Suicide Squad – 1st Viewing

Did Doug and Rob get as angry with this movie as they did in the Nostalgia Critic review? See their first take on the DC mess of Suicide Squad.

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  1. Rob hadn’t seen this? Hey, this had clips! Why was this a clipless review anyway? It wasn’t in theaters anymore. I guess you just wanted to act everything out. Harley Quinn was so much better in the Lego Batman movie.

  2. “Cirque du Harley” was perfect.

  3. I think that the movie got its point across without having to be rated R. Also, I’m so glad that they mentioned the “grape soda and bear skin rug” line. That’s one of the most memorable lines from this movie to me besides a couple of Deadshot’s lines. Lastly, I’m so glad that they added in the humor. I would have a different view of this movie if they didn’t.

    • The Real Silverstar

      The addition of humor would’ve been better if said humor had actually been good, funny and well-written and if the “writers” who were hired to produce said ‘humor’ had actually tired to do something fresh and innovative instead of just “Let’s try to mimic everything Guardians of the Galaxy did, only we’ll do it really blowfully!” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. “Metropolis is Chicago. Gotham is Chicago. And now Midway City is Chicago.”

    Actually only from the air. When they’re on the ground in this movie it’s Toronto in Canada.

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