Steven Universe Vlogs: Rose’s Room

Steven discover’s his mother’s room is surprisingly creepy.

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  1. “I always get what I want!”

    That was kind of a weird note for the episode to end on, but that was probably the point. Regardless, it was a good episode.

  2. Rose’s face was shown at least once, on the old-timey photo in “So Many Birthdays”.

  3. Yeah, you see her face in pictures but sometimes they obscure it for some reason.

  4. Rose is dead and Steven inherited her gem
    This was a messed up but fun episode
    Apparently the fusions always look a bit different any time there fuse so pay attention to how the look after in the next episodes

  5. I really thought you’d accidently skip that one but here it is. It’s basicly the Steven Universe equivalent to a Star Trek holodeck episode.

    And Rose is kinda dead and kinda isn’t. I think it’s something like being one with the Force since the pink whale had her voice.

    02:40 Yeah, it was like Buzz Aldrin flipping me off.

    You saw her face in the episode Laser Light Cannon. She was on a photo.

    And Garnets support of Steven is genuine. You’ll see it in later episodes.

  6. One thing someone pointed out once was how Greg was the most realistic “fake” person in the room. they theorized that perhaps it was because Rose still has some of her thoughts and feelings in the room… But yeah this definitely was one of the creepier episodes

    As on Rose’s “death”. She isn’t really dead since her gem is in tact and it is explained that gems die from being shattered and if Steven were to be seperate from the gem I am sure she’ll come back. But unless that happens she’ll probably never come back. So she is kind of dead socially and interactively but physically she is still alive.

  7. This one is actually in my mental top ten list, on the lower half but still. I really like those episodes that emphasise Rose’s presence, even if she’s not physically around any more. Although…well you don’t see her in this episodes but you do hear her.
    I also like the mix of comfort and horror her episodes seem to bring, especially in Rose’s Room. Just that image of the world chipping and being eaten up by oblivion. It’s both beautiful and terrible.
    Being a Rose/Greg shipper I’m also happy to see that Greg’s projection is so specific. Though there’s a question of whether he’s ever been in or not.

    I also have to agree with Doug on Garner. There are many things I like about her, and one of them is that despite her stoic demeanour, she’s incredibly passionate and embracing. While it’s not immediately obvious it’s not a secret. Like real people, it’s something that becomes apparent when you spend time (watch more episodes) with her.

  8. I think you guys are taking the wrong approach with regard to the “lessons” of Steven Universe.

    It’s as if you’re expecting there to be some kind of moral at the end of each story that a kid is supposed to take and mentally ingest as something to be learned from. The show doesn’t really work like that. The show’s “messages” (if you want to call them that) aren’t so much spelled out on an episode-by-episode basis like the kid’s cartoons of the past.

    If there is something learned on the episode level it’s usually character development or information about the wider mythology rather than some kind of simple moral.

    It’s more that Steven Universe has a bunch of themes which are conveyed throughout the series through the character’s actions and the overriding ethos; which from the looks of things appear to centre on the importance of family/community, the value of unity-in-diversity, acceptance of differences, and of course challenging more traditional ideas of gender development and becoming a complete person.

    • Steven Universe seems to embrace sending messages and morals through its episodes. While it does have a lot of the themes you mentioned, I can think of several episodes that have self-contained morals to them. Later episodes like “Full Disclosure” and “Love Letters” all but sit the audience down and say them word for word.

      • I guess you’re right about those episodes at least (especially Love Letters), though I would still say episodes like that are exceptions, while Doug and Rob seem to be expecting every episode to have some kind of “and today kids, the moral of the story is …”

        Personally, I think that’s not a good way to teach kids watching a show important life lessons, as it tries to condense down a complex issue to a simple formula. That’s why I think aesop-type stories only really work when they’re subverting a piece of more conventional wisdom. Such as Love Lessons with its very explicit debunking of the classic “love at first sight” trope.

        Also, what I love about Steven Universe is how it shows the complexities of emotional and ethical growth. For example, at the beginning the Gems are the ones teaching Steven everything and the seemingly unquestioned (to Steven) authorities on life. But from The Test onwards, Steven is gradually becoming as much a source of guidance and support to the Gems as they are to him. They’re learning from each other instead of it being one-way, passive-receptive.

        As well as keeping it character-focused – instead of subordinating story or character to the message – this approach allows for the nuances of the “lesson” to be shown instead of told.

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Just watched this episode(then watched 2 episodes of we bare bears after it but I’ll talk about that never). They do actually show stevens mothers full body later in the series but thats in another episode for another time. I did too enjoy this episode(especially how in the final scene of stevens game they said flog thats golf spelled backwards). But bo mention of the tiny floating whale so upset about that. Untill the next one!!

  10. Rose’s_Room.bat;
    Frybo was in character.
    Garnet wore Greg’s pants.

    I realize I’m in the minority in this, but this is one episode that left me a little cold. Rose’s room was pretty cool, but the progression of the episode felt too much like a rehash of “Cat Fingers”. Also, for an episode called “Rose’s Room”, I was hoping to learn at least a little something more about her. We learned a lot more about her from “Lion 2: The Movie” than this episode. Combine all that with Steven’s last line glibly dismissing the episode’s message and the episode just didn’t do much for me. It is interesting to think that Steven Universe and Rick and Morty used very similar setups in respective episodes, with the adult show playing it for comedy and the ostensible kid’s show playing it for straight horror.

  11. Next time on Steven Universe: Nicki Minaj guest stars as a five-eyed, four-armed, giant purple people eater.

  12. Rose isn’t dead, she gave up her physical form in order to give birth to Steven. Also her face was shown before ^_^
    Next is Joking victim. It’s an OK episode for me but Steven’s friends get more screen time so you’ll learn more about them 🙂

  13. I like the episode mainly cause how weird it got. Also if this room really existed never give it to a growing teen. Since it makes what you wish for and well take it from there.

  14. I get the feeling that the late episodes of these vlogs are going to be insanely long

  15. I think it’s oddly sweet that Greg was the least creepy in her room. Well for a bit anyway. Maybe she made him a little more accurate in case he died. Or when he eventually dies in case Steven misses him. I don’t mean he’s going to die in the show I just mean of old age since he’s human.

  16. I can get that the show up to this point is like having a bunch of puzzle pieces that don’t fit together. Don’t worry, they will start to fit together a lot better in about 4-5 episodes. Those being “An Indirect Kiss” and “Mirror Gem”

  17. A funny thing about this episode is that Steven is kind of a retro gamer, that golf RPG he was playing was on the N-64, and he’s also had a gamecube set up on that TV.

  18. Hey Doug and Rob, as you go though the latter part of the first season the episode on Amazon appear out of order from when they take place in the shows time line. If you want the actual episode order, go to:

  19. After binging SU, one should watch Rick and Morty because they had a crazy in-depth “getting stuck in a false world”. That god damn twist.

    In a later SU episode, Steven watches a training video WHICH IS A DIRECT PARODY of the famous Wendy’s Music Training video. It was one of the most surreal references I have ever seen in any show.

  20. Despite what you might expect from her character, Garnet is easily most supportive of the crystal gems, even if that takes a while to become apparent.

    As creepy as rose’s room was in this episode, it’s nowhere near as creepy as how Steven is going to use it once he becomes a teenager, which according to my theory is thankfully never going to happen.

    Steven does not have the same face as his mother, but amusingly enough he does have a lot of the same expressions..

  21. Follow-up comment to come when I have actually SEEN this episode. I just bought the rest of the episodes for the first season. Garnet is my favorite as well.

  22. Decent review thanks for your opinion. Interesting you really enjoy Garnet because she’s an interesting character.

    So on Rose “death!” She is not really dead, there bodies are just all illusions. They are there gem stones. A Gem killing off the physical form is one thing but if killing of the gemstone is another. So if there gem stone is broken there dead!

    that room was a little weird though, the fact just how the room is far more complex then Steven thought.

  23. I love the Pokemon reference in this episode. 😀 Also, the episode made Rose’s Room look really cool at first. I would have asked for a whole room full of fabulous clothes. LOL, I know. I know. TMI. Also, this episode had some funny moments. At least for me, like when Steven put the Donut on Onion’s whippy-do hair. 😀 I don’t know why but I LOL’d for a full minute.

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