Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 88 – The New Lars

We all dread Lars episodes. Could this be the one that actually works?

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  1. For those of you that got through the episode is the vlog accurate ?

  2. “It’s just, it’s getting to be kind of a roller coaster, isn’t it?”

    I didn’t really dislike this episode, but parts of it were very uncomfortable to watch. Steven-Lars’ confession to Sadie was especially cringe-worthy, but that was probably what the writers intended. The show likes to depict a wide variety of relationships, and it seems like we are supposed to see Lars and Sadie, (mostly Lars), as two emotionally unstable teenagers who have a lot of growing up to do before they are ready a sustainable relationship. I think the purpose of the episode was show an instance where Steven’s attempts to help someone end up being invasive and harmful.

  3. I’ll try to post my follow-up comment today. Although, I will say that Lars reminds me of nearly every guy that I dated and/or kissed back in high school. LOL.

  4. An important thing to keep in mind here is these characters are somewhere around 16. The show strength is specifically not writing adults in kids bodies, but kids being kids!

    The relationship makes sense. Lars is full of toxic masculinity while Sadie seems uninterested in gender expression entirely(generally too nervous to express herself at all). Both of these things make the characters unpopular with the other teens in town(“Oh look it’s donut girl”) so having no one else they support each other. It’s not healthy but it makes sense.

    Steven just sees past Lars ego and Sadies insecurity. They’ll grow out of it and he knows it. I mean, Steven is a kid who will give you a chance if you try to kill him, so… why should a little teen drama be the dealbreaker?

  5. I ALWAYS give props to a show where in the “switched body” narrative the voice actors go through the effort to sound like a different character instead of just having the voices come out of the wrong body. The last time I saw it was an episode of Sonic Boom “The Meteor.”

  6. I think this was also to show that Steven can help people through their minds, which I imagine will play a bigger role later on.

  7. This episode was awkward and puzzling.

  8. I think it’s more about Sadie trying to be there for Lars despite it not being healthy. She sees something in him, and wants to make sure he has some support in getting there. Not saying that’s a good thing, it’s just what I get out of it.

  9. I was surprised that they showed Lars’ butt. O.O Also, it was so funny when everyone was seeing what appeared to be Lars slapping Steven. LOL. ^.^

  10. Bodysnatching time!
    Don’t watch First House on the Right,
    Who is Laramie?

    I was hoping this would give some critical detail about Lars that would finally bring his character around, but once again I am disappointed. We didn’t even get to learn what subject he got a B in when he was failing every other class. Even a small piece of information like that would have been welcome to expand his character.

    When I first saw this episode, I actually had to think long and hard about whether I liked it or not. I’m mostly positive on Lars episodes (he is much more watchable than Ronaldo, at least for now), but this one was 10 kinds of awkward. Steven going around in his body was cringey to begin with, but as soon as Sadie invited him into her house, my brain went straight to DEFCON 2.

    I’ve seen discussions engendered by this episode that theorize that Lars is trans. The evidence is a bit nebulous (we’ve seen him as a kid and he didn’t look especially girlish), but Laramie is a gender neutral name, so there is a possibility. It would certainly explain why he’s so hypersensitive about others’ perception of him, and would definitely explain why Sadie gives him so much leeway, especially if she knows. There’s still a lot of holes in the theory, but it’s interesting to contemplate.

  11. This episode was not very good
    I do not like Lars
    Joker actually loves Harley

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