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Walter, Bryan and Aiyanna discuss Supergirl Season 1. Heather gives you a tour of Channel Awesome’s costume collection, and the group gives you their comic picks of the week.

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  1. Yay! It’s funny. I really wasn’t a fan of Supergirl until the second half of the season. I didn’t hate the show at first but I kept missing it because it felt so forgettable and kind of preachy, to be honest. In the first part of the season, my favorite character was actually Cat Grant. I think after Martian Manhunter revealed himself, the show started to take off for me. Then, I never wanted to miss it because it seems like the episodes were really good after that. I will be slightly disappointed if it doesn’t get renewed. Also, Krypton could be good… but it probably won’t be. ^.~

    • It’s kinda like Fight Club,Winn is the real Jimmy Olsen but hallucinates himself as an assertive,snappy dressing 6’5″ black man. One personality is shy but loves Supergirl,the other personality loves Lois’ sister

      They can’t cancel the series,Mxyzptlk hasn’t brought that panther statue to life yet.

  2. they aint being true to the killing joke ..i seen the trailer and the sneaks peeks and its clear they are turning the story into an action adventure brawl between batman and joker

    besides the animation looks awful and they didn’t even attempt to replicate brain bolland’s amazing facial expressions which is like 50% of why the killing joke is such an amazing story

  3. So about 3 minutes in and i had to stop the video, make an account and leave my little geek rant about something Bryan said. First off Supergirl would date Jimmy, in fact she has do so already in past comics, animated shows and Smallville. Their relationship is a pre-established canon relationship. So to make comments that Supergirl wouldn’t date Jimmy just goes to show how little you might actually know of the characters. Rant over back to watching the video.

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