Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 9 – Tiger Millionaire

Tag a tiger by the toe. Steven joins an underground wrestling league with Amethyst, who is tired of Pearl and Garnet bringing her down.

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  1. Yeah, Hulk Hogan ha sued the media over the violation of his privacy some time ago, so these sudden allegations of racism seem highly suspicious
    Especially knowing how corrupt to the core the western media are

    But to the episode itself
    I do find it incredibly funny seeing you talk abound Sindbad, and saying how you like the announcer, yet you do not realize that the announcer is in fact voiced by Sindbad

  2. littlewillie610

    “Listen, Steven you can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

    I remember being less interested in this episode than most of the others. Didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but I don’t really care about wrestling. In retrospect, it does provide some good insight into Amethyst’s character. Come to think of it, I believe this is pretty much the only Amethysts-centered episode in the first half of the season.

    • ….Ya I think you are right. I don’t think she has another episode centered around her for awhile after this. :(.

      Or wait is the one where she cracked her gem in the first half of the season? Though I don’t think that’s really centered around her though.

    • It was even more disappointing because this was the first Amethyst-centric episode. We don’t get another good Amethyst episode until On The Run.

      It’s not my least favorite episode, though. That honor goes to Fusion Cuisine. For several reasons…

  3. I did like this episode as it goes deeper for my favorite gem amethyst. Side note do these two know the gems have no gender?

    • They may not have biological sexes, but the creators of the show have confirmed that they’re of the female gender, since they have female appearances and use female pronouns. There’s really no reason to not refer to them as female, for all intents and purposes.

      • the creator said herself that the gems are just that gems. She even said female gems dont exist. Even the gems themselves dont identify themselves as female. They identify themselves as gems. Theres even a short teaching us about gems and they dont say their female it that ether.

        • Fair enough. You’re right that the creators never said they were female — I realized that just now and came back to fix it because I don’t know what I was remembering. Regardless, I don’t see what harm there is in thinking of them as female. They still look female and use female pronouns, even amongst each other (so it isn’t just humans thinking of them as female), so, I don’t know why it matters that Rob and Doug see them as such.

          • If they want to use the pronouns she and her thats fine,but as long as they know calling them lesbians is incorrect.They are just genderless rocks. The Pronouns thing has been adressed by the creator. Also using gender pronouns makes writing easier. Its not to determine the gems gender. I tried an experiment while talking about this show and my sentences sounded so dam awful. Since I would need to keep using the characters name or the word it or they.

            Before anyone says anything I dont hate gays,lesbians or any others. I just have a problem when people dont listen to the facts set by show/creator and instead tried to label or insert their own thing and make it as fact. Its like people saying korra and asami are not bisexuals when the creators in fact said yes they are. Gems are just gems. They have no gender and dont identify themselves as females.

          • sophronia_chaos

            Actually, us gay people think of “gay” as “being attracted to people who are the same gender as you”, and since all the gems are agender, every gem romantic relationship is gay. This is why so many of us, especially the women and femmefolk with similar gender presentation to the gems, are so damn happy with this show. IT IS SO. GAY. AND IT IS WONDERFUL.

            Fun fact: Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, said this in response to being asked about LGBTQ* representation in the show: “What I love about writing for this show is that we can tackle very sensitive issues through fantasy–that’s always been the best use of fantasy! And I want that to be available to people that haven’t had it before. The weird fun cartoon doesn’t stop to talk about this, it just is this, in the safe space of fantasy. It’s very important to me that this show makes people feel represented. I want everyone to have cartoon fantasy they can relate to!”

            So yeah gems are agender and their romantic relationships are inherently gay.

          • @sophronia

            Though end of the day they are not female. They aren’t anything just rocks. They have no gender. No female,male or what have you. Remember she said that herself. Going by what you say I can also see ruby and sapphier as a straight relationship. Whihc it isint. Its not straight gay or what have you. Its just a relationship.

          • I’m thinking that they use the female pronoum to make everything easier, especially since Steven is around. It was acknowledged that their bodies are just an illusion.

        • A) Rebecca Sugar reffered tp physical sex, not gender identification, B) they use female pronouns, so they at least have an understanding of what “female” is and see themselves as such.

          • Acutally she said no female gender exist in this universe and gems are non gendered beigns. She also talked about pronouns and using she and her does not make the gems in turn female and again the gems never idientified themselves as females.

        • The creator said this most likely to find a way to get around having homosexual relationships on a cartoon.

    • Is the sex and gender of the gems gonna be discussed in the comments of every V-log guys?

      • What else are they going to argue about?

        This argument is really frustrating. For fucks sake I’m Trans and I want to tell these people to stop caring so much about the Gems gender.

        The show is so awesome but the fandom is complete garbage. The show doesn’t deserve that bullshit

        • You just have to look in the right places. Reddit fans=good. Tumblr fans=bad. YouTube fans=…mostly good. Mostly. These are all generalizations, of course.

      • @agoodname: probably, since it’s kind of important to a fair number of the show’s fans, while a fair number of other fans are upset by any such discussion, resulting in an inevitable argument.

        Regardless of in-universe logic, the show is in fact a fictional work existing within our real-world society, where the decision to deliberately code all the gems as female though character design, voice actor, pronoun use within the text, and highlighting of the exception (Steven) as different, is significant, a deliberate reversal of the common kids fantasy and science fiction trope of non-human species that are sexless, yet overwhelmingly coded as male – the Smurfs for instance, or the Transformers, through, again, a combination of character design, voice, in-text pronoun choice, and the highlighting of token female characters as different.

        Because of this gendered coding, romantic relationships between gems read to a real world audience as queer, despite the fact that within the in-universe context they are ‘sexless rocks whose bodies are illusions’ in the same way that a romantic relationship between Jazz and Sideswipe or between Hefty Smurf and Jokey Smurf would read as queer. This regardless of any comments from the creators emphasizing the characters’ in-universe sexlessness.

        Creator comments themselves are suspect given the looming specter of parental backlash and actual government censorship in foreign markets were queer themes to be openly acknowledged as such. When the creators aren’t free to say one thing, you can’t necessarily take them at face value when they say another.

    • Gems are asexual, pansexual aliens of the female gender (creatures with no biological sex; attracted to other creatures of the same or different species regardless of sex; and identifying with the female gender as evidenced by their use of female pronouns and preference for a female physical form). End of story. Move on with your lives.

  4. are these weekly or daily vlogs?
    ……….should be daily………..

    • littlewillie610

      So far it’s been four in a row every 1.5 to 2 weeks.

      • If that were true, with the episodes currently sitting at 67, 1.5 week frequency being the base… carry the two…I’m not really counting… Umm, 5 months. And by this point there would be a whole new season with at least 20-25 episodes.
        Seriously though, 67-9=58 episodes will take at LEAST 2 months and by then the regular episodes will have starting back… so.
        This is unbearable. 🙁

    • They did explain why they took so long to continue them.

  5. Actually that tangent wasn’t all that off topic, Sinbad did the voice of the announcer.

  6. Couchpotatocnpb

    For some reason, the last few vlogs haven’t been showing up in the “Tv show vlog” section, and I just happened to see this video as an option after today’s editiorial and watched them from Frybo just now

    • It’s because the uploads are tagged only as “[Showtitle] Vlogs” and there’s no catch-all “TV show vlog” marker, so they have to update the tag list in that Vlog section every time they start a new series.

  7. I’m not gonna lie, this episode was my favorite of the series for a long while, up until “An Indirect Kiss”. I’m not really even a wrestling fan; I knew nothing about it until I started watching Noah’s vlogs out of sheer morbid curiosity. That being said, I found Steven’s heel antics hilarious. One of the reasons I appreciate the episode so much is the little nods to wrestling psychology. Heel/face distinctions, gimmicks, wrestlers with good technique but unimaginative stories vs showmen with lesser in-ring skill, the prevalence of the pretty boy gimmick, etc etc. Attention to detail like that makes for the best kind of parody, one where it’s clear the creators know and like the subject matter, making the jokes all the more incisive. The episode also featured some good characterization for Amethyst, some of the first real character moments we get for any of the Gems besides Steven. She’s actually my least favorite of the Crystal Gems, but her focus episodes consistently rank among my favorites of the series. Top all that with a really nice action scene near the end and it makes for one of my early favorites of the series.

    • I’m in the same boat as you with Amethyst. She’s okay. But her episodes are fantastic. The episode “On the Run” was tricky for me to watch at first for personal reasons. But I related pretty damn well with Amethyst in that one. I’m more of a Pearl fan.

    • Not hating on you,but may I ask why amethyst is your least favorite of the 3 main gems? I really enjoy her character and her back story we get later on expands on her more and is kinda sad.

      For me its Amethyst,garnet then pearl. Amethyst is just fun and full of energy and even though she did a kind of a messed up thing later in one of the episode I understand why. Garnet is just the strong cool character. Nothing wrong with that,but not my favorite. Pearl is I guess ok. She really becomes annoying later on when a certain gem is brought up and then recently did something pretty stupid.

      • Well she might be my least favorite but I’m not saying she’s bad.

        I just relate more with Pearl. She bumped down to least favorite after she shapeshifted into Rose to upset Greg. That’s just messed up.

        I’ll try and explain how much I like the gems

        Pearl: 100
        Garnet: 95
        Amethyst: 90

        All good, just slight differences with enjoyment

  8. A follow up comment will come when I have seen this episode. Yes, Guttenberg’s best roles: Short Circuit and Lavalantula.

  9. Steve Guttenberg was the Vince Vaughn of the 80s, only a bit less irritatingly unfunny.

  10. I really liked this episode. It’s one of the first where we really start to see some individual characterization of one of the gems, beyond the broad archetypes of their introduction.

  11. I’m surprised I like this episode as much as I do considering I think wrestling is to put it rather bluntly very VERY stupid, I think it’s because it’s one of the few amethyst focused episodes of the show, she pretty much doesn’t get another one until “On the Run”.

    Pearl’s dislike of the violence of wrestling is indeed rather hypocritical, especially once the shows back-story gets revealed, really pearl in general is kind of a hypocrite.

    Next up is Lion, and I don’t mean the chocolate bar.

  12. I like this episode but i didn’t like very much the end with the fake wrestling
    Amethyst in a previous episode did changed to this wrestler form before
    Hulk Hogan is a real wrestler cause he had broken bones and he even before his retirement he bleed
    Wait do you know about Garnet’s secret or douse only Rob knows?
    They don’t kill them they stop them

  13. This episode solidified my love for Amethyst. She’s great.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I didn’t know sin bad voiced the voice of the wrestler who is also is the owner of the arcade in two episodes until someone. In the comments of the serious Steven vlog. Although I kind of felt like I hated this episode but I don’t know why.

    But speaking of hulk hogan, I kind of feel bad for the guy getting stripped of his title because he just said the n word(although I understand how that would affend people don’t get me wrong) but does everybody who comes out and says the n word careers explode(I’m curious to know)?

  15. I thought that this episode really served to make Amethyst a sympathetic character. Doesn’t mean I completely like her but still.

  16. This episode made me like Amethyst a little more but not a lot.

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