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What If Boo Grew Up? (Monsters, Inc. 2)

While the "Monsters, Inc." franchise has marched forward with a prequel film and series, it's never addressed how the relationship between Sully and Boo continued on after the first film. It's unlikely that we'll get an answer any time soon as director Pete Docter has said he wants to leave it up to the audience to wonder where the characters' friendship went in the future. Well, here's FanScription's interpretation! Doug Walker asks and answers the question; What if Boo grew up in a "Monsters, Inc." sequel?

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What If Tim Burton Directed Batman Forever?

Our most requested video has finally arrived! Tim Burton was slated to direct a 3rd Batman movie in the mid '90s before handing off the project to Joel Schumacher. The result was 1995's "Batman Forever". But how would things have gone if Burton stayed on-board and made a third film to round out his own Dark Knight Trilogy? Rob and Walter give it their best shot as we close out Bat-May 2021 with FanScription's version of a Tim Burton "Batman Forever'!

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What If Harvey Dent Was In Batman Returns?

Billy Dee Williams's Harvey Dent was one of the biggest missed opportunities in the early Batman films. After being featured in Tim Burton's 1989 epic, he went missing in the sequel; Batman Returns. But what would have happened to the character if he showed up in this 1992 cult favorite? Rob is here to answer that question and much more in this episode of FanScription!

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