Steven Universe Vlogs: Garnet’s Universe

Steve tells a story of what happened to Garnet…whether it’s true or not.

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  1. Man, I was honestly hoping for a better reaction from Rob, considering how heavy the anime influences are in this episode. Also, I thought you guys would have noticed how all the characters in Steven’s story were voiced by other character’s actors in the show (Ringo – Renaldo, Hoppy – Amethyst, Hopper – Pearl, Fox Man – Lars). But whatever, I guess you guys might have more to say with the next episode, it’s weird, but definitely more active than the last few ones.

  2. Just one more episode, guys… hang in there for one more “okay” episode. Then the story REALLY picks up, and basically never stops.

  3. Samuel Alexander Vega

    this episode is foreshadowing for two new characters you’ll see in the season final.

  4. Corporate Commander

    This is the most pointless episode of season 1, and that’s saying something.

  5. next episode will tear you apart

  6. Ronaldo/Ringo actually did say some things that are relevant/of importance at the end of Beach City Weird

    his rant about the polimorphic rock people

  7. And they gave away a big part of the Gems’ backstory in episode 1, as part of the Cookie Cat jingle.

    Anyway, I thought they’d like seeing Ronaldo get mega-punched by Garnet. I’m going to make a huge prediction and say they won’t like “Rising Tides/Crashing Skies/

    Anyway, yeah, “Watermelon Steven” is up next, another really weird one. Then it’s “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, “Warp Tour”, and “Alone Together”.

  8. This episode is fun, maybe it doesn’t helps with the story but it’s still fun 🙂

  9. Wow, okay. I did not expect a V-log to come out this soon. Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen this episode.

  10. Well, I really liked this episode. Not sure this show is quite for you.

  11. even though I like garnet this was a very meh episode.

    • yes, everything from house guest to garnet’s universe is either meh or dogshit except space race and secret team

      now this is all because of lamar and helen, i don’t even know if they wrote all of them but i’m blaming them anyways because they’re so sheeit

  12. Tiny hands, my only weakness.

  13. Perhaps its a bit of a boring episode, because it does not impact the overall happenings in the series. But it leads to a huge character development for Garnet. Her stoic nature is adressed, and in episodes afterwards she opens up to Steven. Wasn’t there a line in there somewhere where Steven tells that Garnet says that one day she has the courage to tell Steven she loves him?

  14. This episode is Steven’s friend fiction, thankfully it isn’t erotic. I love the more stylized anime style of Steven’s imagination, this REALLY felt like an episode made up by a kid who watches anime.

  15. All episodes contribute to the show in one form or another an quite often it’s only clear in hindsight what they did. I’m guessing Doug and Rob are spoiled by shows like Gravity Falls wich are more obvious with the story and character devolpment all the while with SU there are blink-and-you-miss-it hints and only much later you realize “Oh, so that’s what that meant (given that you actually paid attention).” The show is also much less story and more character driven.

    This episode foreshadows a rather important thing about Garnet and is also the point where she starts acting much warmer towards Steven.

    Yep, that’s Stevens voice actor making the ending narration. I think you can also hear his normal voice in Too Many Birthdays als professional beach hunk Steven. And there is no effect on his voice. He’s just able to pull off that kid voice despite his balls having dropped a long time ago. Wich is awesome.

  16. I’m not that fond of this episode, I like the idea and it’s pretty cute, but I’m really not that fond of anime ‘parodies’, mostly because I feel that kind of plot is really overdone, and even though this wasn’t a bad parody it didn’t really do anything particularly new.
    Plus no jojo’s bizarre adventure shout out’s, if this episode featured Ringo trying to crush Garnet with a steam roller I would have liked it a lot more.
    Next up: Steven creates an unstoppable army of destruction.

  17. Ultimate Ringo?!
    Numbers: they have no meaning!
    Giga Fist Break! Go!

    I enjoyed this episode mostly for seeing Garnet start to come out of her shell and have some parental bonding time with Steven. Pearl has gotten the lion’s share of such moments up until now, and even Amethyst has gotten more focus episodes than Garnet as of this episode. Seeing Garnet start to change and show more emotion is well worth the wait.

    On the subject of voice acting, I can’t help but laugh at the notion of the Steven Universe team team hiring an R&B singer, a musical theater veteran, and one of the kids from Barney and Friends, then having them act out the most hilariously cliche-ridden shounen story imaginable. Also, Zach Callison (Steven’s VA) is 17(!!), so I think the narrator’s voice you hear at the end of the episode is his natural speaking voice. It makes his performance doubly impressive, since his delivery changes subtly over the course of season 1, becoming slightly deeper and prone to squeaking. If that is indeed an affectation, it’s an extremely commendable performance.

  18. “Well, that was random.”

    Oh I so can’t wait until you see the Uncle Grandpa episode.

  19. This is an unnecessary episode

    I actually don’t like episodes where a story is told or someone shows the past of the characters ancestors and all the characters look just like the people we all saw in the series if one tells a tale or the past i want new faces not old once (Quick example – Littlest Pet Shop 2012 Season 2 episode 6 – The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly there are flash back of the past to us and yet the characters look the same as the characters in the present and the twin girls are playing twin males and not even the gender was swapped they just put mustaches on girls and i am sure that the sheriff must be male)

    • You do realize that this events didn’t actually happened and they aren’t showing characters ancestors or in the distant past. It’s supposed to be only a few hours or at most days ago. Plus it’s from Steven’s perspective, so of course he’d just imagine the faces and voices of people he already knows.

  20. When I heard “I’m not strong enough”, I thought of the Incredibles.

  21. When’s “Watermelon Steven”!?
    I’ve been waiting FIVE DAYS and still no Vlog of Watermelon Steven!

  22. Was just wondering if you guys ever considered doing blogs on Rick and Morty, if you hadn’t already watched it that is, cause its a really good series, and one with enough depth, humor, and darkness to make great blogs from.

  23. Seriously??? When is the next episode going to come out? I watched this whole series the day You released your first episode of Steven universe. If you don’t start posting episodes soon, Im going to have to go watch someone else review it.

  24. I made an account just to tell you guys to please continue this series, these are my favorite reviews to watch, just endure one more average episode then it goes on like a 12 episode winning streak.

  25. Day 11,
    Still no sign of a new vlog. The crew is losing hope and so am I. I don’t think we’ll last much longer.

  26. I hope the next one is tomorrow!

  27. Man I hope this bad patch of episodes hasn’t soured them to the series.
    Next one is good.
    The one after was nominated for an Emmy!
    It lost to Jake the Brick(Adventure Time), but I feel it was definitely better.

  28. “Weighted hair?!”

    My response on this one is waaayyyy late. With all the anime references I kind of expected Rob to at least get a kick out of this one. Regardless, they are in for a long sting of great episodes.

  29. It’s been a fortnight…

    Anyone know when they’ll be back?

    Did they both trip and fall into a well or something?

  30. So I guess they said “fuck Steven universe”, already. This was the only reason I even came to the site anymore. 2 Weeks and they couldn’t watch a 10 minute show and film 5 to 10 minutes of discussion that they don’t even edit. They abandoned this just shy of the truly great episodes too. Shame.

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