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People love it or hate it. Is it worth all the fuss? Nostalgia Critic looks at the insanity of Suicide Squad!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m just gonna hurt ya, real, really badly

  2. The movie was alright – too focused on Harley Quinn and very “campy” – in my opinion .

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      It wasn’t campy, it was dumb. There’s a difference. Flash Gordon was campy. This movie tried to be serious but was too stupid to take seriously. I agree that it focused way too much on Harley Quinn and her stripperific outfit. She had absolutely no reason to be in it apart from fan service.

    • Strangefacts101

      THis movie betrays its own theme. What would happen if supervillains have to save the world and their incarcerators were framed as the bad guys? Who would they save it from if they were the bad guys?

      Obviously, cop-out and make the evil-bad someone trying to take over the world with a portal in the sky.

      “Lady, you are EVIL”

      (Yes, I understand Wisecrack said it, but I felt that watching this POS in theaters)

  3. My dad was watching this on demand the other night, and he said it was a hilariously bad movie.

  4. Bill’s the best!!!!

    • IKR! That ending was so Bill!

      • We need to have a backstory for Bill, otherwise new people who see Bill will have no idea of what’s going on.

        • The Real Silverstar

          To quote McBain: “That’s the joke.” The fact that Bill is treated like this tried-and-true, dynamic character when he’s literally a blank slate that we know nothing about is what makes his appearances funny. To make Bill’s character more specific in any way would kill the joke.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Besides, eventually Bill will go the same route of Chuck Norris, Big Lipped Alligator Moment, the Burger King, and the Elephant in the Room: any running gag that gets overdone loses its punch.

          • OF COURSE!

            Sorry, couldn’t resist XD

  5. Funny, I remember thinking over a year ago, “finally, DC are gonna make great movies, on par with Marvel.” NOPE. BIG. FUCKING. NOPE. I’m sorry DC fans, but WB and Hollywood suck, but I won’t say every single Marvel movie ever never sucked either. It’s just always gonna be, “if it ain’t Marvel, it’s at least trying,” which…isn’t good. Even Marvel fails its own standard once in a while.

    (Remember, it’s FOX Marvel vs. Disney Marvel vs. Kids WB DC)

    • Exactly. While Marvel doesn’t always do great most of their movies are at least passable or just fun to watch to some degree.

      Take Avengers 2. Yes it was stupid and didn’t do Ultron well. But overall it still had a lot of great moments and was still funn to sit through and the Ultron they made at least wasn’t a bad villain by himself.

      But Suicide Squad? The Entrantress was a shit villain regardless of how accurate she was or wasn’t assuming she’s even a comic villain. Yes some people enjoyed it and that’s great for them but objectively it was a mess and was passable at best when this COULD have been the movie to finally raise D.C’s reputation.

      Add to the fact it’s hard to tell how many “fans” of the movie aren’t the die hard DC fans, who would would litterally sell their kidney if DC asked them to, and you’ve got a movie that overall did MAYBE as well as marvel’s sub standard work.

      Absolute failure or not it still shows Marvel Crushes DC in cinema.

      And before you fan boys cry just remember …. you crush marvel on T.V. I’m not even kidding most of marvel’s cartoons and T.V. series are okay to terrible while D.C. has some of the best comic based cartoons and T.V series ever.

      So as for me I like both marvel and DC…. It’s just I only like parts of each.

    • Man…I want to believe that Wonder Woman might finally be a good movie if for no other reason than you only have to worry about one or two characters now, but…I just can’t. I have the feeling DC is expecting this movie to sell just by virtue of the fact it’s the first well-known female comic superhero.

      …And Gal Godot reminds me of that one character in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode “Werewolf”. “This is ahbsolutely fahsincating.”

  6. Wait! Bill’s a villain now!!! Noooo, Biiiiiiiill!!!

    • Bill’s whatever he wants to be.

    • LuciusMadgloom

      Yeah but Bill is a villain for the greater good… hyh

      Ok you know what I was going for a stupid joke but now Got an idea for Bill to take over This villain team from within to turn them into a legit efficient hero team. I mean its Bill the guy could turn this lame bunch into the epic hero comic book version of the A team

    • TragicGuineaPig

      More like Anti-Hero. Face it, the fans love Harley Quinn. True, she’s a psychopath largely under the control of another worse psychopath, but the fans still love her. And when you have a villain that the fans like, that’s what you call an Anti-Hero.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        They love her because boobs. Also, because she’s a horny fanboy’s wet dream–a woman who is completely servile to a man. And DC has pandered to the baser instincts of their most infantile readers by making her costumes sluttier and sluttier. Shame on them.
        And don’t anyone give me that tired excuse “sluts sell comics.” Nobody is going to pay four dollars for a comic with drawings of slutty girls in it when they can look at actual porn on the internet for free.

        • TragicGuineaPig

          Actually, the Nostalgia Critic even said something like that one time: if the Joker – complete and utter degenerate psychopath that he is – can find love, then what does that mean for the rest of us degenerate psychopaths?

          I do think they’re going too far in making her outfits slutty looking. Then again, they did go out of their way to make the Joker look like a G-Dawg – a J-Dawg if you will. I prefer the traditional purple suit and jester motley.

  7. I found the movie mostly okay. I enjoyed it but I could feel the editing in it and good chunks of it didn’t make sense and were just plain ridiculous.

    Enchantress made me more think of those “Air Dancer” things you see outside car dealerships sometimes.

  8. This movie is ridiculous, and not in a fun way. It’s hardly even a movie, and I’ve never understood the argument from its supporters that “it’s fun”. I can’t recall a single scene I found fun through the whole film except the two times Deadshot shot at stuff. As far as I’m concerned it’s just a NOTHING movie.

    • The thing is … the argument “it’s a fun movie” I feel only applies if the movie if the type that just goes with what it has and rolls with it.

      Even if the plot is flaws, or other parts of the movie dumb, the movie is just having fun being itself so it’s fine to say the movie isn’t bad based on that.

      The problem is Suicide squad is obviously trying to cash in on ANOTHER successful team up movie and as a result it has a lot of messy cuts and forces style shoved into it to try to make it feel fun.

      For some people it actually worked but for most they could feel how fake it was. Objectively speaking it really doesn’t feel like the movie is just having fun with what it has. It feels like it’s trying to make you have fun and throwing whatever it can at you in hopes it works.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Yeah, it’s trying way too hard to be Guardians of the Galaxy but hasn’t got an ounce of that movie’s wit or charm, so it just ends up looking forced and desperate.

  9. Really? People love it? Based on the internet response it’s one of the worst films in years. Must be why it made almost as much as Deadpool.

    • The first couple weeks it was a smash in the box office, but I chalk that up to it being marginally better than “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. In modern culture, a lot of people will love something simply because it’s not something they hate. That’s why the first week or so of “Big Hero 6” everyone praised it so highly but it soon became just a generic superhero movie…because, at the time, it was something that wasn’t “Frozen”.

    • Well, I didn’t love it but I liked it. It wasn’t as good as Man of Steel but it was better than Batman v. Superman.


    I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t bring up that whole Amanda Waller being the person they were sent into retrieve because that really got me annoyed. What the hell was that scene about? Not to mention the scene at the bar when Rick Flag decides to let them go but they’re all like we’re gonna help you anyway. Why would they decide to help him? I mean they’re bad guys. Still I have to admit I enjoyed watching the movie on some kind of level. It wasn’t good, it..well it was bad but well I don’t know how to finish this sentence. I guess it’s sort of a guilty please. Still better than Man of Steel & Batman v Superman.

  11. Yeah. Obviously, having two characters that are supposed to be a metaphore for domestic violence and the risks of abusive relationships, suddenly transform in two lovebirds, obviating all the years of physical and mental torture he enforces on her, depicted even in this movie, isn’t creppy at all.

  12. Overall it’s an ok movie, with some bad construction when it comes to the plot. I agree where wonder woman is going to really need to bring DC out of a rut, but the movie had its moments.

    (I’m still convinced that the Chart guys made the movie Underdogs.)

  13. This movie definitely has me divided. It had great potential, and it did in some parts, but most of it is just pampering. And honestly, I don’t think it’s fair to judge Jared Leto’s Joker since he’s been in the movie for like 15-20 minutes of the movie.

    Seriously, DC Comics wants to play catch up? Then do it in the slow climb, not rocket it up! Marvel is being big in the right ways, but DC is being big in the wrong ways!

  14. Even after Suicide Squad I am still having my hopes up for Wonder Woman just because I am huge fan of character and it’s her first solo movie. It’s not like she is one of most important heroes that DC has. Oh wait, she is. So really it’s bigger deal than some people even think.

  15. My problem with the movie, actually, is that they sold it poorly trying to be the next Guardians of the Galaxy – with all the tunes, the zany and all that – instead of what the Suicide Squad actually is: A Black Ops group chosen to go on the most ridiculous missions for deniability.
    I mean, come on, Adam Glass’ first arc for the New 52 comic (Kicked in the teeth) is just perfect pitch and focus for the group for a movie adaptation!

  16. Pam Grier is STILL the best Amanda Waller.

  17. What killed this one for me was the editing. Honestly, it’s one of the worst edited major studio releases I’ve ever seen.

  18. MountCDOSgamer

    Great review! I can tell you all had fun with it.

    Suicide Squad is what I like to call a “junk movie”, which is pretty much like junk food; I know in my heart it’s not good, but it’s just so sugar-coated with stuff I like, I can’t help but enjoy it.
    I personally didn’t find Jered Leto’s joker all that bad. I kind of found it to be a combination of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s jokers. However, in this case, it doesn’t so much mean getting the best of both worlds, it means Jared Leto not bringing anything new.

  19. AlexandrosGray

    So we’re not gonna acknowledge the far superior animated version in Assault on Arkham? That makes me a little sad.

  20. Fantastic – congratulations!

  21. I thought it was decent, but nothing great.

    Kinda agree on the ending, though. My take is that Joker comes in, rescues Harley, straps the guard he threatened earlier to a bomb, and blows up the entire prison during which they dance to the tune of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” while escaping in a chopper.

  22. “People love it or hate it. Now, allow us to show you why the first group are wrong.”

  23. I don’t remember any of this from the movie. That’s how boring this film was! Everything was forgettable! I guess I just found it passable. I loved how you inserted yourself in. The milkshake joke was great too.

  24. Snorgatch Pandalume

    You didn’t mention Incubus at all, probably because he was such an utter non-entity. Or the fact that after they see him destroying helicopters, they fly in on a HELICOPTER! And what does he do? He destroys it! Go figure! And then what does Waller escape in? A helicopter! And what does he do? He destroys it! Wow, it’s almost like the guy who destroys helicopters can destroy helicopters or something! But since everyone in this movie is an idiot, I guess it makes perfect sense.

  25. TragicGuineaPig


    -23:30 – Is she pondering what I’m pondering?

  26. handsomefatman

    The best of the DCEU, and still mediocre. A shame though; it didn’t need to be. Drop talentless hack Jared Leto, make the protagonist post-Joker Harley Quinn (ie the best Harley Quinn), and choose a better villain, and you’d have a fantastic film.

  27. Can you talk about the MTV series Good Vibes and Daria?

    On a side note, I mention this all before, why don’t you review a classic horror like this one I’ve finally found after all these years after just seeing a few scenes of it and never knowing how it ended. It’s called Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. You might like it. Maybe.

    Also what do think of these TV series shows called:
    John Doe
    Forever Knight
    The Misfits (British Show)
    Misfits of Science (Movie and series)
    and The Zeta Project
    (I think some of these shows are like Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a. Sonic Sat a.m. They all have incomplete ending.)

    P.S. Is there anyway you can review the Japanese versions of Ironman, Wolverine, X-men and Blade? I’d also really like to hear what you think about the FX series Archer and Chozen.

    P.S.S. And I never found out if you were going talk more about the Disney Afternoon shows Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Talespin(even the hour uncut movie special I found about it) and Darkwing Duck. Also you never answer my question, If you hate the Goof Troop song: “Gotta Be Gettin’ Goofy” then does that mean you hate The Darkwing Duck Rap?

  28. Jalen Washington

    To be fair, the Enchantress possessing that archaeologist was unrelated to Waller, so if she hadn’t made the Suicide Squad, then the Enchantress’ eventual attempt at taking over the world would’ve been slightly harder to stop.

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