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A movie based on the popular icons? Could it be there was an animated movie before the live action movie? Nostalgia Critic sees if it’s any good.

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  1. you know what this means….ANIME REVIEW! Critic i ever since you did the Manga of Super Mario Adventures i figured you would cover this one nicely done!

  2. Seriously, skipping again? What’s wrong with that site?

    • stopped monetization on their channel.

    • Vidme also sucks major bigtime ass. I never could get the player to play more than a few seconds at a time without stalling or lagging.

      Of course, Vimeo has its own share of technical problems. For example, I only see the top half to the title card. When I click the video to play, I can only see the upper left quadrant of the screen, and there are no player controls for me to stop, start, change resolution or volume, or switch to full screen. But, to be fair, that appears to be a Firefox problem, as it works just fine in Internet Explorer.

  3. You changed the color of your background? or the lightning?

  4. Wow, I was not expecting you to cover this one. Sweet.

  5. FUCKING YEAH! You will review that Rhapsody Christmas special next week. It looks just as bad as The Christmas Tree.

  6. Bennett the Sage did a review on a Sonic the Hedgehog anime, and it makes sense that the Nostalgia Critic would do one for a Mario anime.

    1:48- Or a movie reviewing an internet reviewer.

    I’d like to see an English dubbed version of this movie done by TeamFourStar. THEY know how to put actual emotion to the characters, and this dubbed version is reminding me of either Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) or Zombie ’90: Extreme Pestilence; you know, those movies reviewed by The Cinema Snob years ago with the horrible dub work.

    13:56- It’s reasons like this that show why I hate Teen Titans GO!

    14:18- It’s SpongeBob science.

  7. Rapsittie Street Kids Believe in Santa

    that is going to be one hell of a review

  8. I didn’t know Mario had an anime movie. This was interesting.

  9. Bleh, fan-dubs

  10. The movie for the next review looks worse than ‘Food Fight’.

  11. What in holy moses are you reviewing next week?! My mind is broken.

  12. The live action Super Mario Bros. movie, and Peach fighting with her butt; 2 things I will NEVER get tired of………….what? There’s no punchline here. That’s my opinion……….I’m not kidding.

    This movie seems fun to, though I feel like I need to be baked to REALLY enjoy it. Also, that ending was crap. Also also, did anyone else think that hat Peach wore during the wedding looked like her butt?

  13. Personally, I’m fine with the Live Action movie, but… this one’s such an amazing acid trip.

  14. I’m sorry I can’t leave this unsaid…a whole app just for stupid reactions?! Have we really sunk that low in entertainment that such a thing exists now or am I the only one that thinks that is insane?

  15. As intertaining fandub is, I think it would be better if you reviewed original dub with english subs. Your viewers aren’t morons and can read subtitles, and so do you, Critic.
    Original voices so, so much better!

    Also! In the original Japanese dub prince’s name was not Toadstool. Subs got his name spelled as Hal, but it’s probably should be spelled Haru, which could mean “spring”. Seems fitting, since he is a prince of Flower Kingdom.

  16. It’s hard to imagine an official dub being THIS bad, are we sure this isn’t a FAN dub?

  17. I saw that movie! Well, I saw the undubbed version. That wasn’t real anyway. Or was it? You later mentioned Peach could fly! She could do that outside SMB2!

  18. 16:17 Oh great, so now you’re implying a guy identifying as a guy can’t be allowed to look feminine? He must be a transgender woman if he looks “too feminine” for you? What the fuck’s wrong with you, Doug?! -_-

  19. I wish this actually got dubbed because this looks great! But instead, we get the Super Show and its two sequel series. Life SURE is fair… Maybe I will use Stardust, too.

  20. Actually the Italian and Southern Red-Neck actually is a thing from The Great Dictator 1940.

  21. Jack Oakie was a Hillbilly actor playing not Benito Mussolini, a character by the name of Benzino Napaloni Il Diggaditchy of “Bacteria” the Charlie Chaplin’s first ever talkie, and he said to not Adolf Hitler, Adenoid Hynkel Die Phooey of “Tomania” and I quote which is really a half or unfinished quote: “Well Hynkie, my dictator friend…” Anyway the actor slips from the assigned Italian accent into his own natural Redneck American accent in saying this line for a brief split second, on the word “friend.”

  22. The Live action movie was great
    This one was cooky but fun
    They were always brothers
    Luigi is a gambler and won everything

  23. In fairness, the games don’t make a tremendous amount of sense either.

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