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  1. I’ve never heard of Explorers. In other news, Poor Pearl. D: I’ve always liked Pearl. It’s Amethyst that I have trouble liking. You brought up some questions about the mythos that I didn’t think about while watching this episode.

    • Corporate Commander

      Amethyst has the most tragic backstory though!

      • this is very true.

      • As far as we know, there may be even more to Pearl that we don’t know.. remember she’s a “defective” Pearl. :”(

      • Have to disagree.

        Personally I don’t really think you can measure something like that very well, but if we’re making comparisons… Well, let’s just say that Pearl and Garnet have gone through A LOT and that Amethyst’s backstory is different in a key way, but not necessarily more or less tragic.

        I almost went into a lot more detail than that, but thankfully I remembered that a lot of people here may be watching for the first time alongside the Walkers, so I won’t spoil it. Though I do think it is the kind of story an existentialist writer might have cooked up.

      • Honestly it’s hard to tell at this point since she’s the only one we really have a general picture of.

        It seems like the others might have it a lot worse, depending on how things play out. Amethyst was designed as a soldier but got adopted by Rose and the others as a child, which kinda sucks but it seems like Pearl and Garnet have been through some shit.

  2. I feel like they are doing better about talking about the episodes. There were a couple of earlier episodes that I was excited about and when they reviewed it they hardly talked about the episode and only talked about the meaning or their experiences that related to the episodes. I want them to be as excited about the episode as avatar or adventure time. I guess I’ll just have to hope they get more invested later on.

    • Probably because there’s more to talk about now. A lot of the earlier episodes were slower slice of life stories without much of a story arc going on. Now they’re getting world building bits, character building bits. In general, there’s more for them to work with now.

  3. The reason Steven isn’t in School is because there is no Xavier Institute in Steven’s Universe.

  4. Also I am pretty angry they haven’t once mentioned the amazing songs in the episodes!

  5. I thought it was interesting how they showed Pearl’s desperation to go back home. It’s interesting because of what you learn about Home World later on…
    How well these characters are written is one of my favourite parts of this show. 🙂

  6. As far as the timeline goes, this is an alternate world where humans grew around the gems, I think. There’s a picture with the Crystal Gems in that famous painting with George Washington on the boat or whatever, and the money actually has like a diamond or a gem on the back, both the paper and the coins.

  7. There’s no shame in…(knock knock knock) “this is the police! We have a warrant for your arrest!” BAIL!!!

  8. You forgot to half-remember the non-un-moral, Goddammit!! That makes me so mad, I could flail at the keyboard I keep at arm’s length!!
    As far as Gem ages, in a future episode, Pearl talks about when she “was only a few thousand years old”, comparing it to the age of a young character who I won’t name here because spoilers. Also, we find out Amethyst’s approximate age later on. Spoiler: she old.

  9. The show takes place in an alternative world where the Gems where around living with humans for thousands of years.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    So next time I fail a test in school I’m gonna say there’s no shame in failing!!! Then I’ll tell someone I got it from teenagers. But I’m glad you didn’t say anything bad about teens since Nash from radio dead air(which comes Saturdays to channel awesome) always does. But yeah thesis a good episode and I too also love the crying breakfast friends then lets hope Japan makes a show like that. Next is secret team I can’t tell you about the team or any of the members cause its SECRET!!

  11. Seems like, you really don’t like your viewers.

  12. Next time: Is this filler? It might be filler…. Is it? Wait… wait…. No, it’s actually not?

    Effing arms, man…. Effing arms that will not be explained for a LOOONNNNGGGGG time.

  13. Steven can age. We see him do it in “So Many Birthdays.”

    Now, how long it will take him to age………… that’s a different question.

  14. I’m still trying to figure out if Steven is supposed to be like a 12 year old boy or if he was spontaneously generated as a child and is actually barely a year old. It’s hard to tell because he grew up with the gems who are thousands of years old and intentionally isolate themselves from society so he isn’t pop culture savvy…I do love these Pearl centered episodes though, she’s easily the most complex and interesting of the 3 main gems, or at least the one who gets the most character development early on, though Garnet and Amethyst will catch up soon.

    • *Pearl appreciation high five* And I hope that Amethyst will catch up on that aswell.

      Steven should be popculture savvy since he not only frequently interacts with others but also has a smart phone with apps (so pressumably he might also have internet access with it) and is a fan of the G.U.Y.S. toyline (toys are an element of popculture) and watches the Crying Breakfast Friends presumably long enough to understand the show. Also he wasn’t generated as a child but grew normally. There was an incharacter interview on Newsrama a long time ago wich was written by the Crew and there Greg mentioned that “the Gems didn’t know how to take care of a baby”. Since it was written by the shows writers I take this as canon fact. Furthermore we see Steven at the age of about 5 in the extendet intro (wich appearently is canon but not meant to be part of the actual show, go figure). Coupled with Gregs clearly receeding hair line (hair loss can take quite a while) in the flash backs and Pearls remark of Steven being organic (as in almost fully organic) this seems to confirm that Steven infact grows and ages like a regular human. He just has magic powers (or to be more exactly his gem has and he’s just able to use them) and can take quite a beating. The construction of the house might’ve also taken quite a few years since I know for sure that an indipendent building project like this can take alot of time and if it was privately funded by Greg, who only has a car wash and gives guitar lessons, getting enough money for all the stuff, like the furniture and wood, most likely took ages so the building speed was hampered by the lack of money.

      Also I’m pretty sure he’s 11 years old since I recall reading a promo text that refered to him as being 10 so he should’ve turned 11 in Too Many Birthdays.

      • What I wonder about the age thing is once steven has full grasp of his powers can he control his age and be whatever he wants to be. Since for gems age is an illusion like their forms and since steven is half gem and we saw he can age depending how he feels makes me think this can happen. Also just a random thought I wonder if steven has a kid would it kill him like rose.

        • Steven dying from having a kid seems highly unlikely. Unless he goes full “Junior” and becomes men pregnant. No, in Roses case she actually had to give herself up to give Steven life because she didn’t have any actual means of reproduction (she had to shapeshift a womb and who knows what to even be able to concieve him) and since Steven is physically almost completly human with all the organic things that this entails it’s very likely that he can reproduce normaly.

          I also assume that he didn’t actually changed his age but only his body since he otherwise still acts like a kid during the episode. It probably went out of hand in a similiar fashion like Cat Fingers did with his shapeshifting not corresponding well with his organic and solid body almost killing him. Full Gems bodies are made of light and thus have no limit on how much they can change. For example, if Pearl would grow her hand giant sized there wouldn’t be a problem. If Steven did the same thing his heart would probably collapse because of the blood vessels of his hand becoming too big and overworking it. Shapeshifting seems quite dangerous for him to do.

          • I dont know when he was aging he didint totally still act as a child. I mean the reason he was ageing like crazy was cause his thought process. This is why he was acting the way he was when he was and old man near death and an adult and the only way to save him was basically to act like and think like a kid again. Im sure he cant shapeshift in a sense of growing his hand giant sized,but coming from that one episode it seems he can change his age appearance depending on his thought process.

          • He wasn’t acting like an adult either. He acted like a child would think adults act. And yes, it was his belief that he should grow up that started the transformation and not him actually becoming more adult.

    • I cant agree. Pearl has so far has come off as whiny and bat shit insane in some episodes. If anything amethyst is more developed then her and in a way that doesint make you want to say please shut up. I would have to say the garnet is the least developed.

      • I don’t think you know what “developed” means in concern to narrative. Though it does take the show a lot longer to give Garnet much character development, I’ll give you that. (I’m assuming you’re not talking in terms of the whole series, in which case I’d have to disagree on that point as well.)

        Also, you may not like Pearl so far, but at least she doesn’t screw people over just for the sake of her own amusement.

        Honestly, I like her a lot better now, but in the early episodes Amethyst made me downright mad with how she just didn’t care about other people in the slightest. I now have a better idea of why she behaves the way she does, but the fact of the matter is that when a character lacks empathy, that makes them harder to like.

        I will say that her high levels of self-awareness softened the blow, but man am I glad that they stopped giving her jerky moments as often as in the early episodes.

        • No instead pearl endangers people cause of whiny and bat shit insane pearl can be. There was even a recent issue that just did this. Amethyst at most did one thing that was cross the line besides that everything else was just jerkish for comedy.

          • You’re not actually describing anything, you’re just dumping your original vague vitriol again. I gave actual reasons beyond saying I don’t like something, and didn’t even resort to highly subjective epithets.

            Additionally, playing asshole behavior for humor doesn’t make it any better. I won’t go into it because it’s a spoiler, but later on Amethyst does something that I consider to be the single most reprehensible action taken by any character on this show. But do I call her names and ignore any evidence of the positive side of the character? No, because I don’t think that’s fair and I don’t think it’s of any use.

            If you’re not prepared to at least explain your side of things, I think it would be best if you didn’t come out with such one-sided vicious insults.

  15. Crying Breakfast Friends is also an inuniverse parody of the show itself.

    … was Rob in the SU theory area of reddit and Tumblr? Because he sure acts like it. Regarding Steven aging: it’s highly unlikely that he’ll stop aging since we already saw that his body is capable of getting really old in Too Many Birthdays. If anything he might live a bit longer than a regular human (like being able to reach 150 years or so).

    And this takes place on an alternate Earth and the places Steven and the Gems often go used to be inhabitet/where created by other Gems in the distant past.

    • And I just remembered, since Rob brought it up… again, that there will be an explanation for why Steven doesn’t attend school. It will be in form of a canon comic wich is announced to be relesed sometime in November or December 2015. The comments section really need an option to edit comments.

  16. It’s not, “no shame in bailing” It’s “sometimes, you to know when to bail” as in recognizing when it would simply be more harmful to go forward or the risk is to high that’s the moral that was meant to be taken if you’re looking for one.

  17. “Stay tuned for another episode of Crying Breakfast Friends!”

    This is another good episode that exhibits the unstable side of Pearl. The second half of the season puts more emphasis on the emotional baggage of it characters than monster fighting.

    This was actually the last one I saw for a few months. By the time I got to Warp Tour, I had forgotten that this was where the galaxy warp was introduced.

  18. This is the episode where you really start to see the instability of Pearl’s psyche. You’ll see more of it.

    • And the Gems aren’t evil, they’re just alien. What they’re doing to the corrupted Gems seems morally dubious, but it’s either imprison them or let them transform into monsters and harm humanity. For Gems like Lapis it was fortunate that Steven repaired her gemstone before she became a monster, but for the other creatures they captured it was too late.

      Human customs are strange to them and even in the time they’ve been here they still don’t fully understand them. Being Steven’s guardian is forcing them into a position to where they have to actively deal w/ humanity, as well as having to confront their own similarities w/ humans (longing, regret, jealousy, etc). Pearl in particular, as you will see going forward, has a really hard time coming to grips w/ just how fragile she and her kind really are. Right beneath the surface of her structured and calculating facade is an insecure woman who is way more emotional than she lets on (the same goes for Garnet to a lesser extent…but you’ll get to her soon enough). You think Amethyst has issues? Man…

      Anyway I’m digging these Vlogs, and I love that you guys are digging the show. It gets so much better from this point. Looking forward to the next one.

  19. You know initially i thought Adventure Time was head and shoulders over Steven Universe, but the show began to really improve in my mind when it began working in just how damaged the Crystal Gems are. Later episodes show Pearl’s mind is deteriorating without Rose Quartz and her loss resulted in Amethyst ruining relationships she had established with humans and Garnet, who was only Rose’s left hand and too independent to be a real leader, can only barely hold the team together.

    That’s why i’m starting to really like the show. I love those tiny hints of fridge horror that can reward or horrify those paying attention.

    Though Legend of Korra is still king in my mind.

  20. One more episode till Island Adventure, and then Keep Beach City Weeeeeird!

  21. Just so you know Doug, Rebecca Sugar has actually confirmed that the show takes place on present day earth, but it’s slightly different in some places due to the Gems influence throughout history. Basically, it’s what our world would be like if the Gems existed.

  22. I didn’t get the message as “it’s okay to bail whenever you feel like it”. I took it to mean using your judgement to know when to keep going and when to stop.

  23. I’m pretty sure you can’t “bail” a test most of the time.

    I mean, I don’t think that filing in little bubbles or writing short essays presents much danger to your health.

    At least, that’s my understanding of the term. I’ve always understood it to refer to getting the heck out of there when what you’re doing is dangerous. At the very least I’m sure that was Greg’s intention. Basically telling Steven to make his safety the top priority.

    Maybe “bailing” has the connotation of “quitting” in Chicago? I wouldn’t know.

  24. This one’s like my 2nd favourite episode. It shows some really great interaction between Pearl, Steven and Greg and that scene where the ships is breaking up as they leave earth just has me chocking up.

    But truth be told I actually really like this episode. It’s not “Don’t try” but more “No matter how much you’ve invested in something, if it’s only causing you harm and grief there’s nothing wrong with just leaving it.”

    Which I think it’s fair. So many people are encouraged to “Stick with it right to the end no matter what happens.” but sometimes the truth is it’s not worth it and it can be downright harmful.
    Like if a child got that absorbed and pushed themselves so hard to pass a test to the point of a breakdown (believe me it happens), would it really be so bad for them to take a step back or even out?

  25. I think you might have misremembered the bailing line, it’s not ‘there’s no shame in bailing’ its ‘Sometimes you just have to bail’, which I personally feel is a bit better.

    This episode begins pearl’s um character arc I guess, I think descend into insanity might be more accurate, either way this episode does kind of show she isn’t quite as much of a great adoptive mother as she previously seemed.

    Besides that its just a pretty enjoyable episode, seeing them build a space ship made out of junk is indeed pretty fun, bu tmy favorite part of this episode is Greg, this episode really shows how much of a good father he is, and he has easily some of the episode’s best lines.

    Disappointed at the lack of Lego Movie references in this vlog.

    Next up: Steven joins a gang.

  26. Fly me to the stars.
    Crying Breakfast Friends unite!
    This kid’s killing me.

    Well, you wanted more neurotic Pearl, so you got your wish. I really liked this episode as well. Greg and Steven getting some nice father-son bonding for once, and we start to see the toll that the Crystal Gems’ duty to Earth comes at a cost. Relativity and the sheer amount of time needed for space travel kind of freaks me out, so I admit that the prospect of Steven suddenly being taken away from Greg, Connie, and the rest of his friends for the majority of their lives upset me far more than the prospect of him blowing up in the spaceship. It’s a good reminder of how alien the Gems’ thought processes can be.

  27. Steven will age but i am sure he will haw a better chance to live longer then a normal human maybe
    The gems are over 5000 years considering that they don’t haw a organic bodys
    Pore Greg

  28. You would love the technology from Codename: Kids Next Door.

  29. There are bad Pop-Tarts. It seems to me any flavor with a chocolate crust is horrible, and I love chocolate. It’s just so bitter, it’s almost like eating baker’s chocolate.

    On the other side is the frosted brown sugar cinnamon, the perfection of Pop-Tarts.

  30. “I’ll bring him back in fifteen years”

    You know, given how long gems live, I wonder if Pearl’s sense of time is just that off, as if to her 15 years is really just an innocent field trip and ,thus, a reasonable time to be away for.

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