Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 90 & 91 – Restaurant Wars/Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

Doug & Rob check out some more Steven Universe episodes.

Two warring families are being destroyed by a menu of idiocy. Can Steven set things right?

Kiki is having bad dreams, and only Steven can save her, but should Kiki really be saving herself?

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  1. This show is terrible. It’s filled with plot holes, hypocritical characters, way too much PC culture, and is geared towards just being a “Gay Agenda” show in the first place.

    In other words, it panders to the tumblr crowd.

  2. Restaurant Wars was so ridiculous that it was hilarious. Also, was Koffi going to brand Steven? That’s… dark. O.O One last thing: I was surprised that Renaldo actually DID have a girlfriend.

    I like the punny reference title for Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service. Also, Rob is wrong. I watched the Adventure Time Vlogs and I only saw about three of the episodes. Let Doug summarize, Rob! LOL.

  3. Star-crossed fake lovers,
    Two fathers’ idocy alike,
    They dream of pizza.

    Restaurant Wars was one of my favorite episodes of the early season precisely because it was so ridiculous and funny. Ronaldo’s girlfriend subplot actually made him likeable for me, and Steven’s sendup of Food Wars was a riot. Pearl also rocked that waiter’s outfit.

    Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service was a little weaker for me, but I’ve been waiting for an episode to focus on the Lawful Good Pizza twin for a while, so it was still decent. After having so many episodes focused solely on the Gems, I found these episodes focused on the Boardies to be a welcome treat. Thematically speaking, they are complementary to the season’s themes, which should come into focus later.

  4. This was a surprise episode Steven is a good cook
    Renaldo joke was a funny joke
    She is the nice twin and one can only feel bad for her

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