Steven Universe Vlogs: Monster Buddies

Steven comes across the most adorable killing machine. Can he keep it?

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  1. Let’s play ‘Count how many times Rob interrupts Doug or doesn’t let him finish his thoughts!’

    I appreciate Rob’s enthusiasm, but he really needs to share the spotlight a little and let Doug give his input too. There were a few times I thought Doug was going to launch into an insightful discussion, or clever observation and it basically gets cut off every single time.

  2. “Nooooo! Mi torta!”

    It’s nice to see that they noticed the Centipeetle’s humanoid, which will be explained really soon. Every once in a while, there will be a string a great episodes that elevate this show to a new level. For me, Giant Woman began the first, and this begins the second.

    From what I remember, the corrupt Gem Monster plot thread is kind of pushed to the side for most of season 1B. It puts more emphasis on developing the characters and their interpersonal relationships with one another. I’m currently hoping that the first new member of the team will eventually be the healed Centipeetle.

    • Yea I’m hoping they come back to the whole healing corrupted gems and going deeper on what makes them corrupt. I actually thought after this great ol episode they would of gotten to it sooner but alas not yet.

  3. Rob, make your brother watch that gems anime right now! Please!

  4. Yes! For once, I’m right on time with the V-logs!… in fact, I’m a little ahead. Yay! Man, I did not expect Centipeetle (SPOILER) to die. I didn’t expect the show to go there. This is literally what my face looked like: D: with a hand to my mouth. I was expecting it’s tail to be injured or something. But… wow. I like how it let us learn more about Rose though. Also, wow, (SPOILER), Rob already guessed correctly. Oh, hey, Doug’s wife’s voice sounds awesome. Just thought that I’d throw that out there as well.

    • Actually the centipeetle isint dead. They still have the gem. As long as a gem has its gem its not dead since that’s the real form of the gem. They are just keeping it in the bubble till they can somehow find a way to cure the corrupt gems.

  5. Skulduggery Pleasant

    I wish there were a poll where people could suggest shows that the brothers could vlog. My personal suggestion would be JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s Japanese, so they would have to watch it dubbed (not sure if Doug and Rob dislike that, or something), and it doesn’t have the exaggerated anime faces that Doug doesn’t like. It even has Bizarre in the title; it would be perfect for the kind of shows they are vlogging now (weird and kinda goofy, but fun, with a slight serious undertone).

    Tl;dr: Please vlog JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    • Honestly, if you’re going to watch Jojos, you have to watch it Subbed. I’m all for dubs and stuff, but Jojo’s original voice actors are just so freaking great that you just can’t top them.

      • I respectfully disagree, I think that might be true for somebody who often watches anime dubbed, but most of us who are generally used to watching stuff they can actually understand are going to prefer the sub version.

        Doug should watch jojo though, Jojo vlogs would be amazing, and I would pay anything to see his reaction after watching the Strength episode.

    • Rob would probably do it…
      But Doug isn’t really an anime fan. But the style is a bit different from most animes so maybe he would like it.

    • Skulduggery Pleasant

      I only just re-read my message, and realized I typed dubbed instead of subbed. I actually meant subbed; I don’t think all of JJBA is available dubbed. Now, please excuse me while I go facepalm myself.

  6. With all the stuff they either miss or don’t talk about it’s always surprising the little stuff they do catch that most people don’t their first time viewing, like the centipeetle’s hukanoid form. A quite good v-log, despite being shorter than most they talked a lot more about the episode than the last few.

  7. Corporate Commander

    ……is it me, or is it bullshit that they don’t know the rest of the season and this is all just an elaborate experiment on the user comments? I won’t spoil anything, but after watching the editorial for kids shows nowadays, there are a shit ton of spoilers in that video alone that extend all the way to the latest season, and Doug edited in himself.

    That’s not to say we should abandon spoiling the show for others in the comments, but still, it’s very suspicious.

    • Doug said he took those clip out of context from a best of compilation video.

      • All of the clips seem to have been used in the fan trailer on youtube “Steven Universe – Unofficial Trailer [HD] (Spoilers)”, by EKMM, (do note the spoiler warning, though) and if he saw that video to pull clips from then yeah, Doug’s been spoiled on a lot of dramatic plot turns, though not everything, and not the exact things discussed in this video. On that note…


        The ‘monsters are former gems’ theory was well in place in the fandom before it was confirmed by the plot, even before this episode, thanks to the bubbled gems taken from all the poofed monsters, and all but confirmed for the keen eyed observers in this episode, as the centipedal gem briefly took on a glowing humanoid form before resolving into its pokemonesque corrupted monster shape.

        There’s plenty of foreshadowing, and it fits narrative tropes, so it’s not at all unreasonable to think Doug would have come up with it independently.

  8. Yes, keep Madoka Magica in mind, embrace how messed up some of this really is

  9. Oh boy they caught on to the Madoka parallels quick. Ocean Gem’s going to be fun.
    Actually I got the feeling from these past vlog’s but especially this one that they’re starting to get *into* the show. Even a BTAS comparison and coming from Doug, that’s got to be hight praise. If they think this one was dark, oh boy.
    I’m exited to see how they react to the next couple of episodes.

  10. I am loving these V logs. First Advanture time then the avatar series, along with many other good cartoons that you looked at. After you finish SU, and you have no idea what to V log next, a little cartoon called “Invader zim” is a good one. It came out in 2001, 2002. So it’s a couple of years old.

  11. All monsters love Chaaaaaaaaps!
    Centipeedle beats seagull,
    Watch for your head, Pearl.

    This is the episode that starts off an amazing run of episodes and one that really starts to demonstrate just how great Steven Universe will become. Lots of setup for episodes down the road, a nicely ambiguous tone to end on, and the first inklings of a direction for Steven’s development to take. Given how much Steven lives in Rose’s shadow in the memories of his loved ones (more on that in the next episode), mastering the one ability that his mother made no progress on over presumably hundreds or thousands of years is a natural angle for him to tackle. So far the corrupted Gem plotline has only been tangentially hit upon since this episode, but it seems like a major arc for the show to tackle in the future. I won’t bore anyone with my own theories on the subject, but I’m looking towards a season or even a series endgame before this plotline is fully played out.

  12. “God help us if it goes all Madoka Magica on us”

    … u,ummm, ah, HEY! Look at this over here! Isn’t this thing totally interesting and NOT distracting?
    In other news, Elfen Lied is pretty cool. I mean, it was, but it sort of outlived it’s stay by now.

  13. Not sure about the Madoka Magica parallels. While there are inspirations taken from that show, aswell as many other anime, it’s far from that bleak and dark.

    Also, Elfen Lied is boring crap.

  14. Those aren’t monsters, they’re broken Gems that have lost their minds and regressed into monsters. Rose hoped that she could heal them, not ‘train’ them. They are former Gems. You got it right.

    She never could heal them so she preserved them in the bubbles in hopes that one day something could fix them.

  15. Man… can you imagine watching Aliens with Rob?
    He’d probably spend the whole time complaining all the terrible things they are doing to the poor aliens and their babies

  16. I can’t really talk about this vlog without going into spoiler territory, so all I can really say is that I found this to be a pretty enjoyable episode, and that it’s the episode were I started to realize Garnet is a better mother figure than Pearl.

    In the next episode: Steven defies the rules of nature by drinking some apple juice.

  17. I never came across to me that it was like Pokémon, I mean, when the monster is resting it looks like a pokéball! XD

  18. I only just now realized that the monster’s crystal looked like a pokeball…this is kind of where we realize that gems can’t really be killed unless their gem is destroyed, that’s why they bubble the remains after destroying the monsters.

  19. Who misses the daily show vlogs? I SURE AS FUCK DO 🙁 C’mon Doug it’s the only thing I still watch from Channel Awesome! I don’t want to stop coming here just yet!

  20. It was a fine episode

  21. Chips, anyone?!

  22. Maybe it’s just because I watched through the whole series in the week of the first Stevenbomb and caught up in time to watch Full Disclosure live…maybe it’s just because I was helping a friend get through the series and we got from episode 3 to episode 30 in one sitting…maybe it’s just because I was only able to do both of those things because I have no life and am definitely not as busy as they probably are, but it slightly bothers me when we have gaps between these vlogs. I’m impatient, what can I say?

  23. Can’t wait for more of these I love the vlogs Rob and Doug do.

  24. OMG, Your wife has a really sweet voice, Doug!

    Loved this episode! I´m actually following the show for the first time with you, guys.

  25. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah Doug you are an animal abuser. I will be sending a hate comment soon enough. Love the episode though and I can’t believe you didn’t use the chips line(one of the best lines in the show). Very disappointed!!!

  26. GASP! MRS. WALKER! SHE DOES EXIST! So the legends were true… O3O””

    She sounds nice. X3

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