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Doug joins Walter, Aiyanna and Beth to talk about DC’s latest movie, Suicide Squad.

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  1. I can’t stand Leto’s Joker, too, for the record, Beth. Insufferable.

    But yes, the reshoots to add humor were confirmed, and the multiple edits and stylistic changes that were added in post are undeniable. Ayer didn’t say this is his “original” cut, he said this is his “final” cut, in response to people wondering if there was going to be another extended cut that would be released on home video that would maybe “fix” the movie. He was insisting there is no extended “director’s” cut. Personally, I think there were so many other people messing with his movie by the end that he can’t wait to see the back of it.

  2. Loved this episode! I’ve recently been going through the Awesome Comics episodes.

    What I loved about this episode was that there were varying points of view. I’ve seen so many people dog pile on the movie and I just don’t get it. I thought Suicide Squad was fun. Was it perfect? Nah, but it was fun. I loved Doug’s comparison to Moulin Rouge. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it was a pretty good analogy.

    I warmed up to Leto’s Joker. I didn’t know what to expect and everyone was telling me he was awful…but he really wasn’t. I liked that he was more of an old-fashioned gangster and that he actually cared about Harley. It’s different, but it’s not bad.

    Great episode, everyone. Keep up the good work!

  3. Overall, if you want to watch a good comic movie, go see what ever Marvel is making.

  4. I’m seeing this this weekend. I’ll finish the video then. Also, yeah, I’m looking forward to getting fun Will Smith back. ^.^

  5. Suicide Squad was better than Batman v. Superman and I thought it was pretty good. The action was pretty good and the actors did well. Harley Quinn and Deadshot were the best. (SPOILERS) However, I didn’t like Enchantress that much. They crammed a bunch of back stories in like half an hour and some things were under-explained. I think that Cara (LOVE her modeling work by the way) did a good job as June Moore but I don’t know about when she was Enchantress. Also, the Harley Joker relationship wasn’t that abusive and was kinda romantic in a disturbing way. I also liked Harley’s voice. It was almost like the original Harley voice without the Brooklyn, if that makes any sense. Oh, and I liked most of the songs and the 3D. Also, I liked the slow-mo and I thought they were considering each other “family” because they felt bad for Harley Quin’s sadness? Hmmm… I don’t know. One last thing: I laughed at most of Deadshot’s funny scenes

  6. Luckily people like Beth exist … actual decent analysis . Virtually everything else is just attempt 8000 at breaking the world record for using the word ” like ” .

  7. This video made me realize; the reason the movie is so polarising is, everyone’s picking paticular parts of the movie and letting that be their opinion of the entire movie.
    “Fuck this movie, the middle dragged!” “Fuck you! The beginning was Awesome! Etc.

    It sort of like the Spider-man Old Vs. New. The Critic and Hyper weren’t even talking about the same movies, the critic was using stuff from Amaxing spider-man and Spider-man 3 to say Garfield was good and McGuire sucked while Hyper was using stuff from Spider-man 1, spider-man 2 and amazing spider-man 2 to say McGuire was good and Garfield sucked. Truth is, McGuire has 3 movies and Garfield has 2 movies and the last one of each series sucked.

    Objective facts; Will smith is cool, Margot Robbie is hot and Jaret Letto is not Jack Nickolson

    I myself like the movie so much I got the album on my phone and the edition of the movie I got has a comic, the actual disks are kept on the inside back cover of the comic. I’ve also been avoiding reviews because the overly negative reviews were pissing me off.

    But this paticular video was objective enough that I was even able to nod at the negative stuff.

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