Steven Universe Vlogs: Lion 2 – The Movie

Steven discovers more about himself and his Lion…but who cares? DOGCOPTER’S BACK!

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  1. Judas last name was Iscarot, sillies.

  2. Also, Connie remains my favorite character in the entire show. I can’t help but feel the developing relationship betwen her and Steven is perfectly portrayed.

    • Totally agree. The relationship between her and steven is built up so well and feels pretty real. Its not like they grow to have deep feelings off the bat its just a natural progress. Also nether is dumb downed for the other. Both have their own great moments and personalities.

    • This is the episode that solidified Connie as my favorite character, not just for the excellent portrayal of her and Steven’s relationship, but for also her own personality being explored. Plus getting to see her use the sword was awesome, and(spoiler warning just to be safe) I was calling it for her to get that sword full time, and I turned out right, and couldn’t be happier.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love how you guys didnt even talk about the episode but briefly and this vlog is all about dogcoptor. But i think if they were to make a dogcoptor book series it would probably be fundedby scholastics (since there all into childrens books and all). But speaking of this show, there actually is a comic book series coming out of the show so lets hope that in the comics they do a dogcoptor comic(that would be EPIC!!!!!) But this episode to me was just o.k.

    • Boom!Studios (the publisher that makes the Steven Universe comic) loves making spin-off series of their comics, even the licensed ones
      For example, they are also publishing the Adventure Time comic, and they gave Marceline as well as Fionna & Cake their own comic series

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Oh! Then that’ll be awesome if dogcoptor gets his own spin off(then I’ll activate my dogcoptor powers and go straight to my local comic shop to get it)!!!

        • Sadly the main series was cancelled after 8 issues. However, there was a story where Connie got Pearl into one of her fantasy book series. Fortunately, Boom is still producing at least one Steven Universe graphic novel per year, with the first one coming out late this year.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Wow! Kaboom must be losing alot of money with there decision to cancel it after 8 issues. But at least there are graphic novels of it. But in the new graphic novel lets hope they put dogcoptor in it (fingers crossed!!!)

  4. “Forehand! Backhand! Overhead death strike!”

    There’s a fairly long gap between Connie’s first and second appearances (even longer for them due to the order mix up). This episode raises a lot of questions, some of which will be answered by Rose’s Scabbard. I definitely wouldn’t mind actual publications of the Dogcopter books (or The Unfamiliar Familiar, for that matter).

  5. I had a feeling Dogcopter would dominate this vlog, Actually I thought it would be more, but there was a fair balance. Glad they had fun though.
    Though I do hope it doesn’t dominate Lion 3. Some pretty important stuff happens there.

    I think arguablly after Steven’s own exsistance, Connie and Steven’s friendship might be the center-point of the merging of the fantastic and the mundane. Especially as the series goes on.

    “Pearl’s the goodie two shoes.” Heh.
    Actually she might be fit the role of Peter.

  6. I think that Connie sees Steven as what amounts to a “manic pixie dream boy”. She felt isolated from others and alone but since she knows Steven there is actually someone who appreciates her who’s not a first grade relative. And for Steven all the magic stuff is completly normal wich makes the more mundane things he can do together with Connie more interesting to him.

    The relationship to Steven even changes her over time. Just wait.

    And then there’s of course the…. thing. You’ll see what I mean when you reach the episode.

  7. I liked how the movie theater employée didn’t give a fu** at the end of the episode XD

  8. This was the episode that sold me on Connie as a character. She transcends the normal pitfalls of the love interest character by having a personality and interests that don’t revolve around the main character. The fact that Dogcopter is her favorite film franchise also gives her some additional personality, since before this we’d seen her reading only classic books (A Wrinkle In Time, Catcher in the Rye). The fact that she enjoys something as deeply silly as Dogcopter as well is a great little detail. She’s since become my favorite character in the series. Episodes with Connie in it are a sure sign of quality.

  9. Poor Cecil 🙁

    I love Connie. She’s probably my favorite character, and I love how both her personality and her relationship with Steven get developed over time.

    “Lion! Why don’t you tell me you can do these things you do?” Love that line.

    • I’m sure Connie’s gonna get more to do as this current season progresses. I would really like to see some more development for Steven too, you know, being the MAIN CHARACTER and all (though you could argue the show challenges the need for a single main character), I kind of feel like the second season has seen him not doing a whole lot, focusing a lot more on Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

      • He might not get as many blatant focus episodes but Steven probably has the most character development of all. No spoilers but really highlighted in The Test.
        It might be my one of my favourite examples of developing maturity in fiction and they pull it off quite subtlety.

  10. Star vs. The Forces of Evil vlogs please.

    • I like that show, but to be honest I doubt they’d get that much out of it. I could see Rob enjoying it somewhat, but not really Doug.

    • There’s not really much substance to SvtFoE, not yet at least. It hasn’t really gotten a chance to prove itself as anything beyond just another beautifully-animated cartoon with surreal imagery. The imagery is nice, I’ll give it that, but it doesn’t quite have the humor and character of Gravity Falls or the hidden complexity of Steven Universe or Adventure Time (again, not yet. There are some hints here and there, but nothing’s solidified yet). I doubt they’d be able to talk about much, other than maybe make circles around how Star’s voice is as weird as Dipper’s.

  11. Skip to 3:25 if you want to hear them actually start talking about the episode.

  12. Since they’ve already done Daredevil, I hope they do Sense8 vlogs next. Knowing their opinions of the Wachowskis, I’m curious to hear their thoughts on the show.


  14. Lets come up with more Dogcopter movie names, 2 Dog 2 Copter, Dogcopter the Revenge: this bark is personal, Dogcopter part 3: Stardust crusaders, Dogcopter warriors 5.

    This is the episode that starts connie’s story arc, which seems to mostly consist of her going full mary sue, okay mabye im being a bit too harsh, at the moment she is still a bit too well written to really be a true mary sue, but she’s getting there.

  15. I was JUST about to watch this episode today! Follow up episode to come soon. 😀 Dogcopter will become the new Sharknado. YES!

  16. Didn’t I tell you? Lion’s full of surprises. I won’t spoil it, but literally everything in this episode is gonna come back at some point later on…. Yes, even Dogcopter.

  17. At this point I’m convinced you are doing this on purpose.

  18. It’s good to see Connie again. She reminds me of me as a kid. Heck, she even kinda looks like me as a kid. Brown with glasses and long hair, except she’s skinny. But… um… is Lion evil or a neutral party or what? I can’t wait to find out. I hope he’s not though. He’s too cute to be evil! Also, I love that reference to Metro Goldwyn Mayer. 🙂

  19. It has been said by the creators that Rose had to shape-shift herself a womb in order to conceive and give birth to Steven. There is also some speculation that Lion is what’s left of Rose after she gave up her gem to Steven so that he could live. One thing I’m wondering is just how old Steven is, right now I’m thinking there’s a 50/50 chance that he’s actually like 10 or so or that he’s really only a couple years old and Rose gestated him for like a decade…

  20. This was a fun episode
    Rose had Steven and it is explained how she had Steven by one of the maker go on Tumbler

  21. An important note for future reference: Rose didn’t become human to give birth to Steven. She was still a Gem; she just used her shapeshifting powers to create a womb for herself to carry him. Then her “human” body disappeared when Steven was born, leaving nothing but her gemstone, which is now embedded in Steven belly.

  22. Your uncle was journalist who met Paul McCartney once? Dude, that’s freaking awesome!

  23. Ah, the awesomeness of dogcopter. Just, if you google it, make sure you don’t misspell it DONGcopter. Unless you’re attracted to men, in which case, enjoy!

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