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What If The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Happened?

"The Amazing Spider-Man" films divided many fans of Marvel's wall-crawler. With the 2014 sequel disappointing at the box office, Sony struck a deal with Disney that led to Tom Holland's take on the character in the MCU. There were plans for an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" before the series's cancellation, but how would it have turned out? Would the filmmakers have redeemed themselves or gone further down Sony's abyss of over bloated blockbusters and franchise building? FanScription is here to theorize on how things might have gone when we ask... What if "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" happened?

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What If Boo Grew Up? (Monsters, Inc. 2)

While the "Monsters, Inc." franchise has marched forward with a prequel film and series, it's never addressed how the relationship between Sully and Boo continued on after the first film. It's unlikely that we'll get an answer any time soon as director Pete Docter has said he wants to leave it up to the audience to wonder where the characters' friendship went in the future. Well, here's FanScription's interpretation! Doug Walker asks and answers the question; What if Boo grew up in a "Monsters, Inc." sequel?

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