Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 87 – Too Short To Ride

Peridot is back and she’s embracing her tiny side…sort of.

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  1. “I’m glad you seeing the humor in it, Steven, because I haven’t seen a bed in six days!”

    Nothing too dramatic happened in this episode, but it was still quite enjoyable. Peridot’s interactions with just about anyone are bound to be entertaining. Amethyst was able to display some of her character growth when she empathized with Peridot enough to know that something else was bothering her. It even managed to drop some lore regarding Era-2 Gems and Homeworld’s resource shortage.

    • I actually have a theory about her comment on a ‘resource shortage.’ I think that the Diamonds are actually lying about the resources they have to fuel expansionist policies. It also explains why they’d have the Gems under them rely almost solely on technology that they can only get from the upper class. Much harder to resist the established order when you’re told that ‘resources are low, you don’t have any powers.’

  2. I think more non plot episodes should be like this. It was funny, though I also really like peridot. I guess there’s just a lot of side characters they focus on too much (lars… like they said at the end) that are either boring or unpleasant.

    Edit – I was watching the episodes along with the vlogs but I went and watched the next episode and it was actually the most entertaining lars episode. Or really bizarre.

  3. I think you guys drew your moral way too early. I might be wrong but I think the vibe they were going for wasn’t “you’re ok the way you are” as much as it was Just because you can’t do this one thing doesn’t mean you can’t do something equally amazing. And by can I mean “literally able to do something”.

  4. Follow-up comment to come. I’m still on Mr. Greg. However, I’m not an outdoors person. I always feel like I wasted my time when I come back from camping. Therefore, I haven’t camped since high school.

  5. METAL powers >.> Not so much mental powers

  6. This episode was a lot of fun I thought! I love Peridot and seeing an episode about her growth and developing new things made me pretty happy! I’m also hoping we’ll go more into the lack of resources for proper Gems that she briefly mentioned.

  7. The constant OW from Peridot when Amethyst was trying to make her grow made me laugh so much. Also, I am so Peridot.

  8. To be honest i’m kind of happy that they didn’t end up doing the whole “tablet addiction” thing. Because i feel that would have killed the message even harder. I mean, being obsessed with technology is kind of one of Peridot’s main things. So it would have been the equivalent of saying “We like you for what you are, expect for this one major part of you that is bad.”

  9. Never sleep, Smiley.
    Magneto rules all, you clods!
    Shorty Squad, unite!

    The thing I appreciated most about this episode was that Amethyst was the one teaching a lesson to Peridot, not necessarily Steven. Peridot’s insecurity about her status as an Era-2 Peridot are remarkably similar to Amethyst’s insecurity about her status as defective, as stated by Jasper. Amethyst has had a lot of time to ruminate on the lessons she learned in “On the Run”, and now she’s getting the chance to guide someone who needs those same lessons. It’s heartening to see her learn and grow from her hard-won character development, and as a Pearl fan I hope we get to see her do the same in a future episode.

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