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People love it or hate it. Is it worth all the fuss? Nostalgia Critic looks at the insanity of Suicide Squad!

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  1. Eh, I’ll just stick to Blade 2 to scratch that bad-ass, comic book anti-hero team up itch.

    In a somewhat related note, I was recently in the abandoned facility where they shot parts of Suicide Squad. You could still see Ace Chemicals logos spray painted on some of the pillars, which was neat.

  2. So, uhm…before I watch this…is it something that I’d actually want to watch if I’m a fan of Suicide Squad? I’m sorry, but I legitimately liked this movie! I 100% understand why some people don’t like it, more so than any other movie that I like that people hate-it’s a character movie, and if you don’t like the character’s you won’t like the movie. But I just have a hard time watching someone tear apart something I love, so is this review purely negative, or more balanced like the Force Awakens and Jurassic Park 1 reviews?

  3. Putting the movie aside, real good review Doug. Among the better clipless ones, in my opinion.

  4. Why clipless? It’s been out on Blu-Ray for five months now.

  5. Be careful with how much you use Bill. I know he’s been here forever and is incredibly likeable, but ever since your Smurfs episode he’s suddenly been popping up almost every week. He’s going to lose his punch if you overuse him. And this is Bill we’re talking about.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      He didn’t touch on Ghostbusters’s stinger either, despite it being perfect for his argument about too many mythology gags, cameos, and other references to the original. He only touched on the guys’ cameos but not Annie and Sigourney

  6. Oh man this was fun! Love that Harley!n:D

  7. Strangefacts101

    For the fans? I showed this for my fan and it refuses to oscillate

  8. I enjoyed Suicide Squad, for the most part, but I enjoyed this review even more than the movie. 🙂

  9. DC keeps pushing out these movies with all of these subplots and characters crammed in because it wants to hurry up and make a mashup to try and put it on par with the money-making-machine of the Marvel Universe…

    …and that makes absolutely no sense, because if they took their time to make more movies with fewer plotlines, they’d make even MORE money.

    DC hates money. That’s all there is to it.

  10. And the man in the back cried everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz. And the girl in the corner said boy I wana warn you it’ll turn into a ballroom blitz. A ballroom blitz.

  11. You know, I’d be fine with the Joker being nice to Harley if they were consistent with it. He still makes her jump in acid, he still leaves her behind to be caught by batman or drown.

    In my opinion, if they really wanted the joker done right, they should have him go this far because he wants something from Harley, either a role for her in a job or she has some trinket he wants and can leave her in the dust after.

  12. He named his mouse Mrs. Brisby. Nice.

  13. Watching this you would believe Katana said more then 3 words throughout the entire film.

  14. James Millington

    God, Jared Leto is gonna sue you guys, still enjoyed the review.

  15. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    That was hilarious! I gotta admit, I was a bit skeptical of the Harly-Joker dynamic in this movie when I first saw it but I still didn’t mind it that much, and it certainly is a lot more open to reinterpretation now and again.

    See you at Fanime Critic!

  16. I liked Suicide Squad. The character designs looked great. There was some humor. There was some color. I really liked the music. I liked the fight scenes. Was the script odd? Yes. Was the Harley Quinn/Joker relationship wrongly portrayed? Yes… but despite that I liked the whole insane Bonnie and Clyde vibe even if it was wrong. I’m glad you liked it too. Also… were those really… fun time beads? O.O Plus, this was one of the funnier clipless reviews due to the funny character summaries, the chart guys, and the Discount Sokka joke. One final thing: Has Hulu Mindy Project gotten bad or what?

  17. That was funny NC. Good job.

  18. hahaha i loved it! especially the part about harley being able to fight people off and the “fetish for beam in the sky” :DD

  19. Aaa I see you pussed out again and re-created scenes instead of showing actual footage. Keep fighting for that fair use guys./s

    • Don’t be that commenter. It’s possible to communicate your thoughts to the creator without being a condescending dick about it. You should have already known that this was a clipless review from last week’s trailer. Just skip the clipless reviews if you don’t like them. Doug’s not going to stop doing them.

      • Hrrmmmmm…. but isn’t that a hypocritical thing to say when the creators whole “shiz” is slagging off other people’s work?

        • True. That is his whole ordeal. He makes a big fight for fair use, but keeps doing these because he’s going to lose money. Granted the OP should have known it was clipless, but at the same time, like I said above, he should be doing more footage reviews than these since it shows that he’s not going to take it instead of taking it like he did with this review

  20. Whaaaat?!!? No obscure reference to Melvin *for the fans*. I’m a little bit disappointed about this missed opportunity ;-).

  21. “What’s her (Harley Quinn’s) super power?”

    “Fan service.”

    OK, that made me laugh.

  22. The Real Silverstar

    I liked the bit with Ripcord. “Hey, why didn’t I get an intro? I’m just here to die, aren’t I?!”. I can imagine the same banter with Morph in the FOX X-Men cartoon; I knew something was going to happen to him since he wasn’t featured in the opening titles.

  23. Tony Ciccariello

    NC, this was GREAT!

  24. I still don’t get the Deadshot character arc. I’m sorry little girl, but your dad is a trained assassin. He shouldn’t be having any doubts about what he does. it felt very forced.

    Overall, the review was okay. it had some great lines and jokes, but at the same time, these reviews always seem to want to spell out the jokes instead of having them come out naturally. It’s why I didn’t like the Phantom of the Opera review. And of course, some of the jokes were very obvious like Ropes dying and such.

    Still, any time we get to see the Chart guys is a win.

  25. Tony Ciccariello

    I’m a dinosaur…
    still funny

  26. I dont expect anything from Dc comics at this point anymore

  27. Daemian Lucifer

    Arrow did a way better harley,and it didnt even show her face in the 2 seconds she appeared in that show.Not to mention how much better it did deadshot.And I say that as someone who hates the show.

  28. Stopped 10 mins in, man this was painful to watch! I’d rather watch suicide squad again than this crap.

  29. Auxiously awaiting the “Behind The Scenes / Making of” webvideo.
    (Here’s hoping everyone broke into a song again)

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