Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 89 – Beach City Drift

Stevonnie makes a comeback to race against a Grade A jerk. Is it worth the fusion though?

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I’ll understand if you have to take a break from doing videos for the time being.

    This was a decent episode, and the way the environments were drawn during the race looked nice. Stevonnie’s hallucinations will be explained in a later episode. I think Ronaldo was better utilized in the Steven Nuke episodes than he has been in the past. He works better when given less screen time.

    “Hey! He forgot to… Eh, what do I care? I’m rich.”

  2. Yay, so I wasn’t the only one who forgot we even saw Kevin before. I don’t think that he was that much of a douche when we originally saw him. Kevin really reminded me of Lucas from the Wizard. Also, I knew that Kevin was lying when he was giving the backstory. I don’t know how but I totally did.

  3. The weird hallucination thing is explained later, but it’s not really a big deal. Basically, whenever two people start to desync and are about to unfuse, it makes them see crazy things related to the source of their problems.

    I would normally hide something like this as a spoiler, but it’s kind-of fairly basic info anyways and isn’t really a big revelation, so there you go!

  4. I was hoping Rob would pick up on it, though I guess it’s sort of obscure. The racing sequences in this episode were actually based on the anime Initial D. You can find comparisons online, and it’s clear that the creators of Steven Universe did their homework on it. I dunno, I thought it was nifty.

  5. Go away, Kevin!
    One quarter mile at a time,
    They blow off the jerks.

    I agree with Rob that the magic of Stevonnie wasn’t really in this episode, and I also agree that it was probably intentional. A good deal of their charm stems from Steven and Connie’s wonderful chemistry with each other. Here their attention was focused solely on Kevin, which naturally detracted from the time they got to interact with one another. It does its job in supporting the theme, but it’s a disappointment nonethless.

    I can’t recall the last time I instantly hated a cartoon character more than Kevin, probably not since Pizza Steve over in Uncle Grandpa. While it’s nice to see Steven hates him as much as I do (and that’s saying a lot, given Steven’s personality), it makes him stick out even more when he’s one of the few characters in the show who’s just a one-dimensional heel. I’m also not much for Initial D or street racing culture in general, so this episode was a bit of a letdown.

  6. This was funny
    It is good that Greg is still living his live like always

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