a sweet tux,
    Singings, dancing Andrew Ryans,
    Overdue bonding.

    This episode blew me away completely. Pearl and Greg’s mutual animosity hasn’t received much attention out of the flashback episodes, but it was so cathartic to see it hashed out and resolved here. The musical numbers were all great, with Deedee Magno Hall’s performance of “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” a standout.

    This also marks an important turning point for Steven in his development. In the past, almost all of his moments of emotional healing come from him giving uncomprehending but unconditional love (“On the Run”, “Rose’s Scabbard”). Here, he’s intentionally trying to bring Pearl and his father together to resolve the issues between them. It’s something that will keep coming up in future episodes this season, and I love to see that kind of understated character growth.

  13. This was a really good episode
    Explains why they don’t interact unless they need it
    I am glad that money did not change Greg

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