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Walter, Aiyanna and Bryan discuss the animated Superman movie, Superman: Doomsday.

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  1. Since I haven’t seen this movie, I’m instead going to focus on something you briefly mentioned: I think the Zordon casting for Power Rangers is great!

  2. 19:46 i disagree

    the Animation in the killing joke Is looking so far…. GODDAMN Awful

    i just cant understand why we cant have more motion comics like the Watchmen one ……

  3. Personally, I thought this was a reasonably solid mid-tier release among DC’s animated movies. Far and away the best they’ve done were Mask of the Phantasm, Wonder Woman, and Gods and Monsters, all for basically the same reason: namely, that they had the ingenuity and the balls to be their own stories, and they told those stories well. The same could be said of Green Lantern: First Flight, but it was distractingly bloody, and I don’t think it did enough to showcase the rest of the Corps besides Hal.

    By far the worst in this stable are, of course, the New 52 ones, which are burdened with gratuitous bloodshed and patently unlikable characters pretty much across the board.

  4. Future ideas (meant to post last week):

    Vs. Ideas:
    -best Robin
    -best Spider- character other than 616-Spider-Man
    -best super pet
    -best villain in the movies
    -Alan Moore vs. Neil Gaiman
    -X-Men vs. Titans
    -Runaways vs. Young Justice
    -Deadpool vs. Deathstroke
    -SHIELD vs. Cadmus
    -Steve Trevor vs. Lois Lane
    -DC vs. Marvel (as companies)
    -DC vs. Marvel (on women)
    -DC vs. Marvel (on LGBTQ+)
    -DC vs. Marvel (on ethnic minorities)
    -DC vs. Marvel (on reboots)
    -DC vs. Marvel (regarding current animated shows)
    -She-Hulk vs. Daredevil
    -Power Man vs. Iron Fist
    -Frank Miller vs. Mark Millar
    -Golden Age vs. Silver Age
    -Catwoman vs. Harley Quinn
    -Spider-Gwen vs. Ms. Marvel
    -Hellblazer vs. Doctor Strange
    -Spawn vs. Savage Dragon
    -Joker vs. Lex Luthor
    -Darkseid vs. Thanos
    -Brainiac vs. Ultron
    -Crime Syndicate vs. Squadron Sinister
    -Kevin Conroy vs. Adam West
    -Wonder Woman vs. Thor
    -Watchmen vs. Dark Knight Returns
    -Walking Dead vs. Marvel Zombies
    -Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom
    -TMNT vs. Teen Titans (in terms of original shows)
    -Red Sonja vs. Xena
    -Smallville vs. Gotham (in terms of the locations in the comics, OR the shows)
    -Marvel Zombies vs. Blackest Night

    General Ideas:
    -biggest gripes about stuff that was never explained
    -Lucifer, Season 1
    -Civil War II (updates, or finish it off)
    -perspectives on DC Events
    -perspectives on Marvel Events
    -Valiant comics, old or new
    -Transformers comics
    -fallen creators
    -up & coming creators
    -best comic-based (or comic-based-movie-based video games)
    -underrated comic films
    -worst comic films
    -Wynonna Earp, Season 1
    -best comic strips
    -superhero-type characters not originating in comics, e.g. Darkwing Duck
    -Kick-Ass (comics AND film)

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