Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 35 – Lion 3 – Straight to Video

Steven learns more about his lion and…his mother? Check out the Vlog on Episode 35 of Steven Universe: Lion 3 – Straight to Video.

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  1. Rose looks sexy in the thumbnail.

  2. This was one the second episode of the series that I saw, I dunno if the show would have grabbed me as much if I hadn’t gotten an episode showing off the emotional punch the show can have right from the start but at the same time I always wonder how much greater the punch would have been if I’d gotten more of the build-up leading up to it.

    • For me and alot of people, the biggest punch was seeing Rose’s face and her moving. Up till then, we’d only heard people talk about her and only seen her represented with her eyes closed, almost like a religious figure, so to suddenly see her as a walking talking character was big. Her message to Steven was also big, and in hindsight I look at her line “Take care of them Steven.” as basically her summarizing what Steven’s role amongst the Gems is going to grow into.

  3. This is the episode that turned me from a casual viewer into an out-and-out fanboy of the series. Its that good, IMHO. I’m a huge animation buff and have seen tens of thousands of hours of TV animation as an adult, and this is easily one of the best 11 minutes of animation ever to grace TV, American or Japanese.

    Its also one of only two TV cartoons that made me tear up (the other being “The Tale of Iroh” segment from “Tales of Ba Sing Se” from A:TLA)

    Plus I did call my mom too. <.<

  4. This is one of the best episodes so far, it always gives me the chills 🙂

    Also, by the time you reach “Rose’s Scabbard”, you will learn Pearl’s feelings toward Rose.

  5. I find it odds that pearl ask amethyst and garnet to watch over steven as he sleep. Make me think that steven turn into a werewolf or something when he sleep.

  6. RedMilleniumRanger

    When I first saw this episode, it raised a question in my mind that I’m sure a lot of other fans have asked, “If Steven dies, will he regenerate into Rose?”

    • It’s an interesting question because nobody’s sure what Steven is made of. Humans are made of meat. Gems are made of holographic light projected by a gemstone. So really it would depend on the ratio. From Cat Fingers and a future episode, I think we can draw a slight conclusion that Steven is basically a meat thing encased in a bit of holography. That’s why he could only shapeshift his skin along with his implied Fusion “handicap”. So if he died, that would probably be the end of Steven as we know him – he would “squish”, not “poof”. Which COULD result in Rose’s return.

      BUT since Rose’s gem IS hooked into Steven’s nervous system, the connection between the gem, the light projection, and the meat would go pretty deep, given Steven can use his Mom’s powers.

      My final conclusion given what we know is that if Steven died, his meat body would be killed, but his light would regenerate into a third entity because being half of Steven’s nervous system for so long would alter Rose’s personality deeply. Something that has a mixture of Rose’s and Steven’s memories. Sort of like a Time Lord regeneration.

      Or as Moe from the Simpsons put it: “Hey, there’s one thing I don’t get though. When my face was crushed, why did it go back to my old face? I mean, shouldn’t I have turned into some kind of third face that was different? I mean, it don’t make no… “

    • According to one of the showrunners, no. If Steven gets mortally wounded, he’ll just die. No chance of regeneration–either into himself or his mother–at all.

  7. “Why won’t you let me protect you, Rose!?”

  8. This was a great episode
    Pearl has problems
    There will be so many great episodes your brother needs to return quickly
    The whole this is that Steven has her mother part of her that is why all are saying she is reincarnated in Steven but Steven is Steven not Rose
    Ok Pearl douse has something for Rose cause the Gem race is gender less but they chose to haw female bodys

    I asked a question of one of the creators of the show ”Did the Gems loved Steven from the beginning when he was born or not” i was told that this will be a episode still its not here but they seem to want to make it Answer he gave: “Your crazy if you think we won’t do an episode that’ll answer this”

  9. Most people think the bubbled thing is Bismuth

    • Here’s the thing though, we don’t know and don’t have any proof of what it is. Some people think it might be a gem named Bismuth and start inferring all kinds of stuff from that, but for all we know it could be the key to a White Diamond temple or something since it resembles that, too.

      It’ll probably come into play later on, but it’s pretty questionable whether or not it’s actually a gem or what kind of gem it could even be.

      • It looks exactly like a lab-grown bismuth hopper crystal, so there really isn’t a whole lot else it could be.

        Fun fact: there is a fusible alloy called Rose’s Metal comprised of 50% bismuth and equal parts lead and tin. It is primarily used as a solder, and due to the fact that it doesn’t contract when it cools is useful for fixing objects in stone.

  10. “Me? Nothing. I was just uh…well, you know how I always say…um, I just uh…I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes I mean often.”

    This was the episode that was nominated for an Emmy, and it’s easy to see why. Lion 3 is one of the series’ emotional highlights. It also managed to get some decent laughs out of me. Steven’s sense of identity definitely seems like something the show will explore later on.

    The ending kind of reminds me of that one Cowboy Bebop episode where the crew watched Faye’s old video tape. Both even start with someone standing on a beach. Knowing the Crewniverse, this was probably intentional.

  11. He went to the Big Donut specifically because they have a VHS player, heh.

  12. This episode reminds me of my cat, Phantom. Yeah…Um… Pearl likes to watch Steven sleep? That’s not creepy. LOL. I’m not going to complain about my family for a long time. Even they haven’t gone that far. Also, I love that “It’s a trap” reference. This episode was really sweet. I already guessed the thing about Rose giving up herself to be part of Steven from the third episode I believe where Steven was looking through Greg’s garage. Greg said something to the effect of “When your mother gave up her physical form to have you”. Also, yeah, Lion knows even MORE than I expected at first though.

  13. Lion 3 Straight to Video was the Heart-felt tearjerker (the perfect episode to run on Mother’s Day).
    I feel the Reason Lion showed Steven the Lion-mane ‘dimension’ was because when Steven looked at the picture of his mother wondering if she would make him space cookies for lunch said, “I just wish I knew a little more about her.” In answer to the wish Lion pressed his nose against Steven. Steven missed this prompting so Lion kept following him, nuzzling him, and lying on top on him so Steven could find the tape inside with the answers he wished for.
    Other cartoons would just have Lion talk and explain everything but instead the Steven Universe program truly captured the communication children have with the pets.
    “Blink if you love me.”

  14. Man I wish Rob was here for this one, it’s one of my favourites and is one of the most heartwarming episodes of the series. Just about everyone’s reaction after watching this episodes was the need to go talk to their mam.

    I never thought of it before really like the idea of the shows events being watched by another. I never interpreted those screen wipes as anything other than a quirky aspect of 2000’s(?) technology but if you pay attention to the ending song, it can certainly sound like someone reacting to the show itself.

    While I too thought Steven was sneaking away to watch the tape was him wanting to do it separately from the Gems, it was later pointed out to me that he is banned from watching tv after Fusuion Cuisine. It turns up a lot in the second half of season 1. Steven is such a good kid.

    I never saw anything underhanded in Pearl watching Steven sleep. A little strange yes, but he is half human and Pearl can be so protective and neurotic. She tries to get Amethyst or Garnet to do it once she’s shooed away so I think it’s partially that. But yes, I think you could imagine her reminiscing and maybe even mixing up her perception of Rose and Steven.
    I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t pick up on Pearl’s romantic feelings until Rose’s Scabbard…

  15. I could be wrong about this, but it WAS already meant to be understood that Steven was basically Rose’s reincarnation, right?

    I guess it’s something you could more piece together yourself, since the show never outright stated it before this point. But I’m curious; are there people out there who thought this was the info bomb that Doug thought it was? Because I thought that’s basically what we were supposed to think from basically the beginning.

    • I’m pretty sure Steven outright said “My mom gave up her physical form to create me” in one of the earliest episodes.

    • No theres nothing stated in the show or shown in the show that says steven is a reincarnation. Infact all we know is steven is rose and gregs kid and thats it. To be honest after this episode the steven birth is never really brought up again.

      • Sorry, I had more in-depth reasoning but I didn’t want the comment to be a paragraph long.

        What I meant was that the show outright tells you that Rose gave up her physical form to create Steven. They also explain that Steven has Rose’s gem. And they also have essentially explained that the gems’ bodies are basically illusions or impermanent, and that the real, core manifestation of their beings is within their gems. So, therefore, you could have reasoned or intuited before this episode that Steven is essentially his mom, insofar as he possesses her gem which is tantamount to being her.

        • I personally still dont think steven is rose reincarnation. I think its more like the saying “ill always be with you” or “theres will always be a part of me in your” to the literal sense. Sine a gem is as you said the rock itself not the forms we see. So maybe rose is still alive just in the gem on stevens belly.

          • I agree with soul edge personally I see the whole gem inheriting thing like space marine gene seed in WH40K they inherit it and the previous persons ability but at the same time I feel that Steven has a lot of his mom in him(literally) with this show I can see it going either way but would prefer it if Steven remained Steven and not just rose reincarnated

  16. Pearl watching Steven sleep is just a “mom” thing. Lots of mothers love watching their children sleep, that’s all there is to it.

    • I take it partly like that, and partly that she is charged with protecting Steven + really obsessive.

      She’s probably heard stories of humans that have died in their sleep, so that’s one more thing she watches out for.

  17. Doing these without Rob seems to be benefitial. I mean, he actually paid attention to quite some details and stayed on topic.

    Actually we’ve seen Roses face quite clearly a few times before. First in Laser Light Canon on the photo with Greg and then as a statue in in An Indirect Kiss. There’s also a painting of her hanging over Stevens front door wich can be seen every now and then in the background.

    Well, technically everything in the show is watched by somebody: the audience. But the star wipe in this episode seems to be nothing more than a little injoke. Also, not all episodes end on a star wipe. The ones whose endings are meant to be taken seriously and/or build up to something for the following episode don’t have one.

    I think Lions role is to explain things to Steven when he’s ready for them or wants to know them. In Lion 2: Straight To Video he only leads Steven to the arsenal when he mentions that he’s “not well trained”.

    And I believe that Pearl watching Steven sleep has a particular reason since she’s seen talking to Garnet and Amethyst about this.

    And wow Doug, you actually figured something important out 😀

  18. Ok, no tears, that’s fine. If there are no tears on Jailbreak though, we know Doug’s heart is made of stone.

  19. I really liked this episode. I loved seeing flashback stuff and learning more about the history of these characters.

  20. I really want yo hear Rob’s thought on these episodes so can he please have a video at least where he talks about each one?

  21. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Actually that circle things with legs is the comment picture of littlewillie610(littlewillie610 please comment below)

    I did not know this one was nominated for an Emmy so that’s cool to hear. I remember liking this one but can’t remember line.

    They actually let the character of pearl have a relationship but she gets jealous of Greg so your right when you think they’ll have a relationship

    Anyways next is Warp tour which I thought was gonna be about Steven going on tour with the band he made with the crystal gems or it was gonna be about Steven ging to the actual warp tour but rob will miss some interesting stuff in that episode so It sucks that he’s gone but that’ll make the next set of vlogs even longer!!!!

  22. I get the feeling “of all the ones to miss” is going to be a common theme for the next few vlog’s, I just hope rob doesn’t miss On the run.

    I know most people really like this episode, but personally I’ve always found it pretty average by Steven universe standards (which to be fair are very high standards), I also don’t think it revealed anything particularly big, it mostly just filled in a few details of stuff we already knew.

    I certainly don’t think its unremarkable, it is after all the first real introduction to one of my favorite characters, even If she didn’t really become that until later.

    Next up: The memes begin.

  23. Some lunches are stale.
    Videos are full of pain.
    Rose: Giant Woman.

    This is easily one of SU’s best episodes, and the episode that has forever made me leery of synopses that seem innocuous or underwhelming. “Lion won’t stop sleeping on Steven’s face.” Technically accurate, but also hilariously misleading. Never forget. And on a side note, in light of Cowboy Bebop, Adventure Time, and now Steven Universe, seeing a video tape in an animated show should probably be a sign to dive for cover.

    Seeing Rose so many times as a static image (picture, portrait, statue) made seeing her in motion have an almost uncanny valley effect. It really helped to establish this air of mystery about her, especially with how highly the other Gems speak of her. And now finally, we see that she was every bit as kind and giving as the Gems and Greg described, but also very down to earth and casual. Her giggling at Greg’s antics and fumbling with the camera functions do as much to characterize her as any earth-shattering reveals about her nature vis-a-vis Steven. Susan Egan voiced her to perfection; that little monologue she gives Steven is incredible. There’s a good reason that, in the face of all the weird, heartfelt, and action-packed episodes SU has put out so far, this is the one that got tapped for an Emmy nomination.

  24. As much as i’d also like to think that Steven choosing to watch the movie with Sadie and creating some distance between him and the Gems because their constant choice of violence as a response is frequently shown to be a mistake, but the explanation that makes more sense is that he hasn’t replaced the VCR that got destroyed by Holo-Pearl during Steven the Swordfighter and remembered Big Donut has a VCR.

  25. Spoiler: The pyramid is a Bismuth Crystal. It’s another Gem in a bubble, but for some odd reason Rose put it in her little paradise rather than with the others, meaning it’s got to have some sort of special connection to her.
    More Bismuth Crystals!

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