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E.B. White’s strange book is given the bland treatment and a…Shyamalan script? Nostalgia Critic gives his thoughts on the 1999 hit Stuart Little.

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  1. I clicked so fast. Btw, Nice review. Till next life time people.

  2. WHAT?! I never knew this was based on a book but I LOVED the movie. My uncle even got me a remote-controlled Stuart Little car. I remember it fondly. ^.^ It’s funny how ever since you came back after “To Boldly Flee” you’ve been reviewing A LOT of movies that are part of my childhood. I also love the 90s so that might be part of it. 17:41 was hilarious. He was probably going to go to purrison.

  3. The Virtual Jim

    I LOVED the book as a kid (we read it in elementary school) and when this movie came out it seemed like nothing to do with the book, so I skipped it.

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