Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 92 & 93 – Monster Reunion/Alone at Sea

Doug & Rob are back for more Steven Universe episodes.

Steven still believes he can save some of his monster friends, but are they beyond saving?

Jasper returns and she’s got eyes for Lapis. Is there more evil to our blue haired victim than we thought?

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  1. Doug, Greg has been shown living in the van since the very beginning ! Don’t you remember the “My Van ! I live in there !” joke from the second episode ? =p

  2. Ooh, I’m glad that Monster Reunion was another world building episode. I think Doug’s on the right track with Steven wanting to learn to say “I’m sorry”.

    I haven’t seen Alone at Sea yet so follow-up comment to come for that episode.

  3. Lapis’ initial reaction to the boat IS secretly probably because she CAN fly.

  4. Poor Centipeedle,
    Jasper in Colombia,
    These wounds do not heal.

    These were both very good episodes, though I have to give the advantage to “Monster Reunion”. The half-healed Centipeedle is so expressive, even without a voice our full range of facial features. The crayon-drawn battle was appropriately harrowing as well, and it was satisfying to receive confirmation of that corruption was caused by a Diamond superweapon used as a last-ditch effort against Rose’s rebellion. Dee Bradley Baker was fantastic as always as Centipeedle; his screeches and her animation made her final regression back to full monster mode heartrending to watch.

    “Alone at Sea” is a bit more on the nose with its message, but I still like it a lot. Lapis is one of my favorite side characters, and seeing her issues expounded upon was very interesting. She’s been up close and personal with her darker thoughts for a long time, and the damage done to her psyche by Malachite has left her feeling ashamed at her actions, resistant to Steven’s attempts to help her because she doesn’t feel like she’s worth the effort. Jasper was still not that interesting a character in this episode beyond a physical threat, though her seemingly simple joy at the prospect of being able to fly is the first evidence that there’s more to her than simple physical brutality.

  5. Spiders are MY best friends TOO!!! *jazz mandibles*

  6. The Centipeetle episode destroyed me when I first watched it </3
    The drawing of just the three Diamonds has to be the most intimidating crayon drawing I've ever seen.

  7. -The Centapy was a sad episode and it seems like the corruption is the Diamonds fault
    -Lion is wandering he is free and Peridot and Lapiz are living in the barn
    -It was funny how Jasper acted
    -Lapiz is a gem that loves being in water. The water poaring true the eyes was a nightmare

  8. More SU vlogs please. (And Star vs. The Forces of Evil.)

  9. So has the Vlog series just been discontinued?

  10. Are there going to be more vlogs someday?

  11. When are you guys going to continue with the Steven Vlogs? There are a lot more episodes out now.

  12. When will the next new episode be posted? Just to see who else is waiting, please upvote or downvote this comment. I just want to see how often other people are coming back here. I come back about once a week for no particular reason than to see if anyone else is waiting.

    • I’ve been waiting for the new vlog episode for what feels like ages. Maybe, Doug isn’t going to do them anymore?

      • I hope hes just waiting until he has a larger collection of episodes to justify watching them every week. I really like it when he posts the vlogs daily. Gives me something to look forward to everyday.

  13. The post at the bottom of their youtube vid is kinda vague, saying “nothing more to add”. If they’ve finished with the series, they really need to be clearer. And I hope that’s not the case, in truth.

    • I think that’s pretty clearly saying there’s nothing more to the *description*, since they’re just commending you for expanding it and reading the whole thing.

      This was posted just a bit before some serious stuff for them last year, so I’m wondering if the vlogs just fell by the wayside and they’ve either lost a little interest or are waiting to get back into it for some reason (want to binge episodes? busy? IDK?.

  14. i wonder why the vlogs just suddenly stopped at this episode

  15. handsomefatman

    Moar! Need to hear Doug react to the latest Steven Bomb!

  16. Guys, this show continues to get better… please tell me you’re going to do more vlogs soon??

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