Steven Universe Vlogs: Joking Victim

Lars goes too far in abusing his “Player 2.”

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  1. Given later episodes I’d hesitate to write off an ambiguous ending.
    But yeah, Lars/Sadie is one of those relationships that on first glance you think “Awww, Like an old married couple.” but as you go further in “Mmmhm. Maybe not.”
    I wouldn’t discount it entirely but those two have a lot to work out. I wouldn’t be suprised if the show did end up deconstructing the troubled bad boy romance plotline.

    Actually I really do like this episode but I often forget it becausr get’s overshadowd by ‘Island Adventure’ in my mind.

  2. Don’t know if you read these, but they will come back to this relationship, it’s complicated, that’s all I’m going to say.

    Also, I don’t think they were trying to portray it as a good ending, I think it was more of a “this happens, and we won’t tell you how to deal with it, because nobody knows”. With Harley and the Joker it’s almost spoon fed so the intended message isn’t as clear, in real relationships you don’t have to wait until your SO throws you out a window to realize he’s been abusive. Breaking up that kind of relationship is never as simple as just “threw him/her out of your life”, a message like that, even for kids, would be empty because of its naivety. It’s very hard to follow that advice on practice, it’s a painful and long process most of the time, the ending reflects that.

    Maybe the message is too complicated for kids, but like you Doug, I believe children can understand way more than we give them credit for. Believe me, as the series progresses, they will not hold back any emotional and social lessons because of its main audience. Steven Universe punches you hard, right in the gut, and you have to figure out why.

  3. I love your recaps, it’s a walk down memory lane. It’s also nice to see what others think of the episodes as they go through them. Also there are technically only two seasons, since season one is broken into two parts. Sorry if you’ve already found this out before the video got posted.

    • i think they were talking about the show being funded for 3 seasons, 150 episodes roughly

      • More likely they were referring to the way that Amazon counts each half-season as a full season, meaning that there are already two full seasons and a third one in progress as far as Amazon is concerned. So, not far from now, there’s a good chance that they’ll be treating Ocean Gem as a “season finale”.

  4. Sadie has a dark side 😮

  5. Oh gawd, I remember watching this episode when it first came on with the kids and I actually had to skip back to make sure I’d heard what I’d thought I’d heard with the video games thing. And the kids couldn’t figure out why I found it so funny. I can’t believe what this show is getting past the radar. I love it.

  6. Where’s ‘Rose’s Room’!?

    • They just did Rose’s room right before this one.

      • I found that out pretty late.
        But for the record I didn’t get the notification on either YouTube, Google+, or Facebook. So don’t blame me for that blunder.

        That’s like if you signed up for a magazine subscription and for some reason a month went by without a new issue, and then a new issue shows up and you file a complaint to the company only to find out they just received the package.

  7. Yeah Rob, I too thought they where jerking the joystick… if you know what I mean *insert suggestive Rowan Atkinson here*

    The animation of emotions in this show is almost ridiciously expressive. You actually feel what the characters go trhough wich is more than I can say about many live action shows and movies. All hail the medium of well financed animation.

    04:35 Good to see that you know about one of the MST3K guys being Mayor Dewey^^

    I actually think Mr. Smileys video might be a direct parody of the Wendy’s video in particular. They just seem too similiar to me.

    This whole thing will be (sort of) wrapped up in a later episode. Just keep watching. And the show is currently in it’s second season (1 season = about 50 11 minute episodes) but will have, at least, 3.

    • “You actually feel what the characters go trhough wich is more than I can say about many live action shows and movies. All hail the medium of well financed animation.”

      Right?! Just the body language with Sadie when she’s talking about why she likes Lars. And her tone of voice. I’m in a situation right now where I really like this guy, and… well, it’s not like he’s a jerk, but I can’t tell if I’m just a friend to him or what. And there are a lot of small moments that mean a lot to me like that. So as I was watching Sadie, I was just like, oh my God, that’s totally me right now. The way she talked, the way she held herself and moved… I have done that. That’s not just good animation– whoever blocked that scene is excellent at observing people.

  8. I don’t like Lars so his suffering here was fun
    There are other episodes where its not a happy ending

  9. just a heads up, no spoilers, but the episodes ‘mirror gem’ and ‘ocean gem’ are a continuous episode, like a part one and part two

  10. Bedroom games? Okay, I have to see this episode. LOL, what the heck?! Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen this episode.

  11. Don’t be Player 2.
    Fire salt gets you going,
    RIP Lars’ throat.

    Lars is one of those characters I struggle to like. “Lars and the Cool Kids” and some later episodes do give him some much-needed character depth, but any changes to his personality seem to be reverted by the next time he appears. This is not helped by the fact that he is routinely antagonizing sweet and lovable characters like Steven and Sadie, which instinctively makes me dislike him even more. Lars and Sadie seem to be the heat sink for the show for when it wants to explore more troubled or complex relationship themes. I’m perfectly alright with that, since it would break my heart to see what happened with Finn and Flame Princess repeated between Steven and Connie.

    The Joker/Harley comparison does seem a bit extreme. Lars and Sadie’s relationship is clearly not the healthiest (more on that later), but Lars is definitely not on the Joker’s level. He’s just a self-centered tool. No need to get too hyperbolic in decrying him. Kate Micucci was fantastic in this episode though.

    • I actually really like Lars. I mean, yeah he’s terrible, but his overwhelming insecurity is something I can definitely remember / relate to. But yeah, the lack of persistent growth is causing the character to get a little stale at this point.

      • I dislike Ronaldo for much the same reason, though Lars is a much better case than him. As I said, part of it is a purely visceral reaction to him antagonizing very likable characters. I had a very similar, equally irrational reaction to Kevin later on.

  12. Corporate Commander

    This is the episode that made me realize Steven Universe is indirectly welcoming to being a fat girl. Where practically all media either shits on them or uses them for comedic material, this show does the opposite most of the time. The only real thin girls are Pearl and Connie, and even then one’s mentally unstable and the other is antisocial.

    I for one love it, as it took a whole season for a character to even spell it out and say “women are people.” I mean yeah it’s women empowering, but it’s also fat women empowering. That’s rare to me.

    • In this show Lars once describes the gems as ‘Hot chicks’,
      someone becomes infatuated with Garnet in one episode,
      Rose is often described as being one of the most beautiful gems ever,
      Steven thinks connie is cute,
      Someone once says to Steven “You look like Greg. That’s good. Greg was hot”,
      and there’s even one gem fusion that is made up of a boy and a girl, thus making her sex questionable and yet she is perceived as being gorgeous by everyone around her.

      What I’m saying is this this show is one of the best cartoon to ever at enforcing positive body imagine no matter if you’re thin, tall, fat, muscular, etc.. There is no ideal body type for everyone, every character is perceived as being attractive in some way.

  13. “Hey, we make a pretty good team.”
    “You were absolutely no help whatsoever.”

    The video game thing is definitely a sex metaphor, but I think whether or not it literally happened is meant to be left open to the viewer. Lars and Sadie clearly have a volatile relationship, and I’m not entirely sure we’re supposed to root for them. It should be interesting to see what they think of Island Adventure.

    • christ people focus on sex too much. What if they were actually playing video games and that was awesome to Sadie?

      It’s always sex with fandoms, it gets old after awhile

      • Honestly, Rosenrot, that’s all I read into it. I never gave it a second thought until watching this vlog. I guess I was just on board with approaching this from a more childlike standpoint, since children too young to read anything into it ARE the target audience.

        (Also, I’m asexual, so I guess that predisposes me to not automatically reading something sexual into every possible situation. For me, I can totally understand that a night of video games could have left such a lasting impression, considering Sadie’s super obvious lack of awareness when it comes to Lars and her unhealthy fixation on him.)

  14. I don’t know if they ever give Lars’ and Sadie’s ages, but I think they’re teenagers. I kind of get the impression that their relationship does have some issues, but they’re also at an age where they’re still figuring out where the boundaries are. For example, how much of Lars’ faking an injury was him being a tool towards Sadie, and how much was him just wanting to play hooky from work?

  15. The relationship between these two is very complicated. Later on sadie does something as well. Though I will admit when lars made sadie feel like crap since that day really meant something to her all I can say was “what a freaking prick”

  16. Also the whole playing games thing wasint a innuendo. As something happens later on.

  17. What the fuck is a power pad?

  18. So… settle, but don’t settle for Lars. Gotcha. Then again, later Sadie *spoiler* *spoiler* *warning* kidnaps him to try and trap him into a romantic relationship so………. maybe they deserve each other?

  19. Yay! They recognized Joel!

    [sic] “We used to bake the doughnuts here, but then there was… an incident”

    Rob, iron your shirt, it’s driving me nuts.

  20. Really? You didn’t get that inkling that Larz was teenage scum until NOW?
    What amazes me is that you gave him an easy pass when he said those awful things about Steven’s mom.

  21. This Episode might make a little bit more sense when you get to the other Sadie and Lars… I am really interested in how they are going to deal with this relationship since they are “abusive” qualities from both sides. Lars takes advantage of Sadie and Sadie tends to overly obsess over Lars (at least in trying to fix his problems)…

    But I don’t think this episode was supposed to be happy… I don’t think much of the Sadie and Lars episodes end happy.

  22. Lars sucks. He’s such an asshole, and episodes about his relationship w/ Sadie are kinda sad. She’s so sprung by him and he’s terrible about being sensitive towards her feelings or thinking of anyone other than himself.

  23. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Oh i love the big donut song i wish you guys would have sang it (oh well guess I’ll have to look up the wendys rap after i post this comment). But rob you saying that at the beginning was messed up man (big SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!) Yeah this episode was allright but i liked amythest part in it the most and loved how the ice cream that mayor dewey made was melted by lars throat.

    next up is steven and the stevens one of my personal faves (but cant wait to see what you guys think of it).

  24. Yeah not that big a fan of the ending either, especially since lars character development is largely forgotten about in future episodes.

    Unlike you im not that big a fan of the rest of the episode, I don’t like the lars X saddie subplot all that much and i dislike lars as a character in general, so even though Its certainly not a bad episode it’s not one I particularly enjoy.

    In the next episode….A CHARACTER DIES!!!

  25. Man, I got distracted in the middle of this video and when I came back they were talking about old navy commercials and I was like “oh, I guess they got severely off topic again.”

  26. Aw, poor Sadie. Also, yeah. The way Sadie’s eyes get big means yeah, bedroom games.

  27. Bahaha!!!! memories! As soon as you mentioned the power pad, that was the first thing I thought of, that track and field game LOL when we were kids, we used to drum our hands on the pad to make it look like we were running obscenely fast and set better records.

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