Steven Universe Vlogs: Secret Team

Steven keeps a secret from Garnet, but for how long?

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  1. You know what you guys should watch for October… Ghost stories English dub..mwahaha

  2. I’m going to be honest, I don’t care much for the first 4 episodes after Ocean Gem. Yeah, they’re generally more laid back with less conflict and I guess that’s the point, but I just don’t really think they’re as great as the ones afterwards are in general. Next up, Lars and Sadie get some screentime, but I’m much more interested to see what they have to say about the episode after that, the 5th episode after ocean Gem, Keep Beach City Weird.

    Not to spoil anything but the ending of it is… interesting. Pretty freaking interesting. Also, it’s got some good jokes in it, anyways, so, you know….

    • Other than the stuff at the end, I found KBCW to be kind of a weaker episode. It didn’t really present Ronaldo in a positive way and just showed how delusional and desperate he is, since even with Lars heavy episodes we get to see a positive side to him. It also felt weird to see the Gems use their powers on a human, since Pearl made such a big deal out of it in Tiger Millionaire.

  3. Garnet doesn’t control the Gems but she is admired by everyone of the main cast. To Steven she’s just the coolest person ever, Pearl looks up to her for emotional strenght and Amethyst wants her approval on what she does because of… reasons that will be explained in a later episode. None of them wants to dissapoint Garnet wich is why they’re so desperate to cover the whole affair with the shards.

    Yeah, you’re starting to understand what the show does with its format.

  4. They admire Garnet
    Pearl wanted there to be more
    Garnet is wonderful but she has problems two its not easy for her but she is happy with Steven

  5. Pearl and Amethyst allowing Steven to take the blame also surprised me, I mean, what the…?! 😮
    And, yeah, Garnet is awesome in this episode XD

  6. Ah! They noticed the leitmotif. Wonderful.

    That’s got to be one of the things I love the most about the show; the musical composition is absolutely stellar. Aivi and Surasshu did an absolutely amazing job of orchestrating the leitmotifs throughout the show. Steven has a gentle instrumental version of the show’s theme, Pearl has a piano, Amethyst rolls with a more hip-hop beat, and Garnet has a bass synth. Even Lion has a sort of glockenspiel theme. The Fusions have their own leitmotifs based on a fusion (ha!) of each Gem’s tune, and you very frequently hear each theme incorporated into the music that plays during battles.

  7. The trope is sometimes known as “Enemy Mine.” As in, the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    *Secret Team*
    I too hated it when they blamed it on Steven and was thinking exactly what rob was thinking. I also love garnets dead pan-ness in this one.

    Next up is island adventure the one where Lars and sadie try to become closer and Lars trys not to be an a-hole and gets to be a better character.

  9. Wait… what? Crap! I thought that the next episode was Keep Beach City Weird! D: Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen Secret Team… -_- But yeah, I love those enemy and heroes come together episode.

  10. Although there probably won’t be one for a while, are you guys ever going to bring up the music that is sung in the show. Granted, so far you have only seen Steven and Pearl sing I would still love to hear your thoughts on it when it becomes relevant.

    You guys are past the hump, it only gets more exciting from here! ^_^

  11. “You know what? Between the four of us… We could’ve had a free pizza.”

    From what I remember, this was an alright episode, but nothing particularly special. In about thirty episodes, there will be a disturbing reveal that provides an indirect explanation of what the gem shards are.

    Next up is Island Adventure. Considering their thoughts on the Sadie and Lars dynamic, I have no idea what they’ll think of it.

  12. Something I’m still not sure of in this episode was whether or not Pearl was kissing that bubble. She’s got it so bad.

  13. This was a fun little episode and nothing else really.

  14. For some reason I love how Garnet addresses Kiki as “pizza daughter”.

  15. So what do you guys think are their characters?
    I’m getting some Amethyst or Garnet vibe from Rob. With Doug, Pearl?

  16. I’m quite fond of episodes with a heavy focus on amethyst and pearl’s relation, those two are just such great foils for each other, and there constant squabbling is surprisingly enjoyable, and yet at the same time they do kind of complete each other, and seeing them actually work together is usually a glorious thing to behold.

    To be honest, and I hate to admit this, pearl X amethyst is one of the very few SU ships I actually kind of like, mostly for the reasons I already mentioned, but also because, and again I hate to admit this, I think hate sex is kind of hot.

    I’m happy to hear you still think that Garnet is the best gem, and indeed her comedic seriousness is one of the big reasons she’s so great.

    Next up: A huge plot critical episode that completely changes how we view the show, that’s a lie, it’s actually a lars and saddie episode.

    • My biggest issue with seeing their relationship go towards a romantic one is that a lot of their conflicts feel more sisterly to me. Plus, ever since I heard that the 3 Crystal Gems were based on aspects of Rebecca Sugar’s personality and Steven is based on her brother Steven, their relationship with Steven always felt like sisters taking care of their little brother. The only time I’ve been unsure about this is when Garnet and Pearl do their dance in Alone Together and Cry for Help.

  17. This episode was meh. Not bad, not super awesome. Just meh.

  18. Secret team unite!
    Pizza costs an arm and leg,
    More Pizza Daughter.

    This is another episode that I’m only lukewarm on. Amethyst and Pearl’s antagonistic relationship is well established and this episode didn’t really add a new facet to it. Certain elements of it do come back a lot later, but this one just felt a little thinner than most. I completely blame that on the show’s typically stellar quality that this episode is one I consider one of the lesser ones.

  19. I don’t know if they read these post or not, but FYI there is a new show out that is all about the Alliance of Convenience. Show is called Dark Matter on Scyfy. About a crew on a spaceship all with amnesia, and the have to work together to survive and find out who they are. Lot’s of tension between the crew-members. Sounds like they would really enjoy it.

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