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The Cinema Snob sees Cannon Films’ contribution to the Superman franchise!

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  1. If you look at it a a mid Silver Age Superman movie it’s actually pretty good 😛

  2. Superman IV is actually a guilty pleasure of mine and I’d rather watch it that Man of Steel. Also, he didn’t kill Nuclear Man by throwing him into that reactor. Nuclear reactors just super heat water to make high-powered steam that cranks a turbine. So all NM did was boil water causing a power surge. It’s also hinted that he was an unstable creation so he was probably not able to hold together long.

    • If he didn’t kill Nuclear Man by throwing him down the reactor, Nuclear Man would’ve flown out and continued the fight. However the fight ends when Nuclear Man is thrown down the reactor, so obviously he was killed.

      • You do realize that once Nuclear Man is thrown in the reactor, he would not be receiving sun light so he absolutely WOULDN’T have flown out. And even then, what exactly would have killed him by being thrown in there?

        • In a nuclear reactor, he would presumably be receiving nuclear energy which presumably would’ve powered him. Thus he could’ve flown out and continued the fight, were he alive. Thus we must conclude that he is dead.

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    You know, I never did like that the Lex Luthor from the movies HAD HAIR! HOW DOES LEX LUTHOR HAVE HAIR? Baldness is like his one consistent superpower!

  4. I didn’t like MOS very much, but bitching about it has become as tired and repetetive as the endless “still a better love story than twilight” post.

    Can we move on please?

    • People pitched a gigantic fit that Brad gave Man of Steel a negative review, so he’s probably going to be doing it when he’s an old man, just to tick those people off.

    • To quote Jesus Christ Superstar:


    • I don’t watch a lot of Brad’s videos (unless they’re films I’ve already heard of or are familiar with) yet this is the first time I’ve seen him say he doesn’t like Man of Steel, (which is fine, to each their own) but where he doesn’t like it and made a couple of jokes about it in a relevant context, ERod wont shut the f— up about it. To me that’s the real difference between a critic and a crazed fanboy.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Fanboys live to bitch. They’ll stop bitching about MOS when they stop whining about the Star Wars prequels.

    • This post was still a better love story then twilight

  5. I had a feeling you’d review this one by the time Batman v Superman comes to theaters. Say what you want about how much CG their is in Batman v Superman. I’m still planning on seeing that bad boy a little over 2 weeks from now.

    3:44- The same can be said about Zod and Ursa on the moon back in Superman II.

    8:44- Yes, Brad. Yes, you are making fun of Man of Steel, a movie I like. But I understand that you’re part of half of the movie-going audience that hates it.

    14:34- “Which means …nothing?” “Yeah.” “Yeah.”

    17:41- At least that headline will come true in Dec. ’92/Jan. 93 when the comic Superman #75 was released.

    20:49- According to the script, Nuclear Man and Lacy were suppose to be flying while still in Earth’s atmosphere, …and THIS was the better choice for Cannon?

    About Superman killing people, he DID kill Zod in the comics back in the 80’s.

    To people like me, the honor of worse Superman movie still goes for this one, and the runner up is the 1975 musical.

  6. Welp… at least Snob brought up legitimate issues with MoS unlike some people that bring up things that aren’t really an issue if you actually read the comics or saw the Reeve’s movies. Killing Zod? Happened in the comics and in Superman II. City Destruction? Happened in the comics and the JLU series.

  7. 0;16 OH MY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT!!!! Though I’m excited for B vs S: Man of Steel is the only superman film I actually like. It’s not perfect but as a stand alone expierament, it works well. But baseing a blockbuster series around it…not a good idea. I don’t mind you making fun of Manof Steel though

    10;34 I can believe that.
    11:49 make that face again someday; please???

    15:25 because Clark has the commintment skills of a bowl of soup! Superheroes all make the worst boyfriends

    22:35 and not just any old 14 year old: one of those annoying 14 year old’s whose trying to be a catty high schooler because they think they’ll be mature and cool but just comes off as a pain in the neck. God, I loathe that Lois Lane

    19;42 Charlie and the Chocolate factory?

    23:37 so Brad and Snob are room mates? GET ON IT FANFIC WRITERS OF THE WORLD!!!!

    23:45 puppet’s back!!!!

    I SO wish a Canon Spiderman film had happened; Masters of the Universe anyone?

    I liked Lacy more the Lois: anyone else?

    Why is he listining to those clowns from Krypton; they’re not there because of their own stupidity

    That test footage was so weird!

    24:40 why, you…as a Man of Steel uber fan I just have to say to you, who obviously thinks lowly of this film and has been mean to it the entire review and clearly thinks Quest for Peace is the supierior movie, I just have to respond by saying…behehehehehehehehe!!!! You’re right!!!! So brillient: never thought about it that way 🙂 Still love Man of Steel and despise all Superman films before it (save for Superman and the Molemen: true cinematic gem), but that was GENIUS!!!

    Great review: SO many good lines!! By the way, Mr. Snob, could you mention to Brad on the sofa thier, that when God’s Not Dead 2 comes out, he should rent a bus so he could do a Middnight Screenings with all of Team Snob (including O*S*U*O*S L*P* and P*E*O* whose names I would write normally but I get more trouble posting that way)

    Oh wait, this is a somewhat main stream movie that other people have covered before and is not what he usually reviews, meaning he’s sold out: 0 stars 😉

  8. “How are you talking!?!?!”

    Its Superman! I can believe a alien Kyptonian can speak in space, I am just wondering how he was able to speak fluent Russian?


    This is how I would rank all 6 Superman movies:
    6) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
    5) Superman III
    4) Superman Returns
    3) Man of Steel
    2) Superman II
    1) Superman

  10. Love how there are still bitches who complain about Man of Steel haters but they watched Man of Steel which is a Superman movie and claim they are not fussed about Superman.
    If you do not like hearing negative criticism about Man of Steel which was a pile of absolute brainless toss then do not write comments on or watch a Superman movie review.
    Superman fans have the write to complain about something which stained and abused their enthusiasm for Superman and the only reason you bastards are attacking them or I mean “making throwaway comments” about them is because something YOU love has not been torn a new one.

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