Steven Universe Vlogs: Ocean Gem

Steven faces a world with no ocean! Can he get it back?

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  1. With Lapis, what you see is what you get: She’s completely indifferent about the planet Earth, she resents the Crystal Gems, she does actually give a damn about her beach-summer-fun-buddy Steven, and she is overpowered as hell (Waterbenders OP)
    When Pearl and the Centipeetle regenerated you saw that, apart from the gem itself, a gem’s physical appearance can be whatever they want it to be. The Crystal Gems want to protect humanity, and that is made easier by being able to be among humans without raising alarm, i.e., having humanoid appearance. The other gems want to destroy stuff, they don’t care about blending in, so they take on large, monstrous forms to help with that.
    Connie popping out the lenses of her glasses was always a great moment, since she knows there are people in her life that won’t understand the things she gets up to with Steven and the gems (parents, optometrist) but she herself doesn’t even pause when her eyesight is corrected by juice, she just rolls with it.

    • Your explanation doesn’t really work for the homeworld gems who have humanoid appearances and don’t have any reason to blend in. Seems Gems just prefer a humanoid appearance, the corrupted gems don’t want to destroy either, they just can’t help but turn into destructive monsters.

    • Yeah I don’t think the other gems having a humanoid appearance makes any sense storyline wise, not that it matters. I think it’s just to make them all look like people. They seem very indifferent about humans, and if I remember right peridot didn’t recognize Steven as a human but as a new thing called a “Steven”.

    • The gems have default forms that just coincidentally look like human females. Silly, but a common scifi trope ala Superman and Doctor Who. The issue with the corrupted monster gems is probably psychological in nature, given that it was stated that Rose could not heal them . I would shocked to find out the monster gems are metaphors for PTSD in soldiers.

      • The PTSD is a pretty good assumption. Maybe they were normal once,but something happened that made them snap. Since most of these corrupt gems seem to be earth bound it wouldint be that surprising since well humans can be really horrible people. Im sure not every human looked at a gem and welcomed them with open arms especially if these gems have been around the human race for as long as im guessing. Theres also the chance that these gems were just botched up while being made.

  2. It’s really nothing like Madoka Magic. The basic outline of there being corrupted Gems is similiar to the witches but even then it’s not really like that.

    Also, the format of the show is a bit unique in that it has an overarching story with a strong continuity but the majority of the epsiodes can easily be watched as stand alones. So yeah, there will be a ton of “filler” after this episode until something directly connected to the bigger story happens. I actually do like this because it gives a feeling of stuff happens but live goes on outside of that making it feel a bit more realistic than every episode showing more of the bigger picture.

    And there is a understandable reason for Connie to keep wearing her glasses. Just keep watching and you’ll understand. And we all would love if there where official SU toys but there aren’t >.< There's hardly any merch in general outside of a few shirts.

  3. Okay, yeah. Lapis obviously came back. But yeah, I agree with Rob. Right now, with only having seen the episode after this, the Crystal Gems do look like douchebags right now. Ooh, this is getting so good now! 😀

  4. This was indeed an awesome episode. I really do like lapis and she gets a bit better when *spoilers* she shows up again and the only real thing she cares about is steven since he is the only one at least by watching the show gives a dam about her. Its crazy how insanely powerful she is. I wonder though if anyone died for the time she took the water away. I mean someone or at least many fish had to croke.

  5. A heads-up
    Amazon has a bunch of key episodes in this batch in the wrong-order, thus completely messing-up an ongoing story
    so I strongly suggest that once you get to the episode “The Message”, the proper episode order goes
    The Message
    Political Power
    The Return
    Jail Break
    Full Disclosure
    watching them out of order will ruin your enjoyment of the story

    • Actually the proper order for the last 10 Season 1 or so episodes, according to one of the writers/directors of the show Ian Jones-Quartey, is this:
      Rose’s Scabbard
      Open Book
      Shirt Club
      Say Uncle
      Story for Steven
      The Message
      Political Power
      The Return

      Then the Season 2 episodes begin with
      Full Disclosure
      Joy Ride
      Love Letters

  6. No talk of Garnet reacting to Greg’s music? But yeah Lapis is not evil for the sake of being evil. This episode really makes you wonder who the monster actually were and if the gems knew them well. Looking back on that picture in so many birthdays you gotta wonder how many friends the crystal gems have lost. Its also worth noting that Aymthyst is the one who blurts out the the truth while Pearl was trying to make it sound better. Steven summoning his shield is also a nice milestone for him.

  7. 10 episodes until the next REAL piece of the plot comes. Hope you guys are ready for that!

  8. I’m surprised Doug didn’t bring up Garnet Jumping out of Greg’s van when he started playing his music.

  9. No mention about Garnet jumping out the van? XD

  10. My favorite part of the episode is the big battle against the water clones, where we see so much stuff comeback (Steven’s shield, Amethyst turning into Purple Puma, ect.). And yes, I’d also have liked to hear there reaction to Garnet’s jump XD

  11. “What do you think, Garnet?”

    Lapis seems a hell of a lot more powerful than any of the other Gems that have been introduced, considering that she was able to hold off all the Crystal Gems while simultaneously using an entire planet’s supply of ocean to build a tower into space. It makes me wonder if we’ll see any other Gems with such capabilities.

    I’ve noticed that this show prefers to avoid explicitly explaining its mysteries until there have been enough clues that make them fairly easy for the viewers to figure out on their own. All in all, this was the great conclusion to the first half of the season.

  12. I enjoyed this episode…

    But in the back of my mind, there was one thing that kept bothering me, and I know how irrational this is given that this is a cartoon but…

    The ecological consequences of a tower comprised of the entire ocean collapsing back onto the planet were far less, apocalyptic, than I think they should have been…

    Usually, I could overlook something like this by suspending my disbelief, which I am able to do when considering why Steven isn’t freezing and desperately trying to choke down air when he is in the upper atmosphere with Lapis, or how Lapis even began to expect, even in her desperate state, that she could create a water bridge from a point which is orbiting a star whilst rotating rapidly to her own homeworld, through the vacuum of space…

    But for some reason, I can’t shake off questions like that: “Why isn’t every coastal community on the Earth being swept away by a series of enormous tsunamis right now?”, or “So how long can oceanic flora actually survive without the ocean, because if the answer, even a small percentage of the species in question, is less than a day then wouldn’t that leave some rather glaring holes in the ecosystems of the planet?”

  13. Holy sucrose they remembered the Red Eye. Hope it can stick with them another 18 episodes.
    Doug’s theories are seriously close, second only to Ronaldo’s. I wish he was a right about the merchandise though.

  14. Please don’t compare the wonderful, amazing Steven Universe to Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    • Madoka Magica’s a great anime.

      • If one enjoys sloppy storytelling, clumsy character interactions, and one of the worst plots in fiction, then yes, it’s spectacular.

        • Apparently there are a lot of critics who enjoy all of those things.

          • Both are quite good and deconstruct and rebuild overused tropes imho

          • Critical acclaim = worth. Look at Michael Bay’s Transformers, am I right? High five?

          • I see your point, but it’s kind of an exaggeration to call Transformers critically acclaimed isn’t it? Reviews were pretty mixed, and internet critics certainly tend not to favor it. Plus even the critics who do like it don’t think of it as anything more than dumb fun, so it’s kind of a different case.

        • “yeah, but that’s like your opinion man.”


          Madoka has one of the best characters I have seen in anime and is the best magical girl anime I’ve seen. It’s also one of the most creative in terms of animation. i think the plot is fucking great and the character interactions aren’t clumsy at all especially when you listen tot he drama cds and manga that talk more about these characters. It’s hard to make a great anime with just 12 episodes but it does a pretty fucking good job of it. And tons of people, critics, etc. agree.

          And I like it more than Steven Universe. It gives me more feels and everyone seems more real to me.

  15. Connie wants revenge!
    Water tower to the stars,
    Rose loved Greg’s metal.

    Couldn’t agree more on the animation for this episode. The spire of water with the clouds swirling around it is breathtaking, even more so when Steven confronts Lapis amidst a backdrop of stars. The fight scene was great as well, with each Gem getting to show off their strength, skill, and ingenuity, even if Lapis was far too strong for them. Even Greg and Connie contributed meaningfully to the proceedings, making them feel truly included with the group.

    Just a little point that sometimes needs clarification, but Lapis wasn’t suffering from the same affliction that Centipeedle is. Damaged gems seem to be an entirely different ballgame than corruption. Rose and Steven can heal damaged Gems easily, but not even Rose could figure out how to reverse corruption even after presumably thousands of years of trying. That being said, Lapis’ relation to the Gems and Earth is still one of the biggest mysteries of her character. The dialog in this episode seems to indicate that the Crystal Gems weren’t aware of who she was or why she was imprisoned in the mirror, which begs the question of who put her there and why. Reinforcing the notion that she’s not a straightforward villain, she never employed lethal force against any of the Gems (except, ironically, for Steven and Connie with the whole drowning thing). Even when Amethyst was bested by her water clone, it just tied her up and was hanging out doing nothing. She wasn’t out for revenge, just desperately looking for a way to get home.

    • I’ve thought about this a bit and SPOILERS

      I think Lapis worked for Blue Diamond, a character that has only been implied at this point. We can infer this from the dark blue diamond on the front of her dress like with Peridot’s Yellow and Pearl’s old pink diamond. Aside from that, the rest is a mystery.

      • I’ve been toying with the idea that Rose is the one that put her in the mirror. Lapis is powerful enough to singlehandedly put down any rebellion Rose might have attempted, requiring her to ambush and seal away Lapis before her stand on Earth could have a chance of succeeding. After all, Pearl said Rose knew exactly what to keep secret from her subordinates. And it adds that twist of cruel irony that Lapis’ only remaining friend is the son of the Gem who imprisoned her to begin with.

  16. My thoughts on the Crystal Gems and Lapis as well as the gem monsters.
    I’ve seen some episodes ahead (haven’t read anything online) but these are just my thoughts so not really spoilers, just ramblings.

    I think that the Crystal Gems knew A Gem was in the mirror but not Lapis in specific, only in that it was being powered by a damaged Gem (which was also acting as memory storage?). I do not think they knew that the Gem was still sentient. As long as you believe that they just found it at the warp gate and there is nothing sinister going on. Other than some creepy, for humans, use of ‘half dead’ gems.

    I think that the monsters are Gems that have been physically broken into pieces. Unlike Lapis who was only severly cracked. I also think most were broken in battles of the Crystal Gems (Rose’s side) vs some other side. So some monsters used to be ‘good guys’ and some were ‘bad guys’. Hence Rose’s wish to fix them. Being broken they have lost the sentience they once had and act mostly like animals or are used in powering objects (maybe along with completely non-sentient gem stones?). Some Gems are more broken than others. The less broken are closer to what they were before being broken and have some thoughts running around their ‘heads’ still like you can see with Steven’s ‘pet’ trying to form a humanoid body.

    On a side note; it seems that size (mass? volume?) equates to ‘power’ for Gems. Though this ‘rule’ seems to be broken by Lapis.

  17. I don’t want to spoil the next volume for you, but suffice to say that Lapis isn’t evil. Lapis is aloof, I don’t know if she was ever a soldier in the gem civil war or how she got trapped in that mirror, but the idea is that that gems don’t specifically have anything against humanity, but Rose and her friends are the only ones who actually cared FOR humanity. Also, there is no Steven Universe toyline, and they WILL bring up why Connie still wears her glasses frames.

  18. you guys are actually making some pretty good prediction about the show, and yeah lapis does come back in a really good few episodes

  19. Lapis is probably my favorite character thus far. She’s so…tragic. I won’t go into detail, but it’s definitely her personality, which is influenced by being hurt so much in her life and never really being in control, that keeps her from being probably the most powerful character in the setting. I mean, there’s a TON of potential for good episodes just from her if they decide to make her a main cast member.
    Also…she can form wings and fly after her broken gem was fixed. She was literally a broken bird 😛

  20. In Doug’s defense this was originally supposed to be the season 1 finale.

    Yeah this episode is pretty awesome, it and the last one are pretty much the big growing the beard moment of Steven Universe, and it’s only going to get better after this.

    My favorite part of this episode and maybe even the entire show is probably the water clone fight, the animation is very smooth the fight chorography is great and the music is just absolutely amazing, It sounds like something from the best video game soundtrack never made, and as somebody who loves video game soundtracks that’s a huge compliment.

    And the garnet vs water garnet fight is totally a jojo’s bizarre adventure reference, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

    Next up on Steven universe: Greg has to live with Steven for a while, as a result the world is almost destroyed.

  21. I have to be honest I’m not really a fan of Lapis. But I don’t know if that’s because of her fans or if it’s because I just don’t like these types of characters in general. Not a fan of “angsty” characters. I just find them annoying. Add to that people think she’s a pure cinnamon roll that has not done anything wrong when she tried to drown two children and the only reason she does not attack anyone is because of Steven. But I dunno I just find her boring, hopefully she gets developed more.

    Anyhoo yeah, this is a pretty big turning point. Plus we finally get some antagonists in this series which the show has been severely lacking before this point, your gonna meet my favorite in a few episodes.

  22. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    You guys are so wrong lapis she’s a good guy(she justsacrifices herself to save Steven from a foe but that’ll be later). But yeah this episode was amazing and I’m glad you guys mentioned mayor Dewey’s subplot he did pretty good protecting them.

  23. There’s actually a surprising lack of official merch available for Steven Universe. There’s a few t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, throw rugs, and mugs, and I guess the mobile RPG Attack the Light counts, but other than that, there’s really nothing that CN is selling that’s related to the show besides the out-of-order DvD. I’m actually angry about this; I want to support the show, and this show is the only piece of pop culture that I would buy stupid crap for, but there isn’t enough stupid crap for me to buy. Yet the show is doing so well that they started making a new season this spring/summer.

  24. Any of you look at a picture of the mirror she was kept in? The setting of her gem has a crack in it as well. Lapis was broken after she was locked in the mirror.

  25. Anime Freak's CA Account

    Steven’s pet? Ped?
    what did doug say?

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