Steven Universe Vlogs: Watermelon Steven

Steven finds out watermelons aren’t always good for you, especially if they ARE you!

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  1. YES.

  2. Rob has to leave now?! Man, he will miss all the important stuff D:
    I almost spat the water I was drinking into my sceeen when you talked about Onion XD
    As for the Gems and violence… yes, they were practically raised to be warriors, so… 😛

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    There’s nothing too big coming up except for another lion episode(which is the next one lion 3:straight to video). But in garnets universe if rob misses that one then he’ll miss dogcopter(which would truly suck so let’s hope that doesn’t happen). But this episode I remember being fine and I think the watermelon Stevens will return in the next episode super watermelon island but who knows yet!!!

  4. “Hopefully nothing huge will happen that (Rob) will miss…”


  5. Personally, I’ve always thought that the Gems’ tendency to default towards violence was another reminder that the Gems aren’t human. Their mindset is alien and completely different from us humans, with different set of values and morality. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this in other episodes, like how the Gems barely noticed that Steven had gone missing for a week or their rather dismissive attitude in general towards any human that isn’t Steven. So while it may seem rather cold and vicious, to the Gems, it makes perfect sense. If you have a problem, just smash, then you don’t have a problem anymore. Simple.

    • Yeah I always thought it was just a part of gem culture. Heck, even as humans we still can have very different opinions on life depending on the culture. Some cultures can’t stand having just one person die, and yet some are ok if dozens of people die.

  6. I want Doug to keep going, but holy crap Rob is going to miss his chance to react to a LOT of big stuff. Probably not the biggest stream of episodes ever, but still some pretty significant stuff happens from more info on Rose to the introduction of a certain fan-favorite talking space Dorito to a lot of insight into Amethyst’s backstory and character. Amethyst’s sad, sad, backstory and character……..

  7. Rob is gonna miss some pretty important episodes, i wanna see his reaction, maybe you should wait…

  8. Doug: So he(Rob) won’t be here for the next two or three episodes, hopefully nothing big happens.
    Me: *looks up what the next three episodes are*
    Me: ..SHIT!

  9. The Gems are very violence the show no love to any Gems and give them any rights.Would like to see this be address in the latest episode.

  10. Damn, Rob picked probably the worst time to disappear from the vlogs. This is RIGHT when the show starts getting really good.

  11. Ugh, Rob’s going to miss a bunch of great/important episodes! It’s too bad they just got through a string of meh episodes that he could have missed.

  12. Maybe he can give us a summary react of the episodes he missed? The next five or so episodes are pretty significant. Actually, there’s only five or six episodes from here until the season finale that are not plot related or have significant character development.

  13. Next up, Lion 3: Straight to Video.

    I predict tears. Don’t be afraid Doug, let it all out.

  14. Of course Baby Watermelon was delicious.

    It’s made of fruit, juice…and Steven!

  15. “They’re gonna put me in the ground!”

    Most of the the rest of the season is fairly significant. Hopefully Rob will be able to summarize his thoughts on the next few during a future Vlog or on his Facebook page.

    For the most part, the second half of the season focuses more on character and plot development than monster of of the week episodes, but it was nice to get a pretty good action scene out of this one. I think this is the first we see Garnet’s rocket gauntlets, Pearl’s spear blasts, and Amethyst’s Sonic spin dash. Needless to say, this one would be a lot more horrifying if the Watermelon Stevens were replaced with flesh and blood creatures/people.

  16. Nooooo!!! Why did he have to leave now???

  17. Oh, look! Your favorite character, Onion came back! LOL. Yes, I knew you’d take note of that. However, I thought that you’d complain about Ronaldo (who was seriously EVIL in this episode. I mean, What the heck was that?). I thought that you’d talk more about him.

  18. I’m with the others that think you should wait not doing more vlogs until Rob is back. The next episodes are pretty important and it’d nice to see his candid reaction as well.

    But if you really must continue, I might be okay with it if you at least have him give a summary of his thoughts on the episodes he missed.

  19. The Gems violent tendencies correlate with them being protective of Steven. Hurt their Steven and they’ll hurt you. And them not trusting anything from their own world is actually pretty accurate and will be explained later on.

    You will get an explanation for Onion waaayyyyy down the line. Trust me, you’ll get why he is the way he is.

  20. A shame that Rob won’t be around for the next few Vlog’s, especially considering some of the upcoming episode’s, how dare that son of a bitch have a life and a loving family.

    I never really noticed how fucked up this episode is, but now that I think about it its indeed a pretty messed up episode, which honestly I think is a good thing since its pretty unmemorable otherwise.

    Next up Lion 3D, this time its personal, no wait that’s lion 4 the revenge.

  21. “That was dark.” was my reaction to this episode too, I did laugh a lot though.
    I’ve forgotten how much i like listen to Doug theorising about SU. Maybe it’s all the practise with GF but he’s gotten very good at picking up the little stuff.

    And yeah, next few episodes are both kinda important and pretty great in my opinion. I’m just hoping the first episode he vlogs when he get’s back won’t be Horror Club.

  22. well, I just hope that he´s here by the time the “Alone Together” episode comes up.

    … I miss Rob too.

  23. Onion Kid is the new anti-christ.

  24. This was a strange episode

  25. Watermelon son,
    loyal and delicious one.
    Sadie’s scar endures.

    I liked seeing the Gems display some auxiliary abilities in this epsiode, ie Pearl’s charged blast, Amethyst’s Sonic spin attack, and Garnet’s rocket fist. It made for some good dynamic action when fighting the melons. Amethyst complimenting the bouquet of flowers the melons got her as they were going to bury her alive was hilarious too. I would argue that the Crystal Gems reliance on violence over negotiation when it comes to Gem matters already came to the forefront in their conflict with Lapis, but the full payoff for that particular plot line is still ongoing. For a relatively light episode, there was some good analysis here.

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