Steven Universe Vlogs: Steven and the Stevens

Steven discovers that if he could go back in time, what would he do? Start a rock band!

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  1. Huh… I’m a little surprised they didn’t catch the fact that the Steven they’ve been watching until now died.

    • Depends on how you look at it, the steven that remains is identical to the one we know, and you can kind just ignore all the time travel stuff as it was retroactively made to have never happened because of the destruction of the time gem. Its more like a bunch of alternative Steven’s died and besides Steven seeing them die, it doesn’t affect much.

  2. “What would be amazing was if she was beating him up!”
    Ehe…Thankfully not quite that far though.

    On the other hand;

    “If they do more of that neurotic side…”

    • Oh hey, the next 4 are Monster Buddies, An Indirect Kiss, then Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem. The Not-Steven Bomb.
      I wonder if they’ll watch all those in one sitting or start the next run with the two parter.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    “See ya later,after you sir”
    One of my personal faves because how crazy it gets at the end with all the stevens at the end,but ya good episode.

    Next episode is monster buddy the one with
    “You love chips and i love chips,eh,eh”
    If you dont mention that then I’m gonna go on a rampage!!!

  4. Disappointing Vlog. One of my favorite episodes.

    Didn’t even mention how 37 Stevens blinked out of existence in front of a young Steven’s face, including the terrible death of the original Steven. The look on his face when all of them were dying was priceless. So much confusion and terror.

    Then I loved how he took that extremely dark ending into the ending of his song, “I learned to be true too myself, by watching myself die.

    What I thought could be a fun discussion was left out instead we got Doug the TV show and a two minute discussion on about a second of animation of Lars and Sadie.

    Plus I love the part when he goes into the talk about “What have we become” and the one in the back who can’t hear what people are saying screams, “What have we become?” That gets a laugh out of me every time.

    • I second the disappointment here. It’s almost like they purposely miss everything interesting in the episodes and just shoot the sh*t for ten minutes, or act confused by really simple things, or insist that there’s a “message” every episode. That wasn’t all in this vlog, but it’s a consistent trend, and it is annoying.

    • Well, of course. They can’t waste time on mentioning the existential horror of a child watching himself unexist en masse and what that means for the numerous timelines from which they came or whether they enjoyed the music of the band the episode is named for. If they used up time discussing boring things like the parallels between the scene with all the hourglasses and choosing the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (albeit with lower stakes), when would they squeeze in mentioning how they don’t like certain kinds of comments? What would you have them do, not do that once in a while? Why, it’d be like losing an old friend.

  5. They didn’t seem to notice that the Stevens went back in time to the first episode XD
    I wonder if they will notice that they foreshadowed an important episode 😮

  6. I get the impression that they haven’t really gotten ”into” the series, as of yet at least. They rarely have a lot to say about the episodes, even the really good ones, and they’ve been missing a lot of stuff that I was sure they would mention. Maybe SU is just not their bag , like Gravity Falls obviously is, which is completely fine. Both are very good shows and the Walkers just happen to be responding to GF better.

    • To be fair a lot of people weren’t as into the series untill mirror/ocean gem, I know it was for me as it was a game changer for me. It starts explaining a bit of the mystery, which is what they say is keeping them from talking more about the show.

    • Same as zig. I’ve recently watched the series(so far) for the first time and for most of the first season it wasn’t particularly interesting. Like they’ve said in the vlogs, it’s kind of relaxing and has some cool art until then. It actually bothers me that they put in so many episodes that don’t explain the plot. Near the end of the season it got better.
      But (don’t hate me haha) I don’t see how it’s as amazing as people say. Maybe I’m missing something but it still seems like they’ve still just given hints and tiny pieces of an epic plotline/backstory, but haven’t really delved into it directly. I mean I saw someone say it was their favorite show ever and better than ATLA, I just don’t see how it compares to that. Of course the concepts and characters are still cool, and I’m still watching.

      • It’s a mix of things for me. I just really like the show’s look and overall feel, the way the characters grow and become flawed and three dimensional as the series progress,etc…There’s a certain element of ”humanity” , for lack of a better term, in SU that just really appeals to me.

      • “I mean I saw someone say it was their favorite show ever and better than ATLA, I just don’t see how it compares to that. Of course the concepts and characters are still cool, and I’m still watching.”

        Definitely agree.

        SU is good, but it suffers a lot from the goofy vs plot-driven thing it has going. I feel the majority of the goofy episodes are pretty darn weak, while the plot-driven ones are strong.

        It’s kinda like they tried the Adventure Time formula of “goofy” to “serious”… but AT does Goofy so much better, while definitely being interesting at least in plot-heavy episodes.

        ATLA was masterful at being just funny enough while still being serious with it’s plotline.

        Sonic Boom is much better at pure “goofy”.

    • I think shows like GF are just easier to V-log because they are more plot-driven. I feel like with SU it’s gonna be like with AT where Doug’s more hit and miss with his V-logs. I’m sure once he gets further in he will have more to say, but you never know with Doug.

      minkweasel- When there’s lots of hype for something, people usually over exaggerate things about it. Frozen is a good example of this. In general I don’t really like comparing shows together to see which is better anyway because nothing can ever be truly better then something else and it sets up unrealistic expectations. And it’s petty.

  7. “If they can play up Pearl’s neurosis”…. *desperately trying to keep a straight face*

  8. You want Pearl being more neurotic Doug? Weeellllll…. just keep watching.

  9. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the ultra-dark closing line

  10. “I learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die…”

    The fact that Steven could have just asked the Gems to form a band the entire time was something I thought about as well. This was a solid episode; it felt like they were trying to get the obligatory time travel and clone story lines over with at the same time.

  11. I can only pray that once you get to the second half of the season, you’ll go back and see all that stuff you missed in the first half.

  12. In defense of Rob and Doug, I don’t think the truly understand what is in store for this show. My nephews watch it, and I would see it on television and scoff at what I though were half-cooked plots and poor animation. The fact the episodes were so short led me to believe they were nothing more than morality lessons for pre-teens.

    I only gave the show a watch after a video on Youtube started going into some of the fan theories of the show (it was on auto-play from a video about the Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, etc.), and thought the show sounded very interesting. I watched a couple vlogs on this site, then tracked down the episodes myself and was still pretty stand offish for the first few episodes. However, I have since went back and watched most of the episodes twice. I appreciate all the thoughtful writing and remarkable art direction that goes into a show that airs in such short bursts.

    TL:DR The show is amazing, yes, but give the guys credit: based on the episodes they’ve went through, assuming they don’t have prior knowledge of what’s to come (i.e. they haven’t read fan theories or episode synopses), they are going to get hit HARD when the mythos and *ahem* universe expands. Definitely expect to see these short musings slowly morph into 20 minutes analyses! =) Keep up the good work, guys!

  13. Hey Doug, I know this isn’t the time or place for it, but will you do something for Tomorrowland when it comes out on DVD? It was a good movie, but there are its little problems. And if you aren’t going to review it, will you do it for this years’ Disneycember?

  14. Xeno-the-Hedgehog

    Fun fact: this episode was rewritten from the show’s pilot.

  15. Garnet plays keytar,
    We’re all very attractive,
    Steven died a lot.

    This episode was just alright for me, perfectly serviceable but otherwise unremarkable. All the stuff about it being super-dark because Steven’s temporal clones died or entire alternate timelines were erased don’t do anything for me at all. It is amusing to me that, of all the people whom Steven loves unconditionally (dude can’t even lie to his mortal enemies), the only person he can’t stand is himself. Fortunately, the next four episodes are masterpieces, one of which finally unhorsed “Tiger Millionaire” as my favorite episode and held that title for a respectable length of time.

  16. Not the best episode. Theres another one with kinda the same kinda premise and I think its actually much better.

  17. If it’s more Pearl moments you want, then you’re in luck. She’s gonna have tons. I’d say her best moments are in an filler episode called “Say Uncle” coming later in the series. The plot’s gonna start picking up in a couple episodes ( make sure you watch Mirror gem and Ocean gem back to back). As for the next episode… prepare for feels.

  18. Follow up comment to come when I’ve actually seen this episode. I hope I begin to like Steven more. I don’t know. I guess it’s because he’s SO much like a real kid and I don’t really like kids so Steven annoys me a lot. Also, LOL, I have done the doo doo doo doo thing before. Hahaha. I can’t even. 😀

  19. Corporate Commander

    In time, both of them will see that each gem is equally awesome in backstory and character. Amethyst was my favorite for a while (and not at all due to her sexy voice) but by the second season, when the plot actually starts, you find every character fascinating.

  20. What? No mention of Steven killing himself?

    Yes, Lars is a butt. He’s been that way from the very beginning.

    >wanting more neurotic Pearl
    Wish granted

  21. I’m glad that Steven realized that he’s annoying. LOL. Also, I see what you’re talking about with Lars and Sadie.

  22. Honestly I haven’t seen this kind of plot done all that many times, of the top of my head the only other show I remember having a episode like this is Gravity falls, despite that I admit it’s pretty predictable.

    Even so it’s still probably my favorite episode of the first part of season 1, mostly because of some really good comedy, but also for having one of my favorite songs of the entire show.

    One other thing I find very interesting about this episode is how it’s pretty much the only time Steven acts genuinely selfish and mean, for the rest of the show both before and after this episode he’s pretty much a perfect cinnamon roll.

    06.57 Oh Doug, you poor naïve soul.

  23. This is a great episode the best part is when they all died and the song
    Steven is a kid he is bound to make mistakes
    When the Future Steven destroy the time thing it erased all what Steven changed in the past
    You don’t travel on the space you travel on the earth in time
    I don’t like Lars


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